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Found 78 results

  1. When I open editor, I can't find my saved maps in the file-open menu, there's nothing there. My maps are saved on creative. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  2. Hey there! First, I just wanted to say that I'm very proud of how Ylands has grown. It inspires me to see Aleš and his team still hard at work chiseling Ylands to the best it can be. Second, I apologize if this seems intuitive, or obsolete by the Ylands Editor. I was wondering, in terms of the editor and coding, would there be a chance for users to put out certain modifications for Ylands? What I mean by this is packaged modifications that change how you would play your exploration game. Take for instance Bethesda's Skyrim and Fallout. Both games have a huge community of modders that provides functionality to the game such as custom armors, or lock-on targetting. What I wish for is some sort of marketplace/explorer where users can insert self-contained modifications into their Ylands functionality. One modification could be a change of the UI Design, another could be smarter AI or animals with behaviors akin to their real counterpart. Another more complex example, changes to the rendering pipeline / URP. Even better, a modification that changes animations. The best, a modification that completely revamps the combat. With respect to the developers, of course! I do not mean to patronize or belittle the great work they've put into Ylands! A nutshell version of this would be a functionality where users can share code and changes to their Ylands for easy integration. Other users could then view available modifications through an explorer tab, see one they like, and add it to their Yland with the click of a button. Next time they open up their Yland, the functionality is there! I understand these are ludicrous changes that would require taking Ylands apart, but seeing as Ylands is built in Unity and supports coding in C#, I would assume some sort of address library to hook into Ylands functionality would do wonders. I also understand that adding these modifications to your exploration game would kill any kind of compatibility for the multiplayer aspect of exploration... But on the flip-side, it would let creators be able to curate functionalities to be added through the Ylands Editor, and might later be included as an official feature in Ylands if their reception is great. This brings me to my ludicrous question. GIVE ME THE SOURCE CODE. I'll sign any NDA. Please. Wait, that's not a question. What I meant to ask is, are there any ways for users to help with the development of Ylands which does not border on legal terms? ? Sincerely, Me, I guess.
  3. So far I love the object brush tool for placing down vegetation, rocks, and so on. Unfortunately, it's not working well with trees. It does work, but upon saving my editor map and reload that save only my trees have issues. I created my own palettes to use on the areas, but hey get replaced completely by regulars Conifers of the sorts as if I never placed down the other types. It's happened at two locations that I have utilized the tool. Only to those trees though. Essentially, I will use a custom palette to place down trees and then save the game. Upon reloading that save, any areas that I used the tool to place only trees will be replaced by just regular conifers. Screenshots are provided as before(Prior to reload) and after(After reloading save): Please let me know if this is a bug or if I'm using the tool incorrectly. Thank you! UPDATE: I also believe it is effecting bushes as well. My assumption is once I reload, the game thinks that an original palette of trees is to be loaded and not the custom one I made.
  4. Oliver Hope

    Getting mouse position.

    Hi, its been a very long time... ? Recently hopped back into ylands and made this little spaceship. I'd like to be able to add a weapon that can be aimed with the mouse, is it possible to: 1) Force the cursor to be displayed 2) Get the position of the cursor on the screen (or scene?) Thanks
  5. Hello there, I've started using editor again after many months away and I restored old compositions I created and noticed the "Burning Candle's" flame is massive. It's very odd and I'm not sure why. I've included screenshots that might help. I thought It was my modified Burning Candles but when I spawn in a regular Burning Candle it does the same thing. All of the Burning Candles that I created should have the same Script as well.
  6. When i turn off construction mode of my ship in the editor, some of the blocks revert to their original color. As far as I know these blocks include: -all stone letters, stone numbers and stone signs -wooden pier supports The ship was a composition from before 1.7 and it doesn't seem to occur with new compositions. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Hi, I am having a bit of problem with all my script modules wiped after the recent update. It seems any script modules in scenario or in composition files lost scripts attached to them. I am wondering; a. if this is a known/registered common bug to be fixed, or something I should action/amend on my end, b. if there is any procedure to follow to retrieve/save old scripts. Thank you for your time. (* don't think any log/file would be relevant with this bug, but let me know if something to be provided. thanks) GENERATESPIRALSTAIR.zip
  8. gametype: singleplayer, editor when i delete something in the editor it sometimes breaks the game. i cannot quit to main menu all buttons do not respond anymore i cannot move/delete object. i can still move around with the camera and press ctrl + s to save but that's about all i can do. output_log_clean.txt output_log_game.txt
  9. ============================================================== This feature would really helpful for any Builder to make something symmetrical. ==============================================================
  10. Keep the layout design in Editor.
  11. I've pasted an unlisted YouTube Video I made fairly quick to give a visual reference to the issue I believe myself and others might be having with the new Terrain Editor. Might also be caused by the Water update as well. Apologies for my camera overlapping the tool lol. I felt as though it would be easier to explain if the issue could be seen upfront. Please let me know if I may be using the tool wrong or if this was intentional.
  12. Fapi24


    Hey Ylanders, Is there any Map-Overview in Editor? Can't find one and it would be easier to have an actual Map in Editor-Mode to jump from object to object and have an overview of your whole world. Best Greetings Fapi24
  13. I've created an open world exploration map ion editor and I've wanted to be able to truly test it other than through the editor. How do I place this world in my local games in order for me to play it?
  14. OneDeage

    Can candles be permanently lit?

    I've been using the editor for 2 weeks now and I've noticed when you place a burning candle into the world it will only stay lit for a few minutes of playing that world. Is there a way to make "burning candles" permanently burning unless put out by a player maybe?
  15. Hey I'd like to share some bugs and general concerns about the editor. I have played around with it for maybe 20 hours+ and have encountered some annoying bugs and lack of necessary features that would make the editor a complete tool. * First of all the copy and paste function is broken. When copying several items, like different slopes, they often don't keep their original orientation. Copy and paste needs some aditional functionality as well. Most glaring is the ability to flip/mirror the copied section and perhaps ability to manipulate it in other ways before pasting. There needs to be a way to drag and copy several objects in one mouse movement. At the moment the ctrl+left click is not good enough if you have a larger structure and objects you can't reach. This is pretty critical imo. * When generating terrain you can't undo the action with ctrl+z and the game saves automatically without telling you. This could potentially result in some very sad accidents. There is no way (as far as I know) to generate an infinite sea or an infinite grass surface (although this is default, there is no way to create it yourself if you have removed all terrain). It would be a great addition. * The coloring feature is broken. When you color something and save it, the colors will sometimes not be saved. In fact, for me it rarely has. * Something I'd like to see is the possibility to open an exploration or creative save in the editor to be able to place compositions and do other edits. Hopefully you're not concerned with players cheating their singleplayer maps since the only players affected are themselves. * I have experienced a bug where I would save my creation, exit to menu, then load the save and find several duplicated parts of the build from an earlier save -as if the two latest saves had been merged into one. That's it for the moment. There is probably some stuff I missed but that's that. This game has some quirks but it has infinite potential! GL.
  16. Arktic_P1

    Creating Custom clothing

    I need helping finding a work around for the moment, but the problem I have is the armor available in the game doesn't fit the look I want, which is a modern soldier garb, so what I've tried already to do is group clothing and other items together and placing it over the npc. The problem with this is that the npc standing animation clips through the helmet and armor. I want to be able to apply modified armor onto an npc to solve the problem.Would this be possible? or at least add more modern clothing sets. Any other ideas on how to solve the problem?
  17. In the editor Have Fun =) Do not hesitate to give a little thanks, like, up if you found this useful.
  18. Piximan05

    Ylands gameshare

    So I created a server for me and my friends, a gameshare in explorer mode, so if I am not on the server one of my friends can host. And I want to edit it, but I cant find it in the editor. So where is it? The server is called BIZARRE PENSIONERREALM. It is not in the games file and not in the scenarios, there it is just empty. And wtf is this black font background ahhaha
  19. When placing compositions in the editor the game will freeze and crash. I have noticed that the freeze and crash only occurs when placing compositions of larger buildings. The buildings themselves are not massive structures. Roughly 25 blocks wide 50 blocks long and 30-40 blocks high. No furniture just normal doors windows and roofs. As a test I copied the lighthouse that is randomly generated in the games explore modes. When trying to place it as a saved composition the game freezes and crashes too.
  20. greyfoxzb@gmail.com

    Script Editor Bugs - Please fix!

    First off Great job on adding the script editor and expanding the possibilities for Ylands! This is not personal its about making this game the best it can be! That said please fix these issues ASAP! - There is no Copy/Paste, Duplicate, Cut/Paste, Select All, Shift Select Hotkeys/Options in the Script Editor. This is .. Annoying to say the least. Currently any Event that has an Argument does not work as you cannot add an argument. This means, On Kill[Entity] Does not work as does Triggers like OnExit[Trigger Entity] you cannot set the trigger entity etc. When Spawning an entity you cannot access it via script. For Example If I wanted to Spawn lets say a Wolf and then set its Label or colors etc I do not see a way to do it using only the script editor. I also do not see any object properties for re-spawning an entity after it has been picked up, destroyed, moved, killed, etc in Short: There are no There is no Copy/Paste, Duplicate, Cut/Paste, Select All, Shift Select Hotkeys/Options in the Script Editor. Cannot use Events with Arguments Cannot access Spawned entities within the script editor Cannot Re-spawn Entities using only the script editor Object Properties need to be fleshed out
  21. I am playing around with the editor and it seems a fair bit difficult to create a map without using the worldgen tool. If players want to create a specific place, it would be so much more streamlined if we could head into the game with a predesigned map that we could then tweak and fill in the editor.
  22. Hi! I'm working on a big castle and I'd like to make a working porticullis. I know you an change object position using logic, so it shouldn't be hard to make it slide up and down. The problem is How do I trigger this action with a lever? I understand how to use a trigger zone, but how does the lever work? Thanks in advance for your attention!
  23. Just like the title said, the visual of the color palette won't change when I click the page (button inside blue square) in color picker , take a look at picture below, In previous version, it will change color palette to other page. I can't do that now, the visual is still like first page, but when I click the colors in the palette it will change my brush. I tried to restart the game, create new map, and the same problem is still there. Take a look at the .gif, sorry I still can't record video.. Here is my last log files: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  24. There have been several times now where I have wished I could choose if a particular item could be eaten by a player or not. For example, turning a normally inedible item such as a shoe into an edible shoe. Why? Because it would be funny and it would open up a lot of opportunities for creating hilarious scenarios. It would also be good to turn off the edibility of a normal food item in some scenarios. Especially if it is a quest item and you can't afford the player accidentally eating it and not being able to get another, essentially breaking the scenario and preventing progress. The Indestructible option is a good start but it doesn't prevent you from eating it and destroying it that way.
  25. As far as i know, it was possible to make items unpickable in editor by simply double-clicking them, is the option completely removed or boud to another key?