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Found 4 results

  1. Arktic_P1

    Creating Custom clothing

    I need helping finding a work around for the moment, but the problem I have is the armor available in the game doesn't fit the look I want, which is a modern soldier garb, so what I've tried already to do is group clothing and other items together and placing it over the npc. The problem with this is that the npc standing animation clips through the helmet and armor. I want to be able to apply modified armor onto an npc to solve the problem.Would this be possible? or at least add more modern clothing sets. Any other ideas on how to solve the problem?
  2. JackFr0st94

    Vanity Clothing

    Ylands is full of clothing that looks real cool, but isn't all that functional. That's why I believe Vanity Slots for clothing (similar to Terraria if you're familiar) should be implemented to allow you to wear your best functioning armor under your best looking outfit. In other other words you can wear all kinds of cool and matching outfits without sacrificing armor. Thanks for listening, I'm having lots of fun so far!
  3. On dismantling this alchemist pants, it gives acai berries instead of rags. The shoes gave rags, but im not sure of the other sets. This was found in the map, not crafted.
  4. Loopy144


    Hiya, I've only played the demo so not sure if some of these are already in game: allow animals to be kept in fences to breed and produce livestock and additional food (milk, truffles) guarded by a dog so the wolves don't eat them. Clothing has stats to effect temperature, overheat in furs and too cold in nothing? limit the inventory and introduce rucksacks, makes it more realistic. Maybe have horse saddles or carts (for humans and horses) to carry more goods. can I take my horse on a ship? A hidden craft list of all things in game that become visible after they are found or crafted, could be like a notebook that the player carries to tell them what they have found and if they have found everything. thank you for such a great game, I'm looking forward to the release next week.