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    Maybe A Slightly Better Offline Protection

    Check out the recent dev sneak peak as they have revealed something for base protection. They stated it doesn't work on cars or vehicles yet but they're working on it
  2. JackFr0st94

    bear boots make you run faster?

    Confirmed that Bear Boots make you run like twice as fast
  3. I saw these under the keybinds in the controls menu and was wondering if they've been implemented or if anyone has gotten them to work
  4. Yup keybind would solve these problems and in my opinion be more useful
  5. JackFr0st94

    Vanity Clothing

    Ylands is full of clothing that looks real cool, but isn't all that functional. That's why I believe Vanity Slots for clothing (similar to Terraria if you're familiar) should be implemented to allow you to wear your best functioning armor under your best looking outfit. In other other words you can wear all kinds of cool and matching outfits without sacrificing armor. Thanks for listening, I'm having lots of fun so far!
  6. JackFr0st94

    [SPOILER ALERT] Numbers on ship sails and engines

    Very useful post thank you