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  1. senaheho


    Yeah, I like them, but also they can be very dangerous.😖
  2. senaheho

    It Comes in Peace

    It just passed the crowd. ==================================================== Reportedly, the object just passed through the crowd, without resistance or doing anything dangerous. Stay safe! And we suggest you to avoid it and evacuate yourself far away from it. ==================================================== ==================================================== Whatever is happening!
  3. senaheho


    I made a Bathroom Set It's useful for you who want to just design a house. ======================================================= ======================================================= ======================================================= ======================================================= ======================================================= It's published on the Workshop
  4. senaheho

    [YLD-26881] We Need Mirroring Mode

    Thanks for the response. At least every builder knows it.
  5. Ylands detected an Unidentified flying object coming from the west. ==================================================== Ylanders are still curious about what it is exactly, but we suggest you to avoid it and evacuate yourself far away from it. We are still finding out what it is exactly as fast as we can. ==================================================== ==================================================== It looks like something dangerous, but ...
  6. senaheho

    Advanced NPCS

    Who are you?
  7. senaheho

    [completed} A little fun on Halloween

    Still waiting for this. Good Luck!
  8. senaheho

    just a small sample for competition

    Finally you give us some teasers....
  9. senaheho

    [YLD-26881] We Need Mirroring Mode

    LOL,,, I didn't realize if I typed Morroring XD.
  10. ============================================================== This feature would really helpful for any Builder to make something symmetrical. ==============================================================
  11. senaheho

    Puzzle RPG

    Let's see your progress here. Good luck.
  12. senaheho

    Sky Battlegrounds

    I haven't play it yet. But I watched from Ylands stream, it's really cool! Well done...
  13. senaheho

    [Completed] Welcome to Halloween

    The map looks so big, I dunno if my potato can play it...
  14. senaheho

    Competition Rules

    Will a good presentation on the forum thread affect your chances of winning?
  15. Keep the layout design in Editor.