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Found 3 results

  1. senaheho

    Your Iconic Ship

    Well, ships will be the most important thing for the 1.5 updates. And my suggestion is what about custom masts. You can draw your masts and draw a logo for your own clan. Source: http://onepiece-treasurecruise.com/ And also what about a custom flag? Those suggestions were coming when I was building my own ship for the next update. I was searching for inspiration from One Piece, and when I found this image, I got those suggestions. I know the Devs already have a list of better plans for the game, so I'm just sharing these suggestions/ideas with you guys.
  2. First before I say something, sorry if this kind of topic already discussed somewhere (please let me know). So my suggestion is about different kind of sail mast as the title said. Let me explain, the current game (0.6.42) already has small mast and large mast which is square-ish and square large sail , and wind mechanism which is perfect for sailing the seas.But it feels more depth if there is different kind of sail and it's function, for example the Square sail is good for wind that coming from the back (100%), but poor for wind that coming from the front (10%), slightly better from the side (35%). On other hand the Fore-and-aft sail is slightly poor for wind that coming from the back (35%), and poor for wind that coming from the front (10%), but good for wind that coming from the side (100%). The size of mast will have impact for overall speed/power of the ship. Choices on the sails and mast when building ship makes player have more creativity on designing ships which is awesome for future creation. *percentage is speed/power This idea might already in your plans sheet, devs. Hopefully it come in the near future, I really enjoy sailing in Ylands. Keep up the awesome work! Keep in mind that this is my suggestion. If you have any other suggestion for sail mast or ship in general, feel free to reply this thread or make new suggestion
  3. Major boat bug, UPLOADED IT TO YOUTUBE : this happens while jumping in a boat in front of a mast, the boat will sink and you will die! Please fix this, ME and my friend lost everything.