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    Fatal Login Error Backend Request Error (-100001)

    Also happened to me, but a week ago.
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    Ladder Teleporter

    In Ylands, the ladder is just like a short teleporter. I think for a better gaming experience for the next update Exploration, adding climbing animation when players climb it up/down would make the game better. Even it's just a little feature. Also, you can climb it down when you are still in the middle of the ladder. I'm trying to describe it, but it's hard, I hope you guys know what I mean.
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    This is Fren!

    Hello! My name is Fren. Sena said I am a Robot.
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    tanks in Ylands

    That's really cool!
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    How is the Covid-19 situation going in your country?

    So bad, the Government is trying so hard to keep people safe, but people keep ignore it easily.🤦‍♂️
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    Wandering Dragon

    Wandering around. ==================================================== It's still wandering around and it seems looking for something. Diamonds? The Cube? or Coyns? This thing is not doing anything dangerous to our Ylanders, but we are always ready to fight back! ==================================================== ==================================================== It's done already but it's not ready to publish, so stay tuned. And till next time,
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    Wandering Dragon

    Ylands detected an Unidentified flying object coming from the west. ==================================================== Ylanders are still curious about what it is exactly, but we suggest you to avoid it and evacuate yourself far away from it. We are still finding out what it is exactly as fast as we can. ==================================================== ==================================================== It looks like something dangerous, but ...
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    can anyone change my nickname.

    I just wanna say ok
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    The Lands of Evanar

    Hmm, I like the way you put the camera in front of the NPC.... Nice idea👍
  11. senaheho

    Output logs for Crashes

    It's common happened to me, and I thought it was because of my connection, so I've never reported this...
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    Hello Ylanders! Now I'm coming with various colours of gaming chairs. It's useful for you who want to just design a house. It still looks ugly tho😐 ======================================================= ======================================================= This is the special colour, its colour is similar to Ylands logo. ======================================================= ======================================================= It's published on the Workshop
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    Yeah, I like them, but also they can be very dangerous.😖
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    I made a Bathroom Set It's useful for you who want to just design a house. ======================================================= ======================================================= ======================================================= ======================================================= ======================================================= It's published on the Workshop
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    Wandering Dragon

    It just passed the crowd. ==================================================== Reportedly, the object just passed through the crowd, without resistance or doing anything dangerous. Stay safe! And we suggest you to avoid it and evacuate yourself far away from it. ==================================================== ==================================================== Whatever is happening!
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    [YLD-26881] We Need Mirroring Mode

    Thanks for the response. At least every builder knows it.
  17. ============================================================== This feature would really helpful for any Builder to make something symmetrical. ==============================================================
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    Advanced NPCS

    Who are you?
  19. senaheho

    [completed} A little fun on Halloween

    Still waiting for this. Good Luck!
  20. senaheho

    just a small sample for competition

    Finally you give us some teasers....
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    [YLD-26881] We Need Mirroring Mode

    LOL,,, I didn't realize if I typed Morroring XD.
  22. senaheho

    Puzzle RPG

    Let's see your progress here. Good luck.
  23. senaheho

    Sky Battlegrounds

    I haven't play it yet. But I watched from Ylands stream, it's really cool! Well done...
  24. senaheho

    [Completed] Welcome to Halloween

    The map looks so big, I dunno if my potato can play it...
  25. senaheho

    Competition Rules

    Will a good presentation on the forum thread affect your chances of winning?