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Found 9 results

  1. Last night my ship became stuck on sand. I started to dig underneath to free the ship (worked), I accidentally hit the ship ladder which it fell to the ground. I accidentally clicked the right mouse button while looking at the ladder which then caused me to climb down into Earth and kept falling until i frozen to death.
  2. senaheho

    Ladder Teleporter

    In Ylands, the ladder is just like a short teleporter. I think for a better gaming experience for the next update Exploration, adding climbing animation when players climb it up/down would make the game better. Even it's just a little feature. Also, you can climb it down when you are still in the middle of the ladder. I'm trying to describe it, but it's hard, I hope you guys know what I mean.
  3. revisoryvirus

    Here are some bugs

    Hey. I experienced a few bugs today, this is what happened. (single player exploring) My ship had problems with turning, and I didn't notice before I was stuck on a shoreline. Because I almost couldn't turn, I didn't back up. So I started digging my ship free. My rope ladder on the left side of the ship suddenly loosened from the ship and went through the sand, I could just spot it, and when I clicked on it, I got teleported to my other rope ladder on the other side of the ship. All I could do was to break it while it was still visible. (after a relog my ship was able to turn quickly again) Later I found "trasure" beneath the ocean. I got a lag-spike and died by a shark. I spawned by the nearest yland(Should I not spawn at my starter yland?) I made a raft and found my ship when I climbed the rope ladder on my ship the screen turned white, but I could see the head of my avatar. A short while after I was suddenly on my starter yland, I did not die. I made a new raft and found my ship again, but the same thing happened.(should have done a relog, but I was too tired to try again)
  4. Hi, I've never reported here before so bear with me please. I have been going through the painful process of getting my ship out of the too-shallow water I built it in and have suddenly begun to fall through my ship, the world, and eventually freeze to death (guess hell froze over). This has happened to me twice in a row. I've worked around getting stuck inside the geometry of my ship but this is new! I did a search and it seems that someone had a similar problem with an invisible ladder in their hut. I would attach my save files if I had any idea where to find them!
  5. So I go to my large ship I built a while ago. Every time I go up the ladder to get on it the game teleports me to the top of the last ladder I used. In this particular case it teleports me from my ship to the middle of an island in a house I used before I took to the sea. The ladder on the other side simply puts me half way up and I fall into the water. So I ended the game and reloaded it. Now it teleports me to the other ladder I used on the other side of the ship. I included a video clip for more reference. This error has not gone away and only since latest update. There are a million more bugs but I figured Devs are hard at work on the small ones but this effects my game play a lot. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. My friend and I were playing a fairly new multiplayer world when the ladder in our hut seemed to disappear for both of us. I first right clicked it to see if it was still there and it teleported me a few feet down and I began falling through the world. I fell all the way until I hit the ground of a cave and died from fall damage. Then my friend went to investigate and he too fell to his death after right-clicking the ladder. Hope this will be fixed soon. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt BRENDAN_AND_NICK.zip
  7. My map keeps on resetting every time I die or relog and my ladder teleport me to a completely new island.. Sailing the ship is very buggy as well, the ship keeps on kicking me off board for some reason. I was suspended in mid air holding the ship helm as my ship sail away without me. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but whenever I try climbing a rope ladder, it does the animation of getting at the top, but the character immediately "falls down". This happened in 2 rope ladders found in 2 randomly generated huts.
  9. Hello, I recently hosted a multiplayer game and had gotten pretty far on my yland. After building a ship and having someone else on the yland build one too, I sailed off to a new yland. Eventually I climbed the ladder of my ship but this time it transported me to the ladder of the other ship built by another player on the original yland. I sailed his ship back to my ship and tired again...same thing happened. Next I had the clever idea of destroying the ladder I was being transported to in order to fix the bug...it did not go as planned. This time, when I tried to climb the ladder of my ship I was transported to where the ladder of the other ship should have been and immediately fell through the earth and died, landing in a cave miles below with all my stuff. Is there any way to retrieve a past save point before all this happened so that I don't lose my things and can continue playing? Also, don't destroy the ladders.... Thanks. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt