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    Here's some Feedback

    A, Thank you for the advice! Made my life easier B, Yeah, I know I could do that. But, would still be a hassle for people playing multiplayer. I'm trying to stay away from the editor, I'm afraid I'll go nuts and get bored of the game. Kind of want to keep the mystery off all the structures, gear, and items I can find. D, I really like the loud rain, it's good for immersion. But when I'm talking to a friend with discord it's impossible to hear each other
  2. revisoryvirus

    Here's some Feedback

    Hey! I've played the game 60+ hours now and I have some feedback. - I do a lot of inventory management, and it's getting a bit tedious. We have 45 slots in our inventory. 17 or so spaces are used up by tools, repair kits, soil/herb/seed container(+), a weapon and a map. Every time I farm for wood, my inventory is filled with bark. Bark does only go up to 20 stacks, and I don't understand why. Bark is not very useful. You can use it as fuel or make bark armor. Wood pieces go up to 200 stacks and are what I use as fuel if not coal. So when my inventory is full of bark, the best way to get rid of them is to make a chest and fill it up with bark. #barkbarkbark - The other way to get rid of bark is to use the "destroy" function, but I can only destroy one at a time? I may be dumb here, but I can't find any way to "destroy" a whole stack, it would help a lot. Maybe a warning message first if you have butterfingers. - Would be great if the green lines showing the electricity was hidden, and only visible when used special goggles (or the engineering helmet). - If you make a cube out of stone panels (or stone bricks or whatever), and want to fill it with dirt, it's not going to be easy. The reason is the dirt goes through the walls, I really wish they didn't. - I bet this one is a faq, but a water bucket(or a water gun(thingie) made with the locksmith table) to make water features in a garden or make a river, would be great. - If your ship is stuck or you may be clumsy with a pickaxe or a shovel and dig in the sand in the water by the shore. It will make big ugly rings in the water, and it's no way to fix it. The sea will now permanently have a big outline in the water, and it looks weird. - It can be sometimes difficult to notice how hungry my ylander is if the chat box is used a lot, a hunger bar would be appreciated - When seagulls collide with my ship, it's the scariest thing ever. The ship get's flung everywhere!(pretty sure you know this already ) - When I traveled to a Yland, the underground cave was blown up! Monsters were on the surface of the yland, and those "red-glow-in-the-dark-crystals" everywhere. When I went and collected all the crystals I could find, and killed radioactive animals, the lighting was all over the place. It went dark, light, dark, light and so on. But I was still outside, but the game thought I was in a cave. - In the crafting menu, we have some panels. I wish there was a panel for crafting stations. - I made my base in a rainforest, I can't play with the sound on. The rain is SO loud! A weather effect slider in the volume options would be awesome! This is only what I could think of right now, great game! Looking forward to new features
  3. revisoryvirus

    Here are some bugs

    I found a computer in the ocean but did not place it. I may have placed something else on the ship though. I went down deeper and got killed by sharks. So I got killed by sharks, respawned on the nearest yland, made a raft back to the ship. I was in 3rd person view when I clicked on the rope ladder. It looked like he used the ladder, but went out of bounds or something. It was not solid white, it looked like I was flung into the air (or out of bounds....). It kind of looked like the sea texture but washed out(and white). My model was gone except the forehead. After maybe 4-5 seconds I was back to the starter yland (not the one I made the raft). This happened 3 times, and I logged off. When I logged off I got an error message. I would have screenshotted it, but the message was behind the crashed game, and I didn't bother to try, (it was pretty late). But got a glimpse of it, it said something about a folder(not much to go on I know), and I should report this to the devs. Wish I had a screenshot of it now, I'm sorry. I played again the day after, and I had no problems.
  4. revisoryvirus

    Here are some bugs

    Hey. I experienced a few bugs today, this is what happened. (single player exploring) My ship had problems with turning, and I didn't notice before I was stuck on a shoreline. Because I almost couldn't turn, I didn't back up. So I started digging my ship free. My rope ladder on the left side of the ship suddenly loosened from the ship and went through the sand, I could just spot it, and when I clicked on it, I got teleported to my other rope ladder on the other side of the ship. All I could do was to break it while it was still visible. (after a relog my ship was able to turn quickly again) Later I found "trasure" beneath the ocean. I got a lag-spike and died by a shark. I spawned by the nearest yland(Should I not spawn at my starter yland?) I made a raft and found my ship when I climbed the rope ladder on my ship the screen turned white, but I could see the head of my avatar. A short while after I was suddenly on my starter yland, I did not die. I made a new raft and found my ship again, but the same thing happened.(should have done a relog, but I was too tired to try again)