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Found 4 results

  1. revisoryvirus

    Here are some bugs

    Hey. I experienced a few bugs today, this is what happened. (single player exploring) My ship had problems with turning, and I didn't notice before I was stuck on a shoreline. Because I almost couldn't turn, I didn't back up. So I started digging my ship free. My rope ladder on the left side of the ship suddenly loosened from the ship and went through the sand, I could just spot it, and when I clicked on it, I got teleported to my other rope ladder on the other side of the ship. All I could do was to break it while it was still visible. (after a relog my ship was able to turn quickly again) Later I found "trasure" beneath the ocean. I got a lag-spike and died by a shark. I spawned by the nearest yland(Should I not spawn at my starter yland?) I made a raft and found my ship when I climbed the rope ladder on my ship the screen turned white, but I could see the head of my avatar. A short while after I was suddenly on my starter yland, I did not die. I made a new raft and found my ship again, but the same thing happened.(should have done a relog, but I was too tired to try again)
  2. Lupowop

    Useful Rope

    So ropes... right now they are used in crafting and as decorations... that's it... Ropes would be great to be used to tie things to other things... such as: Tie the small boat or raft to your ship and drag it along on your trip Tie a rope around a tamed horse and pull him along with you as you explore the island on foot (I know you can call a horse but this would be more realistic) Tie up a horse near your base so he doesn't run off before you can build him a pen Use rope for repelling... (grappling hook) when caving without the propeller pack or flying potions Lazoo... why not... you could wrangle things and people... great for PvP Fuses for Gunpowder barrels... make a long fuse... light it and boom Roping a cave as marker.... when caving you tie the end of a rope to the entrance and follow it back to get out I'm sure there are a lot more uses but that's a start...
  3. W3nCZ4


    Hi, I played Minecraft many years. One time I see some mod which adds many possibilities how to use ropes. And one of them was zip-line. It looks really awesome and funny. So I want to try to build some ziplines but I have never found how to get this mod to my game. I think you should add this possibility to your game because I see huge potential in your game and this should bring more fun to your game. Another option how to use ropes is rope bridge. Maybe its hard to implement it to your game but I think a lot of players would love it.
  4. I listed them in order of prioritization and importance. 1. Hints / Tutorials / Tips. (Not to many, as finding things out on your own is half the fun.) -How to find Ylands. So someone doesn't sail in open ocean for hours wondering if they are unlucky or just sailing into nothingness. -Key crafting Items tab needs to be pointed out. 2.Crafting Menu. Adding a tab for most recently gained recipes would be extremely helpful. 3.More Clay deposits. 4. Ships. Add a Cargo hold to the large ship. Add a life raft or boat that you can craft and place on the ship. So you can sail to shore. 5. Add a rope that you can climb up or down. 6. Abandoned towns with loot and such. 7. Boss monsters in caves. I haven't fully explored a cave yet, so not sure if there is any, but if not there should be. 8. NPCs