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  1. Lupowop

    Dev Diary #26

    Great work guys and gals keep it up! This game has SOOOOO much promise!!
  2. Lupowop

    Dev Diary #25

    @Aleš Ulm thanks for your prompt reply!... I am TOTALLY ok with having to "restart" with such a big update. I cannot wait to meet NPC's (good or bad) out on ylands... I'll totally rebuild for that.... besides... half the fun of this game is Exploring new places and what better new place than a totally new world! It would be nice (in the future) to have a "saved" character that retains his learned recipes even when he starts in a new world... I realize I had a frustrating blast trying to find all the recipes but when I start a new world it would be nice to have that "memory" still available to me.... also... perhaps something that should go into the feedback... The books you find.... you obviously put a lot of effort in those books... it would be nice to say find "the joy of cooking" and get a few nice recipes out of it... just think of the possibilities...
  3. Lupowop

    Tides..and tidal influences?

    I agree with more "realism" with the ocean... I mentioned it before... The weather effects are AMAZING... but... being at sea in a badass storm is "meh"... just sleep and you good to sail again... I would LOVE to see more realism both with tides and waves... but especially with waves... i've sailed enough to know that when you get caught in a storm out at sea... it is truly an experience you will NEVER forget regardless of the size of the vessel you are in... but a small sail powered ship... well... you will ship yourself before the storm is over if you survive... ...would be nice to have to "fight" the storm if you are out at sea...
  4. And helicopters....
  5. Lupowop

    Pause Button in Single Player

    @NYGtarheel you can just fill up on food go to a puddle with a fishing pole, start fishing, press enter and go for a smoke break... piles of fish will be had
  6. I like this idea as well... i especially like the idea of storms "being more significant"... Weather effects in this game are awesome and I have been out to see in some badass storms... I just sleep and it goes away... It would be nice to have to "ride it out" and sail into the waves for fear of being capsized... and mast damage... ya... that would be nice... (it would suck but be more realistic)
  7. Lupowop

    Set Respawn Point On Bed

    I have not played MP on this yet but I see both sides of the argument... Perhaps making it a Server side option? In other words... when you start a New game and/or when you host a server... there is an "option" for bed respawn on/off... Simple as that (in theory) now implementing is another thing
  8. Lupowop

    How do i get Ylander badge ?

    huh... not a big deal but I just noticed this as well... Can I be badged too? http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mannaro73/
  9. Wow... just watched Lighthouse video last night... he must have JUST uploaded this... what an awesome builder... so inspirational...
  10. Lupowop

    Dev Diary #25

    @destr0nas so on the last "big" update where we got the force field; the devs wrote that we would have to start new games as that would "break" things... The patch was implemented flawlessly and nothing was broken... it was applicable to your current build and everything worked fine... Now.... with that said... I'm no programmer but so far my experience with patches big and small has been very positive and my "home" base is still my home...
  11. Lupowop

    Dev Diary #25

    I can totally see this. I, so far, have been impressed by how active you ALL are in the forums but I think @Ane is truly the "glue" that binds us (the users) to you all (the creators). We sure do appreciate all of you but I personally thank her for "seemingly" reading every single forum post... I know I try to keep up and help here and there but it seems you are all "on top of this"... Please keep up the great work. You truly have a masterpiece in the making.... this game (and I'm being sincere here) is a very close second to the survival genre that has truly captivated me. The first being Minecraft and the second being ARK(when it first came out... not now)... I know it's totally different than ARK but I get the same "sense of giddiness" I had when taming my first dinosaur when discovering a new "treasure" or the same sense of awe when finding a truly amazing cave... Building in Ylands has fast become one of my favorite things to do and just seeing and "reading" all the potential goodness coming our way... I'm just happy I stumbled into this game!
  12. Lupowop

    Dev Diary #25

    I love this dev team... thanks for listening... I think @Ane wears the pants in the family... I can totally picture her going... "hmmm ok we have this HUGE list buuuut... the community wants to tie a small boat to the ship... we should also work on this"... You guys are awesome... Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and welcome back!
  13. Lupowop


    So I've been playing for about a month now and I have reached all of the stuff that I think is unlockable in exploration mode. I have made myself a little jeep for putting around my Yland, I have the propeller pack for caving and general explorations and I have a couple of boats; one running on sails and a few engines, and one running strictly on engines. Basically I'm at end-game and just building new buildings on other ylands and such. So the other day I was sailing between my home Yland and my sulfur source yland and I thought to myself...."Self... wouldn't it be cool as all get out to be flying from Yland to Yland?..." and then I started really thingking... Engines... check Propeller Pack... check Flying mechanics.... check Vehicle building mechanics... check... Floating "propeller driven" platforms... check... Car chassis with "built in" car mechanics... check... "By Golly" I thought to myself.... "these are all of the elements of what one would need to build a basic HELICOPTER!!" Now... I know all of you (me included) purists will say... "that would be waaay to easy to Yland"... "it would make ships obsolete"... etc, etc... Humor me and imagine this, if you will... A very end game, and expensive to build, "basic" helicopter platform... much like the car chassis... where you could build "freely" with basic bits... just like the car... you would need an engine... a cockpit, and the chassis... the rest is then up to you... Imagine a flying exploration vehicle equipped with chests and such... you could use this to go on "harvesting" runs to get that pesky saltpeter... or just hop to the tropical Yland to harvest more rubber (I know you can replant the trees)... There would be limitations, of course, such as... it's engine powered... you need to fuel it or run the risk of splashing down in the middle of nowhere... I mean... think about it... once the devs allow us to cart around "mobile entities" like horses or cars on our ships... you could build a landing pad and land the copter on your ship... sail near an island and then fly to it... anywho... here is to active imaginations and hoping right...
  14. Lupowop

    Will this work?

    .... with your brand new fresh propeller pack on... double tapping space accidentally while your ship is at full engine with 4x engines...
  15. Lupowop

    Will this work?

    @Designated Drinker found it... go here his writeup is perfect....