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  1. RedEagle_P1.

    What makes you enjoy the Exploration mode?

    Discussions like this make me happy man. Just normal chill people having a talk. Just saying. Well thought through points. The servers lasting I think would be a huge boost. I think if people can build and expect to keep their progress for weeks/months that would be awesome. I also feel we need to somehow bring a sense of explore back to exploration. If we were to separate islands at a much larger distance that would help imo. Anyway, great convo
  2. RedEagle_P1.

    Pets attack my friends

    But it attacks me too.
  3. RedEagle_P1.

    Getting Ylands Free

    We often giveaway 1 copy to those who ask nice each week during our party.
  4. RedEagle_P1.

    My experience so far.....

    Well said, I think keep letting people know this plan and they will understand your vision with the game I don't think they are turned to fix this due to explore being for 4 people. However, I will keep trying to make explore much more playable with the help of people like @Igor Q.. We are working on the multi-island system now.
  5. RedEagle_P1.

    Servers broken

    Hi guys, Servers are still in a state of total disrepair. I made a private, very low-traffic server for our parties called P1 Underwater Party. We have had 2 parties on it (3 hour events with 8 people). Tons of issues throughout: 1) Desync 2) Placing items on ship -- items fell through ship hull 3) After 1 hour of the 2nd event I could not eat, use tools, place items etc. (others also had this issue). This stops my ability to play since I can't do anything. 4) Animals failed to respond to bait 5) Animals attacked players when tame All these issues are still commonplace on servers after significant progress is made by a group of people.
  6. RedEagle_P1.

    Pets attack my friends

    Sadly no, it was on our stock survival server (no changes) they attacked owner and owners friends for some reason.
  7. RedEagle_P1.

    Pets attack my friends

    Are pets suppose to attack their owner & friends?
  8. RedEagle_P1.

    Impressed with this update

    Having had some time to go through the different features of this update, it seems clear to me that your whole team is benefiting from the years of building up teamwork and working together because you've gotten so much done in a very little amount of time and it's quite unbuggy. When making each animal rideable it's clear to me you did not cut any corners (it would have saved timed to make the animals much more alike) and you created really unique characteristics for each animal which are really quite endearing. Getting a pet feels valuable simply because they all have their unique way of receiving food, accepting pets etc. That gives them a sense of personality. 👍 The whole update really feels very much like the character of Ylands with its quirky and fun nature. This is the best update since the graphics of 1.0. Great work! I still haven't discovered everything in this update but so far I've really enjoyed the diving and pets.
  9. RedEagle_P1.

    Sleeping alone

    I can't seem to sleep in a mobile game I made. I am the only one playing (locally singleplayer). Also sleeping seems to have many issues during our parties on multiplayer (sleeping panel already open for someone else). 2 different and possibly related issues.
  10. RedEagle_P1.

    "Hero" Steam Locomotive

    Wow, full animation! Might be worth a video on my channel if you are interested! 😊
  11. RedEagle_P1.

    Starting a Ylands Dedicated Server

    This topic needs an update. For now, I have made a video explaining how to get a server running:
  12. RedEagle_P1.

    What makes you enjoy the Exploration mode?

    Everyone I know that got passionate about this game got passionate through the exploration. However, if I'm doing my math correctly it seems like the vast majority of players are mobile players (at least when it comes to installs and downloads). I always imagined that this game was all about creating the next Minecraft or Ark but with a friendly, low-poly style in the early days but they have stated that this is not their intention and that they're looking at creating more of a game platform for games than a game itself. They have let us know that without recreating exploration from the ground-up they cannot sustain significant multiplayer. Is the project sustainable as a single player game? I don't know, I don't speak for them. However, I assume the game platform crowd is much more valuable: https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/comscore-hours.png?resize=680,386
  13. RedEagle_P1.

    Dev Diary #133 - UI Suggestions

    As someone who joined the game and believed is was about creating something like Ark survival evolved but with low poly graphics and more friendly, it’s clear from the development team that that is not what they had in mind. They have let us know that without recreating exploration from the ground-up they cannot sustain significant multiplayer. Something on the scale of Ark, Minecraft or even as a sizable survival game was never the intention or if it was, its not the intention now. This game is a tool for creators to create games imo. As for earnings, this image might be an important thing to take a look at: https://techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/comscore-hours.png?resize=680,386 Don't get me wrong I love the exploration of this game and I have been very vocal about that. I just think that holding on to a hope that this is gonna be the next Minecraft is not realistic based on what they said, rather, it could be the next roblox. I know you've been a passionate supporter of the exploration from the very beginning and I just wanted to let you know because this helped me understand things also.
  14. RedEagle_P1.

    Crafting scuba masks

    Hey all, When it comes to crafting scuba masks I found it quite simple. Basically, you need bamboo, leather, coconut and a knife along with a sowing kit.