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  1. RedEagle_P1.

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    It sounds like things are really getting to you, I would avoid convos if they get to you; you will be tempted to reply if you read. Take a break and don't worry and just play and enjoy. Please don't misunderstand me, I love Ylands, I am just stepping out because of the bad player numbers which I don't see getting better (for whatever reason). I am a community builder and I can't keep investing my time into a game with so few players, that's not a knock on the game.
  2. RedEagle_P1.

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    Honestly wishing you and your team all the best. As I know posting here puts me in great peril , I will just say beforehand that my honored competitors have a great incentive to discredit what I say here (so people don't join us for competitions). However, they do reflect only a small subsection of a much larger community. Unfortunately after years of being ignored, downplayed and/or blamed for bugs most of that community had left this forum. Before you think what the say is run of the mill, let me share what the rest of the community thinks:
  3. Hi guys, As you may know I’ve been bringing a lot of people to this game and really encouraging them concerning what I believe the future of this game could be. I’d bring in a lot of developers and I hype them up concerning what I believed would be the next big Minecraft/Roblox style game. However, recent events made it very clear to me that the chances of the game succeeding at much lower than I had anticipated. This game has had terrible player numbers for a long time now even as it went free to play. When comparing the trajectory of other games I noticed that when the developers fixed the game players came back. Unfortunately, I worry that we are at the point of no return. A lot of people have told me that I’m really stupid to stay with Ylands such a long time but I wanted to give the developers the benefit of the doubt and now that I have and now that things have improved, not seeing the numbers of players significantly increase disproves my theory about the fixed game bringing in new people. It seems to me that there are not enough players left after so many years of disastrous bugs to be significant advocates to get the game out there. Moreover, the extremely convoluted market in which markets this game is something like a PVP combat game and hides the best part of the game behind a DLC, makes it very hard for this game to get out there.https://steamcharts.com/cmp/298610,382310,648800#1m Comparing this game with similar games, such as a raft for example, you see a game that in my opinion is quite inferior but focussing on what it does best and improving that seemed to be the ideal strategy. Moreover, when games like Eco listened to their community their community rewarded them with tons of new players. I believe that if the development team had stayed focussed we would already have succeeded as a community. In light of these events we will be transitioning P1 away from being focussed exclusively on Ylands. P1 Ylands will be focussing on enjoying new games every week. P1 Creators is seriously considering an invitation to be part of $120,000 competition to make games in Core Games. I’m not leading that part of things anymore so I will let them make the final decision. https://discord.gg/core-creators For years now I’ve stuck it out with one of my favourite games of all time, Ylands. I think it’s only fair that when I leave I share a little bit about how I think this game can hit the target and succeed. 1. Focus on what you’re good at and let your marketing reflect that. Stop giving into the temptation to do new things until the old things are looking good. 2. Seek criticism and actually try to bring critics into the fold because they criticize you because they love what you’ve created. 3. Reward your creators and celebrate them. This brings me to another point that I should bring up. I believe the Coyn monetization in this game is so bad that no creator could ever make a living wage. Taking 30% upfront and about 66% on cash out is already a lot but requiring 250,000 Coyns to do so is just too high. No one has that many and no one has the prospect of getting that many. Also, just my opinion, you should offer more than 50,000 Coyns for the best construction, especially because the cash out level is so high that they would have to win five times to even be rewarded. I understand this might work for Roblox but they bring millions of paying players to their creators. As a creator community we have to deal with serious issues like being told we can publish our games on the workshop (and still enter them in the competition) and then right after we publish the games on the workshop that rule being changed. The people that are here or not doing it for the money, therefore, they need to be able to trust that what you say is true.
  4. RedEagle_P1.

    Adam Statue In Playlands

    He deserves it
  5. RedEagle_P1.

    Goodbye for now!

    Hi all, As I mentioned quite a while ago I will be stepping down as leader of P1 Creators. The process of hiring people to replace me has been a longer-than-expected journey but we really feel we have found the one in @k1llerdodo. She has a real passion for creative art like the kind P1 Creators creates and will lead the community into a bright new future! At least for a little while I won't be seen much on Ylands Editor except when helping Dodo (she has a sickness that causes pain in her hands) and making a weekly video. It's been really awesome to see @Aleš Ulm turn things around for this game and I look forward to seeing what it will become. All the best to all of you!
  6. RedEagle_P1.

    Exploration Feedback

  7. RedEagle_P1.

    Bored and Explored?

    I am so confused
  8. RedEagle_P1.

    I lose my stuff when i log out

    Did you turn on world saving?
  9. RedEagle_P1.

    hrad Jitkov (Jitkov castle)

    I love it, it looks so detailed.
  10. RedEagle_P1.

    Workshop ?

    This is old, I think you can ignore this now.
  11. RedEagle_P1.

    Edit your home island

    That looks awesome! Who made it?
  12. RedEagle_P1.

    Dev Diary #161 - New Ship Type

    @Adam Snellgrove Deeply sorry to see you go, your passion was clear from the onset. You were always deeply involved in the community in a way nobody else before you was able. We could all see you were working really really hard.
  13. Lots of people are losing all of their hard-earned progress in ylands and so I thought I would: 1) Explain what we know about what's going on: Adam explained it to me best: “Because most of the time the more serious ones happen during a crash of the game or timeout (which is usually down to an internet issue) and the game doesn't save in time, so the programmers are devising a new saving system to deal with it so hopefully that will help.” We found that when we're moving from large server save two large server save sometimes we're losing all of our progress even our homeworld’s progress. 2) Offer solutions: In the video I explained how you could use the share game and the server system to create backups of your progress: Note: The developers are working hard on a fix!
  14. RedEagle_P1.

    Dev Diary #160 - Building in Exploration

    Great to see you guys listening to the community and moving this in the right direction! I think a lot of people will enjoy the new building mode.
  15. RedEagle_P1.

    Dev Diary #159 - Ylands Creators Competition Winners

    Congratulations everyone!