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  1. RedEagle_P1.

    Uploading a game

    I enabled cross platform and now it gives me universal. P.S. See Discord.
  2. RedEagle_P1.

    Uploading a game

    For some reason I am not getting the "Universal" option: Also I set the game to hidden but its on the front page.
  3. RedEagle_P1.

    Dev Diary #122 - New Rideable Animals

    I think a lot of people will like this.
  4. RedEagle_P1.

    Workshop's Rules for Content Submission

    How does one set things to hidden?
  5. RedEagle_P1.

    Cop cars

    Agreed @Yo HasLEGO was on-point!
  6. RedEagle_P1.

    Cop cars

    Btw guys, which do you like the most?
  7. RedEagle_P1.

    2020 challenge IEuphe aka Euphe

    Wow you have been busy! Good work! Also welcome to the Ylands community.
  8. The game is not ready for that yet. It likely wont work no matter the power of the server at that player count.
  9. RedEagle_P1.

    1 hour game-making challenge

    Keeping ideas simple is important in game design. 1 hour game-making challenge this weekend! 1) Everyone brainstorms ideas 2) Scripters break up into solo teams & build the ideas 3) We play the games! Most fun game wins 1x copy of Ylands DLC! 22 hours from now. Think 2 hours ago but tomorrow. https://discord.gg/7rd3ten
  10. RedEagle_P1.

    So... Dreams

    I feel like its more limited than Ylands.
  11. RedEagle_P1.

    ship stuff by zarwil

    Wow really nice! We are hoping to make an ocean-only explore map as part of our big server change (see #news) in P1
  12. RedEagle_P1.

    The Website Uses Cookies

    No worries Thanks for fixing It takes up so much space on my tiny mobile 🤣
  13. Game Set Manager makes teamwork very difficult. -- Since only 1 account posses game-set data and such data cannot be shared between accounts, games which use this feature cannot be developed by multiple people. P1 has teams of as many as 30-40 working on any specific game. Game-set-based ideas make this impossible.
  14. RedEagle_P1.

    Dev Diary #120 - Roadmap 2020

    GG graphics team, love the look of that road map poster.
  15. RedEagle_P1.

    The Website Uses Cookies

    Wait you dont have to show the notice to logged in users do you? Not every time on every page? No one does this.