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  1. RedEagle_P1.

    Issues with my game

    @Houp What is the name of the web-dev again 🤔
  2. RedEagle_P1.

    Issues with my game

    My P1 City Roleplay game on the workshop stopped spawning people at the proper spawn point. If I try to go in and add new logic, will I still remain the #1 game (most voted)?
  3. RedEagle_P1.

    Dev Diary #74

    Good work guys! I hope this is the point where Ylands soars!
  4. RedEagle_P1.

    disable roll for games

    Some games may not what the shift-roll. Could we have an option to turn that off?
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  6. "Hey, kinda quick question my buddy in unable to connect to my server anymore, even though he can connect to any other server no problem, he was also previously on said server im wondering if there's a way so delete his player data instead of starting from scratch again he gets stuck on loading 100% recalling buildings " -- Many people making such reports. @bb cakes_P1 @MyPa553ng3r_P1 and others can tell you more
  7. RedEagle_P1.

    Very cool new additions to the Ylands editor!

    I love that you can get a power barrier in editor now! Thanks @Houp @Rudy.cz and others for listening to our feedback
  8. No longer able to search for Editor games. Editor menu missing search feature.
  9. RedEagle_P1.

    Brand New Game: JUGGERNAUT!

    Still enjoying looking at this often What great work from a great team
  10. RedEagle_P1.

    0.12: Smooth Sailing (15/04/2019)

    HYPE. My reaction:
  11. RedEagle_P1.

    Dev Diary #73

    Good work guys! Look forward to the update!
  12. MORE LOVE for Houp 😜
  13. WANTED: Disable interactions with entity from object properties I would like to stop ppl from eating my game level
  14. Please vote for the game you liked best here: http://www.p1gaming.net/forum/index.php?threads/game-judging.53081/ You will need to login/register to vote!