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  1. Kage'd

    Editor Tutorial Series (creations)

    Great, thank you!
  2. Kage'd

    Editor Tutorial Series (creations)

    Could you explain how to "enable" this "adapt to everything" option?
  3. Kage'd

    Editor Tutorial Series (creations)

    Try watching this Tutorial Or
  4. Kage'd

    Steam Key

    Easter weekend for them so you may have to wait until Tuesday.
  5. Kage'd

    Building Competition

    In the event of a tie, the two winners will have a set amount of time to improve on their build at free will. That will give time to really express their creativity as well as breaking the tie.
  6. Kage'd

    The Ylands community is dying...

    Reset assure RedEagle that anything you make, I will be at least one player who will check it out. Also don't let player count ever be a deterrent for creating Scenarios as it should only be done for enjoyment and not fame. Now I'm not saying anybody has done this yet but those who do it just for fame tend to make pretty bad, time wasting modifications/scenarios.
  7. Kage'd

    Dev Diary #32

    Keep up the great work!
  8. Kage'd

    The Ylands community is dying...

    I have internet friends that make comments about not owning Ylands and have wanted it for awhile but lack the funds. Every chance I get I'm always talking about it. Word of mouth is the best advertisement in the world!
  9. Kage'd

    Editor Tutorial Series (videos and requests)

    Cool, excited to see them.
  10. Kage'd

    Editor Tutorial Series (videos and requests)

    I've already been messing around I just assumed you might want idea's for video request.
  11. Kage'd

    Editor Tutorial Series (videos and requests)

    Based on the idea from How do you make an object move on it's own and in a direction of my choosing?
  12. Kage'd

    The Ylands community is dying...

    I never play online. The wonderful thing about Ylands is the content, other than a social gameplay, is the same for Single Player as it is for Multiplayer. I have friends that also play everyday but they too keep it single player. The decrease in community "online" players can not be judged based on a server. You must look at all aspects of communication. There are folks in Discord that don't use the forums and the same can be said for a lot of people who don't even know what Discord is or that Ylands even has it's Official, Unofficial Server. Ylands will be fine. All games go through this stage of population decrease. They come and they go but I don't think it will get as bad as you might imagine.
  13. Kage'd

    0.8: Meaningful Music (28/03/2018)

    Yes! Thank you for all your hard work.
  14. With the amount of useful information out there in regards to Video tutorials and guides, I have a simple minor forum change suggestion. To help sort through some of the General Discussion, is it possible to make a Subforum for Tutorials and Guides so we're not having to search through General Discussion?
  15. Kage'd

    Dev Diary #31

    You can already do that.