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  1. I'm going to give this a try I have a mantle in my small library waiting for ship lol
  2. simply amazing thank you for sharing love all
  3. Paula Voytek

    Share your beautiful pictures!

    my home
  4. Paula Voytek

    Q&A video - ask us anything!

    will the map be fixed for multiplayer
  5. Paula Voytek

    RESOLVED cant start ylands code 500 ? server down ?

    I'm also having the error 500
  6. Paula Voytek

    A helpful building guide.

    thanks to everyone for the tips but I am still having problems when finishing a roof to meet up nicely with other objects I use free place but it looks crappy its either up to far or not in the right spot
  7. Paula Voytek


    i know I have been on mp and as soon as I appeared I was killed multiple times by a player named cowabunga I'm not saying it was you but by a player with the same name
  8. Paula Voytek

    Share your beautiful pictures!

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033599912/home/ that's a home I built on edit
  9. Paula Voytek

    a return home button lol

    was sailing screen went funny lost my boat and now I'm lost so if we could have something to take us back to our house I would love it thank you
  10. Paula Voytek

    free placing

    while free placing is awesome and can also be a headache lol especially when it comes to building and getting that roof to look nice. if I want to place chairs or any other items in a weird place its awesome but if I want to add log pieces to fill in where it doesn't leave holes its a headache well atleast for me getting it to line up perfectly is very mind numbing lol. am I missing something or doing it wrong feed back please... thank you for the awesome game
  11. Paula Voytek

    Dev Diary #26

    I would like to be able to use the water what I mean is making rivers or a waterfall. building a fountain and adding water, or a well and adding water also more roofing pieces please
  12. Paula Voytek

    sit emote

    can we have the sit emote on multiplayer it get kinda boring at night so I thought if we had the sit emote we could sit around the fire
  13. Paula Voytek

    My second home

    I like that great job
  14. Paula Voytek

    My first house

    too cute
  15. Paula Voytek


    thank you so much