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  1. renderin

    Explore Map Size

    I am VERY disappointed as well. I really feel like the explore mode is broken, The cool thing earlier was that you had to look for birds moving to even know which direction to go looking for an island. Now you can SEE them from the starter. It feels REALLY dumbed down to me. also having the icons on the compass that indicate where islands are is a bad thing and kills the entire explore aspect. I will only assume that the highlighted area on the map is the entire usable space in this mode. Very weak, as I was able to explore every island within an hour on the bamboo raft. THERE IS NO REASON to even build a ship. IMO this game has gone downhill.
  2. Maybe a Glass Sphere?
  3. renderin

    Ye Olde Village Decor

    Are those Energy nodes painted brown?
  4. renderin

    Intra-Island Causeway

    The hovering causeway with new ship channel section is complete, bringing HIGH speed transport of resources from our nearest southern neighbor. Next project lighted navigation buoys.
  5. renderin


    Bamboo was so easy to find at that point in the game. I have a huge stand planted for harvest. I think my floating lighthouse will be all stone.
  6. renderin

    Natural Resource Site

    Very cool! I also planted a few magic blossoms near the house as well, but I love the temple ruin feel here. Maybe place arctic willow leaves on the arches to simulate an ivy?
  7. renderin

    Victorian house (WIP)

    What are the piano keys made of?
  8. renderin

    Share your beautiful pictures!

    Homestead at Night
  9. renderin

    Intra-Island Causeway

    Sorry, I did not mean to down vote this..I DID consider a tunnel from one island to the next but decided to do this...
  10. renderin

    help:trying to find submarine sphere?

    Look for floating debris....
  11. renderin

    Intra-Island Causeway

    Since I am playing single player I will just consider the two islands connected, But I had thought about raising a section for that purpose. the entire structure will be suspended by floating platforms without any other supports.
  12. renderin

    How to: the Extended Editor

    Well, that's the problem, I save the game during the day, but it is night in the editor no matter what. This seems to be a new issue since the last update.
  13. renderin

    more bags

    A tool belt would be awesome, as would a container for building materials.
  14. renderin

    Intra-Island Causeway

    I think the retaining wall is insufficient for the needs of the traffic.....
  15. renderin

    How to: the Extended Editor

    So, is it just perpetual darkness in the editor now? I am confused.