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Found 6 results

  1. Phil Dubbo

    New cannon

    Hello, I would like to see some early 19th century cannons added to the game with a better traverseangle (maybe 280°) for ships and fortifications. Maybe the guns could be on a platform so the player rotate with the gun to prevent colision like with the current cannons. examples: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BL_6_inch_rifle,_with_two_BL_9.2_inch_rifles_beyond,_at_St._David's_Battery,_Bermuda,_2011.jpg
  2. Hello there! I have returned with another.. suggestion. That I think would be quite interesting. (I'm honestly curious what everyone thinks about it too since I thought it's pretty nifty. IF it can be done) As the title suggests, Tool Compositions. I'll try to keep it brief as I honestly have no idea how to really explain it. The idea behind it is: You place down a Rifle in the editor just as you would normally. Afterwards you place down a knife. beside the rifle. You would then be able to position the knife under the rifle, then link the knife to the rifle. (So the rifle would be the 'usable' tool, and the knife would be decoration on said rifle) What this would do.. basically create a Rifle with a Bayonet. After you'd link the two objects together, you'd then save it as a composition and place it in a world. Then in the world you can pick up the weapon and voila. This could be done on any sort of item that the player can equip. A hat, shirt, boots, pants. Tools and Weapons. (A hat with a feather on it's side. Or a chest piece with axes on the back so the axes would show upon the character whenever worn) Now the objects linked would have no functionality. They'd be there JUST for decoration. Reasoning behind this? I dunno. Creativity? The reason why I'd say to only be able to do this in the Editor and then move said object in the game is for the sole reason of it not being abused. Since with this system you could technically attach a tree or a log to a sword. And you'd basically be fighting with a tree. So doing it in an actual game can be quite.. griefy. So limiting it to be done only in the editor sounds like a nice idea. :3 Cheers.
  3. caramelosorico

    more bags

    A bag that can contain tools and/or weapons, I allways have most of mi inventory filled with tools and weapons
  4. Hey there, So a bit of time before I actually start working.. and on my way to work.. I was thinking.. "Ylands is such an amazing game.. but what would make it more interesting?" See Ylands, right now, is probably.. well definitely my favorite game so far. Why? It has over 50% of the things I would LOVE in a game. -Survival mechanics (Hunger, scavenging for resources etc) -Pletora of weapons and tools (from clubs to stone swords to revolvers) -Vehicles (Cars, ships.. and even that propeler pack) -Crafting (an amazing, and immersive crafting system.. since you need to have the tool on you to craft items.. I find that to be quite interesting) -Building (Build on the car frame? On the ship frame? Yea sure. Knock yourself out. Want to make a classical american car or an RV to explore the world? Sure) -Decoration (PLACE ANYWHERE, I love this. nothing more to say) etc etc But I was thinking.. The game already has an amazing amount of content in the game already and we dont even have NPC's or anything of the sorts. (until the end of this week at least) And I already know from what I read on the forums in Sneak Peeks that we'll have an improved combat system, factions for npcs etc But.. once we reach 'end game' right now. What's left to do? Nothing much except building. And that's a bit of a shame. (I love it nonetheless don't take me wrong) THIS is a suggestion thread tho.. SO without further delay.. I'll get straight into it! The sk.Ylands What this entails.. and what does it add or do. It's basically a suggestion that I was thinking at after reading a few others on the forums and from my own head as well. As with my other suggestion thread this is made to work together with itself. >LINK< : Tools, Cosmetics and Slots The sk.Ylands would be a new world. New items, weapons, monsters etcetera. (I know the devs already have a world in mind. that we'll get in the future. Hyped!) I'll keep it brief since the time to work is getting closer. But I will definitely update this thread later with some designs, sketches and obviously more items and such that I had in mind. sk.Ylands are sort of an end game world because you would need to reach Engine creation in order to fly up in the sky! A few new items would be added to the players crafting table, those would be Wind Catchers, Thunder Catchers, Wings, Large Balloons, Sky Propellers. Wings: The wings can be placed on the ship to allow the player to actually steer their new vehicle, they would be as large as large masts. Sky Propellers are quite simply propellers the player can place on the ship to actually propel the ship forward and back But what makes the ship go up and down? Simple. Balloons! Large (and small) balloons are like Large and Small masts. You can place em on the ship and that allows you to go up and down. These would be placed on the Small or Large ships (Car Chassis too?! So you can ave a ship as the mother base and then landing pads for the smaller crafts?) that you can craft already. So you could, technically attach these to an already existing ship (or car) and take it up into the sky! When you'd reach a specific altitude, you'd be transitioned to this new world. Where there is no.. water to have your ship on. But instead.. What you'll find are.. Clouds.. Storms.. Rain.. and.. floating islands! Now.. How do you craft the.. Balloons? Well for this you'd need the Wind Catchers. They'd be sort of like (looks wise) Sails you can put on your ships, and these would catch the wind when you go into storms and give you a new item. That new item would be 'Bottled Air/Wind' With this bottled air/wind you can then craft the balloons. Why should you go in the storm to make use of these Wind Catchers. Simply put for the sole reason of giving the player an incentive to actually go out and explore. On the normal world they'd put these on their ship and actually go out on the high seas looking for storms in order to create this bottled wind Of course.. this shouldn't be as easy as said. Since.. maybe there are huge waves that can damage the ship. Thunder could strike the player and deal damage, etcetera. Upon crafting these balloons and placing em on the ship, players can reach the new world. And yes. I know I may have forgotten the other item. The Thunder Catcher. The thunder catcher simply put, again placed on the ship, (maybe looks like a huge lightning rod?) And this would, as the wind catchers, give you 'Bottled Thunder (or Lightning? Maybe better called Lightning Catcher? but Thunder Catcher sounds better xD)' The bottled thunder would be able to fuel the Ylandium Engines. (Or new.. Electric engines?) that will make the propellers actually function. "Why don't I just use my old Coal Engines for this" Well to put it simply.. Normal resources wouldn't be found on the new floating islands as much as they can be found on the normal islands. Coal, copper, iron, etc can still be found. But not in such big quantities. So Thunder is a good source of fuel. Ballon Frames, Sky Propeller and Wing Frames could be crafted from either metal or wood. Wood would be lighter, but the ship could sway a lot harder from left to right in gusts of wind and Metal framing would make the ship heavier, so it is a lot more controllable in gusts of wind but weaker to lightning, since it conducts electricity What risks are there to going up in the sky? Flying sharks. Sharks with wings.. Simple as that. When exploring the sky. You'd still find normal animals on the islands but aye. (Maybe a few others. Wyverns or Dragons as boss monsters? :D) Storms! Lightning, and Wind! can be quite risky as well. Thunder can hit your ship, and deal damage to blocks or the player Wind can make your ship sway from side to side maybe take you off the beaten path or have a chance of throwing the player off the ship And in the clouds where you can't really see ahead of you that much, That can be quite dangerous since you'd lose your way. (you can go above storms and clouds, having an amazing view. But you'd be easily spotted by other players and sky sharks would spend most of the time above clouds. So a safest bet although dangerous is to be inside of the clouds Islands would generate in the clouds and above them as well. So in general the sky world (for now) Is just to collect special resources like Thunder and Wind (or Sky Shards. or Sky Crystals) until I think on the weapons and armor (Air Guns, Balloon Packs, Floating potions etc) And the whole idea is to create sort of an 'economy' in world. While not needed. I can see some interesting interactions between players. "Player X has a sky ship, they go collect thunder" "Player Z doesnt like exploring but they need thunder for their engines and contraptions" "Player X asks player Z to give him something in return for thunder" And so they trade! Or.. you'll have pirates. Players that will just attack you to take your loot. So making a sky ship can actually be used as an interesting base as well. Allowing you to go up in the sky and make a base there. Etcetera. Some Items I thought at for now. (I will think at more and will update this post accordingly) Thunder (Lightning?) Rifles (Shoots bolts of electricity) - Good against Metal Armor (since it conducts electricity) . Weak against Leather Armor (Or normal clothing) (Since it doesn't conduct electricity) Air Rifles (Shoots a gust of wind pushing people back) - Good against Leather Armor (since it's light so it can push people back) . Weak against Metal armor (Since heavy and can't push back) Skyshards can be found on the floating islands. From them you can create decorative blocks or armor. (weapons too) Ammo for the Air Rifles would be crafted using Bottled Wind. (Respectively Bottled Thunder(Lightning) for the Other rifle) Can also create Crystal weapons,armors and tools, They'd be really effective but can break easily. With the new crystal, thunder and wind resources, players could possibly create a levitating device that they can place on the ship or chassis and it would allow em to float/fly without the need of balloons. ALTHOUGH! the creation of this item would be extremely hard. The physics/flying with these would be similar to Worlds Adrift (Go up and down, rotate left and right and move forward and back) This is all I have for now. Will update later with more ideas and some actual crafting 'schematics' Cheers.
  5. sslazz.mcfisto

    Ylandite weapons

    We should see ylandium based weapons in the game. They'd have a battery, like the mining drill. Other than that I leave the implementation details vague. Ylandium disruption pistol Cathode Ray Rifle Disintegrator Rifle That sort of steampunky thing.
  6. Dustoori

    Weapon strength

    Hi all, First of all, great game! Thanks Bohemia. It's nice to see such active interaction from a dev team. On to my question, I've been doing some research on the strengths of various weapons. How many hits it takes to kill mobs. I had a search and couldn't see anything about that anywhere on the forums. Is it information people would be interested in seeing? Do you already know? Should it be left to discovery? Let me know what you think and if there's interest I'll post my findings.