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    Crash report

    I started the game after a few months (since 0.7) and the game started nicely, its more fluid and the new invetory is nice, but after a few minutes it suddenly crahes and showed this crash files, I leave you these with my dxdiag error.log DxDiag.txt
  2. caramelosorico

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-8934] That wasnt there when I left

    ok, those are the files. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. caramelosorico

    more bags

    A bag that can contain tools and/or weapons, I allways have most of mi inventory filled with tools and weapons
  4. I just updated to 0.7 and entered to my offline game when I saw this... I leave you a couple of captures and a copy of my DxDiag, in these you also can see how many resources the game is consuming, after seeing that I started to place blocks in one of my ships when the game crashed. It consume a bit less of RAM and also loads the world faster, maybe I can explore now. P.D: Those water blocks gave me a few ideas for decoration, it can be a good spot to build a pool , replacing water can be a good idea for incoming updates. DxDiag.txt
  5. caramelosorico

    KNOWN ISSUE inventory items bugged.

    I see, my pc only have 6GB and it only chrased once so I can say im a lucky man.
  6. First of all, sometimes my items and weapons get bugged when I drag these on my item bar and when I broke a weapon or tool, I can see it under the inventory slots but I can do anything with these. Also I've seen that the perfomance of my computer is beeing slower as long as I play Ylands, I checked it out and I saw that the game is using a huge amount of RAM memory and but I think that its a bit too much for my computer.
  7. caramelosorico

    Horse got stuck

    in memory of a great horse...
  8. caramelosorico

    Horse got stuck

    well, it's late for the horse, but I'll look at those commands so thanks, I'll make a great funeral for that horse i'
  9. caramelosorico

    Horse got stuck

    I jumped with the horse on my base and it got stuck between two furnaces, the horse didnt move and I coundt dismount, I leave you a capture. I had to destroy the furnace in front of me to be free, but when I destroyed the furnace the horse died and my characted got knocked off. I hope this helps you.