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  1. sslazz.mcfisto

    Modding support

    I couldn't find any statements either way after a little search, but is ylands going to support mods? If so, how?
  2. sslazz.mcfisto

    Weapon / item stat display

    The exact statistics of various items (damage, rate of fire, armour value) should be available through the UI.
  3. sslazz.mcfisto

    Ylandite weapons

    We should see ylandium based weapons in the game. They'd have a battery, like the mining drill. Other than that I leave the implementation details vague. Ylandium disruption pistol Cathode Ray Rifle Disintegrator Rifle That sort of steampunky thing.
  4. sslazz.mcfisto

    Flying vehicles

    Hi. Currently cars are pretty useless in explore mode. Perhaps we can add a steampunk style helicopter or hover component to cars so that they can be used to island hop, or at least hop on / off ships? That way there'd be a reason to use them in Explore mode.
  5. Quick question - any idea when the next build is due?