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  1. Dustoori

    What was the update?

    Thanks Morley
  2. Dustoori

    What was the update?

    Nvm. I found it buried in the Countless Colours thread.
  3. Dustoori

    What was the update?

    Steam downloaded an update for Ylands. What was it?
  4. Dustoori


    So is that 2 attack types do 30 damage and the other does 20?
  5. Dustoori


    Great work. Nice to see some actual numbers rather than my slap dash testing. I think the wolves do either 20 or 30 go damage as they have 2 different attacks. It was mentioned in an earlier topic on armour.
  6. Dustoori

    Weapon strength

    Ok, so I tested the armours. I'd finished when I found this reddit post by Red-kuutti, So could have save myself a lot of work. Their numbers agree with mine though so it's not too bad, with the exception of bark armour. There was also a +/- 1 hit variation for each of the armours this appears to be because the animals have The other consideration is durability, I assume that is what the hp number is about in the editor and I'll find out for sure later. For brevity I'll list the number of wolf hits and the hp of the armours. The hp follow the same pattern; helmet, legs and boots all the same, then body a bit higher. E.g. bark helmet, legs and boots all have 80 hp and the armour has 120. Ill list them as 80, 120. Leather 8 hits, 100, 150 Bark 9 hits, 80, 120 Stone 10 hits, 150, 200 Bear 10 hits, 100, 150 Crab 11 hits 100, 150 Iron 12 hits 200, 250 Guardian 14 hits 300, 350 Bear armour makes you run faster, about a second faster over a 30 block run. I haven't noticed if any of the other armours have any special effects. Crab armour doesn't effect either swim speed or breath time. Iron armour is not difficult to make as long as you can find clay, but if you can't then any of stone, bear or crab (or a mix) depending on resources will do but need repairing more regularly. The upgrade to guardian as and when you gather the mats.
  7. Dustoori

    WEAPONS DAMAGE TABLES (and some mechanics)

    Great work. Where on the editor did you find the HP numbers? Is there anything you can find in there that may help do similar things to this for the armour? Edit: I found it by double clicking. It gives the armour hp but presumably that's for it's durability.
  8. Dustoori

    Weapon strength

    The armour is going to be a lot more problematic than the weapons. As Handofthesly said, the animals do varying amounts of damage. I was thinking maybe it related to where they hit you but them having different attacks would also work. It's also more difficult gauging how much damage they are doing in terms of hearts. I think I might have to start again and change the metric. Counting the number of hits they get on me before I die and averaging it over 10 or more encounters should provide a decent indication of armour strengths. And to complicate things even more, Steammonkey in another thread suggested that the bear boots make you run faster. So if different armours have different effects other than just damage reduction choosing will be more involved.
  9. Dustoori

    bear boots make you run faster?

    I haven't tried the bear armour yet, it would be very interesting if they did make you run faster though. Keep us posted if you find anything out.
  10. Dustoori

    zapped by you own tesla coil.

    I lost a base this way. Thought I'd build a tesla coil to see what it did, hadn't put in a switch. I died right under the coil dropping all my stuff. It's still there on that save, standing guard over my gravestone and the abandoned base.
  11. Dustoori

    Weapon strength

    I was going to do melee weapons today but if you've already done them then cool. I'd agree that the speed of melee attacks is similar enough to be negligible. We could do with figuring out a way to test the arc of each weapon though. I've preferred the swords to the polearms as I got the impression they hit a wider arc. I've not done the research though. A war hammer and pump-action shotgun for spelunking then. I've been thinking about testing the armour. I think I'll put on a full set of each one and let a mutant bear hit me. It's not going to be as exact as the weapons as there are fractions of hearts. But should it should give an indication. Edit: I just read your posts in the Survival tips discussion and could have saved myself some work. The numbers are the same though and corroboration is always nice.
  12. Dustoori

    Armour/weapon values

    I'm in the process of gathering this very information. I've done the ranged weapons and the iron crossbow is definitely better. Here's the discussion. And Vforventura has looked at both melee and ranged weaponry here
  13. Dustoori

    Weapon strength

    So, I'm going to put this here, I can make a new post or edit the OP if required. TL;DR Pump action shotgun rules, if you can make it. Crossbow otherwise. My sincerest apologies for the formatting, it's driving me nuts. I just want to get it out tonight and then tomorrow I can try and fix it. If anyone can tell me how to embed images in the text, please do. The tests were done in creative mode with some concurrence from survival (more on that later), first image the kill pit. I started spawning each animal 10 times for each gun but when it became apparent there was no variation I dropped to 5 then 3. In descending order of number of shots; Puma Black Bear Mutated Bear Alpha Speed Flintlock Rifle 3 5 15 V Slow Repeating Rifle 3 5 15 Fast Iron Bow 3 4 15 Slow Revolver 3 4 12 Medium Double-Barreled Revolver 3 4 12 Medium Blunderbuss 2 4 12 Slow Iron Crossbow 2 4 12 V Slow Double-Barreled Shotgun 2 3 9 Medium Bolt-Action Rifle 2 3 8 Slow Pump-Action Shotgun 2 3 8 V Fast The two double barreled weapons both use 2 rounds every shot the shotgun doing less damage than its single barreled equivalent and the revolver the same. I'm not sure this is intentional on the dev's part, but if it is, seems odd. There is no range penalty on the damage from the shotguns. Up close the mutant took 8 shots. So far away I could barely see it, it took 8 shots. This test was done on captive animals, when a similar test is carried out with them free to move the number of shots rises, I think this is because when they lie down to sleep they heal. If a dev fancies chiming in on that, feel free. I attempted to test if the numbers were the same in Survival mode and with the quick weapons they were. With the slower ones I presume the animals had time to heal. In conclusion, the pump-action shotgun is outright winner, It's 8 round clip means it can deal more damage quicker than any other gun. It's closest rival in terms of speed of kills is the repeating rifle, however that chews through the ammo and so resources. If you have no rubber and so no locksmith table, then the blunderbuss is quicker firing and does more damage than the flintlock. But you're probably better off using the crossbow and saving your gunpowder. Tomorrow I'll fix the formatting and look at melee weapons.
  14. Dustoori

    Weapon strength

    I'm stuck in a deep cavern and my mining helmet just broke, fell on the floor and I smashed it. Just trying to work out how I'm going to out of this with my loot. There are holes all over the cavern floor into an even deeper cavern. I was thinking about doing some youtube videos, I've never done any before. I'll have to look up how to do it. I'll figure out how best to present the findings. Basically the bolt action rifle is leading but slow, the pump action shotgun is second. I need to run more tests to see about range drop off on the shotgun. Both of those require a Locksmith table though.
  15. Dustoori

    Weapon strength

    Hi all, First of all, great game! Thanks Bohemia. It's nice to see such active interaction from a dev team. On to my question, I've been doing some research on the strengths of various weapons. How many hits it takes to kill mobs. I had a search and couldn't see anything about that anywhere on the forums. Is it information people would be interested in seeing? Do you already know? Should it be left to discovery? Let me know what you think and if there's interest I'll post my findings.