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  1. SyxtySyx


    Log on through Steam and make sure it is updated
  2. SyxtySyx

    KNOWN ISSUE I can eat anything.

    This eating bug is news to me. I have always just equipped my food to eat it in the far right of the hotbar, never assigning it to a hotkey. I believe eating your map would be most unfortunate!
  3. SyxtySyx

    bug on ship

    This reply of mine was in no way meant to "chastise" anyone. I'm sorry if you mistook my tone. Simply put, the developers are looking into several multiplayer issues, and have addressed these similar complaints on numerous occasion. I again apologize if I came off in the wrong tone.
  4. SyxtySyx

    bug on ship

    Please read issues with Multiplayer before posting bugs that are well known. Trust that developers are working on a fix for these bugs if they are labeled "known issues" These forums are here to help you understand issues incurred in Alpha stage, they are not a venue for launching complaints against the inadequancies of the developers when you are simply reporting a bug that is widely known throughout the developer and user's current landscape and focus of resolve.
  5. SyxtySyx

    This guy...

    I'm not super butt hurt. Is it a coinsidence that the only 2 posts that I have ever downvoted were posted by members that have -1 reputations?
  6. SyxtySyx

    This guy...

    A few months back, I downvoted a comment that this user posted that I thought was racial, off color, and non constructive. I'm sure he or she meant it as a joke. Today, he or she scoured the forums downvoting everything he or she could find posted by me.
  7. SyxtySyx


  8. SyxtySyx


    I just pretend it's flying haha!
  9. SyxtySyx

    Game crash- Adequate hardware ?

    My PC still struggles with this game LOL! i7-4820k CPU @ 3.70GHz Processor 32 GB RAM GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB Dedicated GPU 2TB HDD (over a TB free space) This machine is 5 years old.
  10. SyxtySyx

    Dev Diary #36

    Lol Pong reference. Not sure if I would go as far as saying that it is unplayable since I have 1147 hours ingame.
  11. SyxtySyx

    Dev Diary #36

    Seems to me that the Tall Coniferous trees when originally spawned don't show a name when targeted. Once chopped and replanted from the seeds, the tree once grown will now show it's name. I have also noticed that Palms don't show a name until they are fully matured. I don't know squat about code or scripting, but I assume that there could possibly be script errors caused by incorrect entity tags. It seems worse in MP, but I still notice a FPS hit in SP game. I think the issues with the churches and some of the other generated structures has to due with clipping since I seem to spot flickering textures on a few of them which leads me to believe that there are overlapping objects and such.
  12. Why would you post this Facebook page here? It seems to have nothing to do with Ylands.
  13. Yeah, dont logout on your boat in MP. I thought everyone knew that one by now. I have also flown back to my boat and only been able to see the anchor in MP.
  14. SyxtySyx

    Keep the skin when placing

    Yes, I wanted to use a conquistador helm as a stovepipe top.