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  1. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #133 - UI Suggestions

    Not the topic at hand, but it would be nice to have a sit mechanic that you could actually sit near tables and things. If you place chairs wrong now, they are either unusable, or you get stuck, or you have to sit 12 feet from the desk/table. See how Sims handle chairs, they snap to the table grid, and the animation handles sitting down and getting up.
  2. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #133 - UI Suggestions

    @Igor Q.you don't play exploration. We don't need fewer inventory slots. what we need is more with better organization. We could possibly get by with what we have if we could get a toolbelt and a saddle with saddlebags for our mounts.
  3. bojo2736

    What makes you enjoy the Exploration mode?

    They are not that hard to find without the ships.
  4. bojo2736

    What makes you enjoy the Exploration mode?

    You don't even need ships now. They are frankly a liability. They are slow. They are difficult because of the lack of resources. I usually end up rafting or swimming to the next island anyway. Because its literally RIGHT THERE. There is no mystery to this game.
  5. bojo2736

    Character Stuck

    Sorry I don't remember the details. If it happens again I will try to pay attention.
  6. bojo2736

    Character Stuck

    This happened last night, and I thought it was a one off. I got stuck and had to do /killme to get unstuck. It happened again tonight. /killme didn't help. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. bojo2736

    What makes you enjoy the Exploration mode?

    Hitting the open sea, looking for that elusive navigation bird. Following, looking for the next adventure. oh, wait... Ok. How about dangerous spelunking. Having to work out how to get down without dying. Again.. Oh, wait... That cool, chill soundtrack.. oh yeah... Nope, the magic this game had is gone. Now I just check in to see what's new. Or if I am in a building mood. This game still has the best build mechanics.
  8. bojo2736


    We need a toolbelt. The inventory is much too small.
  9. bojo2736

    How to tame any animal

    The goats would not be my friends.
  10. bojo2736

    RESOLVED [YLD-24764] On range attack

    It was easy before
  11. bojo2736

    RESOLVED [YLD-24764] On range attack

    @Houp I was trying to use the rifles this morning. Could you build an admin command in the console commands to set time and weather?
  12. bojo2736

    New Community: 3HT designs

    I uploaded a new Curious Explorer map. Cubes available upon request. Join the discord for password information. https://discord.gg/pqrRcJC
  13. bojo2736

    1.3: Watery Water

    I rebooted this morning, my server issue is resolved. Thank you @Adam Snellgrove
  14. Partly due to the sleep bug, and also I like to be able to check lighting in my builds, I usually build guns to change time and weather in game. I used to do this using the visual scripting command "on range attack." This command does not seem to exist any more. Where did it go? And how do I script this now?
  15. bojo2736

    1.3: Watery Water

    Having worked with Nitrado "customer service" I am not surprised. I wonder why they were chosen as the only other option?