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  1. Good point. We should be able to craft vases. @Aleš Ulm any chance that we will return to the old style maps with more jagged landscape and the old style caves?
  2. Little known fact: If you break them before you pick them (whack them with the axe) you get seeds and grass. Because Ylands.
  3. bojo2736

    What other games do you play?

    Currently on 3HT discord we have an Ark server playing Crystal Iles. I just started a Valheim server.
  4. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #163 - Future of the Barrier

    I'm hoping that the new workstation build will allow us to make things unpickable.
  5. What does this mean for Ylands development? https://www.bohemia.net/blog/bohemia-interactive-minority-investment-tencet?fbclid=IwAR3AqhSvWyAb4cuJi-NSC2FHYApQ8JlVVY1YkI5DrE67Hnp1RLUj22dm0BI
  6. you would have to drop the key on purpose. you dont lose keys on death. you can make a copy for friends if you want to
  7. bojo2736

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    i havent tried, i was not going to rent if the answer was no.
  8. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #161 - New Ship Type

    Thank you, Adam. Best wishes wherever life takes you.
  9. bojo2736

    Transporting vehicles in 1.5 explore.

    The thing that's frustrating is that transporting horses was a promised feature. And it worked briefly. Then it's like they forgot it was a thing. If you look back, there was a dev diary addressing it. I built and posted a ship I built specifically to haul horses. Then, poof! You can't do it. Never was a thing. What are you even talking about?
  10. How to not lose progress: stop playing til it's fixed.
  11. bojo2736

    (New) Dedicated Servers FAQ

    @Adam Snellgrove is it possible to upload legacy maps to the BI rented servers?
  12. bojo2736

    Inventory Control

    Fair enough. @Adam Snellgrove regarding the axe as a weapon. Yeah. That's why the ridiculous dance routine when I'm out collecting wood. ☠️
  13. bojo2736

    Inventory Control

    Maybe this is obvious for long time gamers, but what I have learned is that in survival type games, it becomes more about inventory control than anything else. We used to have 45 slots, then for reasons, it was reduced to 42. We do have inventory containers, which help. But there are still problems. I would like to see a weapons belt. You could keep say 3 different weapons in there. Or alternatively, have the hotbar items not take up space in your personal inventory. The toolbox is great. I appreciate it's addition to the game. But why isn't a chisel a tool? Why does coal and charcoal go in there, even when you have a coal bucket? Why is an axe a weapon and not a tool? Why are there three types of bark? I sort of understand why Birch bark is separate. It is used for making white pigment. But, as far as I know, there are not crafting reasons why bark and oak bark are different and take up two slots. We need to be able to craft items for our mounts. Saddles with saddle bags would be helpful. I am not sure what uses there are for shells other than pigment. So why not have just the pigment container. When you pick up a shell, it just becomes pigment and goes into the container. I mentioned coal and charcoal. I don't know if it has changed, but it used to be that you had to use coal in the iron forge, you could not use charcoal. Why? Who knows. Especially given how scarce coal is, it would be really helpful to be able to craft it and use it for everything coal is used for. Make a way for workstations that need fuel so that you can just dump a stack in and let it work off of that stack until it runs out? Just some thoughts.
  14. bojo2736

    More to Fishing

    I was thinking about this today. Bait on the hook shouldn't be permanent. And you should be able to use things other than oysters. And maybe the different kinds of bait could make it more likely to catch different kinds of fish.
  15. I really haven't noticed anything that's laggy like in the old days. You can't plant them on top of each other now, and that was a big culprit.