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  1. bojo2736

    Unable to dig near water

    Because griefers could mess up a map beyond repair.
  2. bojo2736

    What other games do you play?

    I've been playing a lot of minecraft (bedrock) mostly in creative, or on peaceful. It's weirdly addictive. I still hate the visual style, but I find myself playing for hours.
  3. bojo2736

    Maybe Later

    We'll tell you later. But for real, what are you talking about?
  4. bojo2736

    Transportation of animals

    I realized that after I posted. Mostly, if I play, it's been and old map in SP. So I forgot about the ship thing.
  5. bojo2736

    Transportation of animals

    I just ride/swim them over.
  6. bojo2736

    candle suggestion

    We have prop packs and cars in a game about being stranded on an island. I am not really concerned about "realism" I just want the lights to work the way I want them. ?
  7. bojo2736

    candle suggestion

    Candles are weird. If you try to manipulate them inside the editor, it doesn't work very well. As far as I can tell, the reason is that a candle and a lighted candle are two different objects. Comparing them to a brazier, a brazier is the object and it can be lighted or unlighted. So you can build a switch for it that will work. With a candle it doesn't really work like that. I did put it as a report at some point, and they were looking at it. Lighting in general needs to be looked at in this game. I like to use light and shadow in my designs, and the game as it stands doesn't really allow for that. We need control of brightness, dimness, sharp or diffuse, color, on and off. It would be nice to be able to craft a light switch that would allow you to attach it to a light source. The switch would have the scripting attached to it. I was playing a while back and came across a game built temple or something. As I got to a certain distance, it triggered the braziers to light. We need some way to craft a thing that would provide the scripting. It's problematic that the light brightness is STILL stacking. By that I mean, one candle or torch, very dim. Two, the brightness of the sun. There is no in between. The last time I played the iron stove was much better, but the kitchen stove, soooooo bright. One of the other games I play (ARK SE) has a mod that makes all the lights come on as the sun sets, and off again as the sun comes up. This should be an option.
  8. bojo2736

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    Adam was awesome. No shade to Nikki, she's doing a good job, but Adam paid a lot of attention to the group. He was available and approachable. He even played with us occasionally. Not sure why you felt the need to take a comment about how we are having a nice civil discussion to insult a guy who did a great job, and who is not here to defend himself.
  9. bojo2736

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    It's not a minor point. The game I fell in love with had a chill vibe. I spent hundreds of hours in SP before I ever moved out to the multiplayer servers. It is a VERY different game now.
  10. They really need to add clan markers on the maps. Why encourage co op play and then make it difficult?
  11. bojo2736


    I played briefly last night. I ran into some cool buildings. Were these built by devs or from community members? Can we alter them? The island I first landed on was HUGE! Thank you so much for that. The terrain was so much better. I prefer the more jagged old style, the new style is rounded, but I was so pleased to see that overall the islands have much more variability. I found myself marking places to come back to and maybe build. I haven't been inspired by the landscape in a long while. I will spend more time playing to see the new changes. Thanks for all you do, dev team.
  12. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #180 Cooler Crafting

    Did you see the KNIFE BLOCK??? OMG
  13. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #180 Cooler Crafting

    Please do, and thank you.
  14. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #180 Cooler Crafting

    Some way to sort favorites? Please?
  15. bojo2736

    POSSIBLY Bigger and more varied sails

    While we are at it, how about adding storage to ships, boats and rafts.