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  1. bojo2736

    How to make a sewing kit ?

    A needle is indeed needed. Four options that I know of: wooden needle (needs stick and knife) iron needle (needs iron ingot and forge crafting station) cactus needle (available only on arid) or my go to urchin (break in inventory, gives you five needles.)
  2. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #95

    Not those birds. The navigation birds are fine. But would it kill them to glow faintly? For storm, fog and night navigation. The ground birds, the seagulls that used to end up in piles in the water.
  3. bojo2736

    Ylands Clan List

    @Adam Snellgrove As discussed, can there be more than one person per clan who can add members. @RedEagle_P1.is doing it all in our group.
  4. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #95

    Birds are still gone. Sharks are turned off. But explore still is available. Maybe reload your game?
  5. bojo2736


    I couldn't reproduce it this morning either. Must have been a weird horse.
  6. bojo2736

    Typical day in Ylands MP games.

    I used a gun to enforce sleeping. But not like you would hope. The point of sleeping is to get through the overly long nights. I make a gun that sets the time at 8 am. Or you could just kick. With the in game chat you can tell people to sleep now or you will kick. But honestly, why are you keeping someone who needs a 30 minute time out. Ban and be done.
  7. bojo2736

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18823] Laser Lite Show

    I guess iI was the only one seeing the lights in the sky. The highlights on the horses were on purpose. I have created the skyshow in the past on purpose by setting highlight on the power barrier itself.
  8. We were playing a local game with @RedEagle_P1., I experienced a light show in the sky. No one else saw it. I have made this effect in game by adding the highlight to a power barrier. Red said he didn't do this. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. bojo2736


    Customized saddles would probably be a better option to dying the actual horse. But a coyn skin for your horse that is customizeable would be cool.
  10. bojo2736


    I love the new horses. Just a few more things would make them perfect. They can go through fences, so making corrals for them is pointless. I can't get them on ships now. Well, I did manage to get one on a ship after much trying, but they didn't stay and walked into the water. They need a stay option. They need craftable items. We need saddles and bridles and shoes. Give saddles an inventory so you can carry things on your horse. Also we need craftable care items, such as food and water troughs. Could horses be included as something that can be dyed at the dye station? Dye stations are easily craftable. Paintguns require the higher work stations. A coyn skin option to make them unicorns, zebras etc? Can tamed horses be unkillable by other players while under their owners power barrier? Also, camels need to be included in all of the above, and become a tameable, rideable, animal.
  11. bojo2736

    Ylands is broken & something needs to be said

    @kimbuck Adam clarified at the party today, the islands won't be smaller. They will be fewer in number, but more things to do. I see good reasons why that might be true. Why have three identical arid islands? And more than one polar is a waste of opportunity.
  12. We have a daily scheduled restart, it is around 2 am Pacific Time. Yesterday, my then two day old map had 9 restarts between that and 5 PM. I can continue to upload log files, I guess. Not I actually do have a full time job. Not really looking to making bug reports a second unpaid job.
  13. bojo2736

    0.14: Playful Platform (05/09/2019)

    What downloaded this morning?
  14. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #95

    I'm more interested in durability of maps. My three day old map had more than 9 restarts yesterday to keep it playable.
  15. bojo2736

    BI Servers

    @Igor Q. do you know how to do this?