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  1. bojo2736

    bbcakes aka bojo2736 AND FRIENDS

    I'm having trouble with the cars. Do they have to work? It seems like I can have either a working ugly vehicle or a non working cute one. Still working...
  2. bojo2736

    bbcakes aka bojo2736 AND FRIENDS

    Ylandium Engine was a total group effort.
  3. bojo2736

    bbcakes aka bojo2736 AND FRIENDS

    Adventurers house. It's got all the basics. It's funny, we are a group of builders, but when in Exploration mode, it's function over form. Our Adventurer's home is survival at it's finest. We will, of course, be building the nice home, but not yet. Not yet.
  4. bojo2736

    Dedicated Server FAQ

    @Pascal Witte the explanation given was that it has to do with security around monetization.
  5. So, I have to say. When you say it's unplayable on all BI servers, that just isn't true. I have been running a BI server for at least 6 months. I have never had the performance issues that P1 is having. I originally rented the server as a backup for when the Nitrado servers weren't working. Which was often. I really don't understand the reported rollbacks, I have never ever experienced that. My issues with BI servers has never been performance issues. The performance on the BI servers is pretty amazing and always has been. We don't get lag spikes, or crashes. Once in a while you get the back end error. I find that is fixed if I restart my wifi connection. My issue is the lack of admin options.
  6. It's because they game the search with their non english characters and 8 billion servers. No one can see anything else.
  7. bojo2736

    Not able to see Multiplayer screen.

    So far no one has contacted @Kraygon to restore his lost coins or good name. I invited my friend to play this game, y'all are embarrassing me.
  8. bojo2736

    In Game Purchase of Coyns Failed

    Maybe that's why my BI server has been so stable. It hadn't been improved yet. Sigh.
  9. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #111

    A constipated monstrous desert slug.
  10. bojo2736

    In Game Purchase of Coyns Failed

    That is greyed out and unavailable. This ain't my first rodeo.
  11. bojo2736

    Dev Diary #111

    And the Nitrado servers?
  12. bojo2736

    In Game Purchase of Coyns Failed

    I finally got the coyn purchase to go through. But I didn't have the option to extend my current server. I could only rent a new one.
  13. I tried twice to buy coyns to resubscribe to my server. First, I don't have the option to extend my current server. Fine, it's almost expired anyway, so I try to just rent a new server. The purchase failed twice. I don't know. I guess you guys aren't really serious about the MP servers in any form.
  14. bojo2736

    Ylands 2020 Challenge and Questions

    Alphas roams the surface at night.