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  1. Whats in a name?

    Some players make a bad choice when it comes to naming their avatars. They don't realize that first impressions outweigh everything else, so if you choose a name of someone with historical bad vibes... you can get banned or such without doing anything.! Some name choices are obviously intended to troll .. they arrive at spawn and then log out, leaving the avatar with an offensive name prominently as a form of "advertisement" ...and they think its clever ( yawn). Ok --- these names might be ok on a PVP server full of people running around going " Bang - Bang ..you'e dead" and destroying anything they can. but on a PVE friendly orientated server... well expect that you might not be able to log in afterwards when the undertakers remove the bodies. Names really don't bother 99% of the players ...just dont expect to get the welcome mat laid out when you try to break into someones house/base/ etc. and you will be ignored, generally. However there are some really offensive names that will get you banned promptly... like the " N " word , or variations on genitalia or other sexual content. Currently on our spawn island we had a " Sh#tMaker" arrive ...well we don't need one of them, as we are quite capable of making our own! Sadly with the advent of school holidays, we can expect an influx of these pre pubescent names. and types... and not all of them will be kids! But to those with clever, witty or sensible names ... welcome! I saw a cartoon that reflected the nature of today's times... a baby was been shown to a young mother by the obstetrician... and he was saying to the new mother... " sorry, you cannot use the name "Sarah" as that has been taken .. but sara1279 or sarah.463 are still available"
  2. Typical new arrival behavior

    For a giggles i made a "devil ship' that will behave un-predictably when attempts are made to sail it ..or board it ----- It was placed near my docks just outside my protection barrier, and in a considerably safe place. I returned today to check things out and lo and behold .. the ship was gone ... ie "borrowed" .. despite the signage warning against stealing. A quick search of the island found the ship...stranded between two shoals where it got stuck and the "borrowers" couldn't work out the controls to move it ..so they abandoned it i wish i could have been on line to see them take it, as this ship has a "tendency" to travel in conflicting circles against the helm instructions I also have the idea of trying some scripting... where if you take the ship without disabling a hidden switch, a powder keg detonates under the helm ..ooh but then the thieves would accuse me of griefing! Anyway, if you going to visit my bases, behave and do not abuse the hospitality ... that room you try to break into or object you take might be your undoing
  3. Daily Screenshot Thread

    I did not take screenshots of the offline trolls ... laying on the ground with a glowing sparkler stuck in their Bu....
  4. Daily Screenshot Thread

    What happens on the P1 server! Its not all doom and gloom.. we get some players who arrive and want to create things. Here is a montage of some of the amazing creations the residents have built, with co-operation. Ignore the bodies of the one-off visitors who come to troll .. steal and wreck. These pictures show what a friendly community can achieve.
  5. Typical new arrival behavior

    ..locks lingerie cabinet to thwarts perverts
  6. Typical new arrival behavior

    Is it school holiday time? getting waves of new arrivals ...usually in pairs who run around and jump and circle you then look in every container... steal plants .. then try to steal any ship .. and when they find things are locked ... they then look for a doorway or passageway ...sit down to block it and log out ... I now have signs warning theses immature visitors that if they have not moved after 24 hours ..( when server maintenance is due) .. they will simply be removed from the game. So they are not griefing or causing anyone any inconvenience ... just to themselves should they try to come back and find they are excluded from the server.
  7. Daily Screenshot Thread

    After a restart...it seems the server had a case of flatulence.. But the trees recovered after they got their second wind.....
  8. Daily Screenshot Thread

    Someones been into my wine cellar...?
  9. Daily Screenshot Thread

    Had a visitor to my guest house at my base...... Actually , He/she was well behaved and preferable to the two earlier guests with pre-pubescent names who ran around jumping and waving sabers...
  10. I knew today was going to be a bad day when i logged in and items i crafted refused to appear in inventory. Needed a relog to "fix" ( ? ) it... Tried to place a ships hull in the water.. it appeared a a glowing ball of light... (refer screenshot) ......... yes ( sigh) needed another re-log and wait to see it .. Ok , now i can see the the hull after the wit re-logging.. so i placed a steam engine at stern, .. but it was invisible..... ! You guessed it ...a re log and wait was needed to be able to see it.! Back, (after another wait while the relog wheels slowly turned) and tried to place another steam engine adjacent to the first...... it would not align and when i did place it ..it disappeared. !!!!!!!!! Rinse and repeat with the re- log to see it. Engine was askew compared to the first... so, ...i deleted engine etc and then the ships hull... best to start again. Ok so i craft another new ships hull...place it n water ...and ...( groan..) its a ball of glowing light, like the first time. That's enough! I am not going to waste a day in Ylands while this is happening. Screenshot and logs attached. Off to play Civ 6..... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. It could have something to do with terrain alteration..... i encountered it after running through " diamonds" of dirt floating above the water ...evidence of someone doing some terraforming or placing dirt on the ocean .. and since the latest update, placing dirt/gravel to fill in shoreline depressions doesn't seem to work too well.
  12. What are you playing this weekend?

    I am currently watching the return of the vw "Islandz" ... the re-incarnation of " Inworldz". They just placed out a box of animations that give the gal avatars jiggly butts and bouncy boobs.... hmmm - i wonder if they are on the Ylands roadmap?
  13. Blessed are the bald , for then there is no parting or dyeing... The dyeing stand seems to be glitched/cursed or under the influence of miscreant nuant bugs,,, - its stopped working after the last update. A temporary fix is to put the item on the ground and use a paint gun..
  14. Water bug

    Been reported. A re-log usually fixes it ... ..sometimes.. my log files ... attached. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  15. Typical new arrival behavior

    Its called " mentally challenged"