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  1. kimbuck

    UNDER REVIEW Joining

    I have tried to explore and be social .... i have arrived at a MP set of islands where there were 2 or 3 active players ... i said hi ...said i was non pvp and touring, not intending to exploit, mine or raid ...and the response was an immediate " ban". I guess this is a knee jerk reaction because of the myriads of griefing sickos that cause trouble.
  2. kimbuck

    Why I no longer don't believe in Ylands

    Some time ago, during the echo chamber era ...the period of the great silence ... i made the comment that after the enthusiasm of announcing Tencent involvement, we suddenly get mobile based mini games ( very popular in Asia) ..and a new Asian Biome ..(which looks great). But exploration was forgotten. The PVE players were forgotten. A group of us felt like we were un-paid game testers, as every time we played, the game would crash and we sent in bug report and output logs. Some of us spent more time waiting to log in or sending in output logs that we spent actually in game. ( if we got in and didn't get kicked out after 10 minutes Thankfully Adam arrived and he listened to our pleas to get the game playable ... but did they listen to him? It was obvious to some of us that Tencent was funding Ylands ... because as the saying goes " He who pays the piper, gets their tune played". and what we were hearing ( when something was done) was not music to the regular players ears. I stuck with Ylands because of P1 and Red ... we had a community that was initially working to help Bi develop the game, with scripting enhancements and suggestions that made the game playable and a community that interacted. Suddenly the rules changed after tencent partnership was announced .... the servers changed, other things changed, and all the coding work was tossed out and those who worked their butts off trying to help were literally ignored. And so were the players. The exodus began. and is still going on. We would send in log /bug reports and there was not even acknowledgement. And i found out as soon as i posted here a positive criticism designed to highlight an area of needed improvement , my posts were literally pushed off the front page by a orchestrated wave of "fan-boi" postings waxing lyrical about the mobiles or mini games .. It was obvious they didn't want people to see any criticism... even though it was intended to be helpful in fixing something important. Will i stay with Ylands? Its basically a good game in concept but rather than fixing what they have got, there's still talk of adding mythical new shiny things. Guys... all you are doing is adding pretty flags and shiny decals to a car that's got no wheels and a broken engine. I play Ylands as i have an old computer... and its capable of running the game , but not powerful enough to run other games ...like Journey of Life, Subsistence, etc. I am saving up for a new computer, an i7 with the top NVidia graphics card. When that arrives ... Ylands will be collecting dust on a shelf along with the original sims, donkey kong, ... Unless the game improves... but i am not holding up hopes from what i hear ...and see at the moment. PS Just saw Bojo's post ..agree 100% We didn't buy this game to fight boss monster, level up etc ...we bought it based on the original road map . look at he original log in screen and see what we expected. If you want to bring the players back, bring the original concept back. But it may be too late.
  3. kimbuck

    [YLD-29887] My horse is gone

    I have lost 4 traders ... i recently added 2 replacements and watching to see what happens. it seems that horses and traders are following the steps of disappointed players
  4. kimbuck

    [YLD-29951] Traders disappeared

    Wonder...can they be killed by predators or night roaming mutants?
  5. kimbuck

    [YLD-29951] Traders disappeared

    drat! .....these confusing time zones its Monday here already...guess i will have to wait for the rest of the world to catchup
  6. kimbuck

    [YLD-29951] Traders disappeared

    Any update or acknowledgement on this "bug" or feature? ..if our traders are going to disappear on us and we cannot trade for certain hard to find items / ores , well why not bring back the random encounter ones?
  7. kimbuck

    [YLD-29951] Traders disappeared

    the new vendors from the vendor banner. The pigeon post is still there...and so is just one vendor ... all the others simply vanished ...abducted by aliens?
  8. All but one of the traders on my sharegame disappeared .... are there union rules regarding NPC holidays? ..or do they have a use by date? maybe they got bored and wandered off.. or ... as they say in Oz ... "a dingo ate my traders.. " anyone else encounter this 'oddity" or is it another Ylands feature? 😜 output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  9. kimbuck

    Can't join people, people can't join me

    i tried the direct join ...where it says n/a i replaced it with yes ..and it worked! but needless to say the social tab is greyed out and its hit and misss
  10. The title says it all. MP setting disappear... Havent got logs yet ..will do so when i get time. frustrating for me and invited friends..
  11. kimbuck

    Dev Diary #167 Fixing Exploration

    This "being offended" reminds me of the story of the 90 year old woman with a walker checking into a hotel , then ringing up the reception with a complaint 30 minutes later. She complained when she looked out her window she could see a naked couple... The manager went up to investigate ..and looked out the window ...all he saw was a fence . Then the old woman said " you have to jump up and down on the bed , when you jump high enough you can see over the fence and into the bedroom of the neighboring unit...:"
  12. kimbuck

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    "you should realize that ylands is primarily a platform for creating mini-games" Well, according to the original road map and original game, this was not indicated, and was the main reason why many of us were attracted here. If this is now the direction, perhaps the devs should admit so ...and then concentrate on them so those of us who believed in the original exploration concept will not be lead down the wrong path lined with promises ...and go find another game that suits what we wanted from the original. When i look at screenshots from the beginning , with that single island and a title exclaiming what the game was about ..... well its obviously there's been a switch in directions ...and we were kept in the dark. Again, we hope the next 1.6 update brings people back ...but from the comments by those who tried to help and got burnt.... and the ex players i contacted ( who are in other mp games and enjoying them) who say they wont come back ...its a very steep uphill battle they now have. Everyone is entitled to an opinion .. they are like "posteriors" ... everyone has one, but they are generally used to sit on ........
  13. kimbuck

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    Shadow.. speaking generally. I should have made that clearer.... was not implying you would ( early morning here and coffee not soaked in yet). In the past when i have made a suggestion that was for the good of all i had been flamed .. but then block posts is a useful facility. The fact that i see your posts indicates it didn't involve you and still doesn't But i have seen several gifted players who have offered scripting , modded maps and other enhancements ( that gave the game what it needed that the devs had ignored ) get literally shafted or ignored or their work tossed aside. With n o explanation or acknowledgement. When i started this game there were 12 plus players in a social group queued up to get in to play as a group ...if you got disconnected ..someone else took your place and you had to queue up. But that was then .. then there was the dark age that set in and i am now lucky to see one other player in the game. Ylands has not died ...yet... but it needs a MAJOR relaunch with its objectives etc highlighted...and a pathway set and adhered to. We have hope . One day i might win the lottery too!
  14. kimbuck

    Why I no longer believe in Ylands

    I like the game , i see the improvements .."when" they arrive , but i am just as confused as others as to what they expect the game to be. is it PVP combat? Exploration? Mini games for kids to play on mobiles while waiting for the school bus? But now that Adam as gone ( he was to me , the captain of the lifeboat we were hanging onto)_ where is the game going to go? theres mention of scripting ... blah blah blah .. and other stuff that the players obviously dont want or have interest in. But honestly .. theres so much life blood lost over the last few years that theres not enough in the veins to respond to heart massage or increased pulse. Sadly, i saw a lot of god players try to help ... and end up being shafted .. so they gave up . Also i think its time for some people to put their egos in their pockets and instead try to help the game rather than attack others who are trying to help. Over and out . Flame me if you wish ... it wont help the game.
  15. kimbuck

    How is the Covid-19 situation going in your country?

    Whats annoying are the anti-vaxxers spreading conspiracy tales and false stories ... like the vaccine causes sterility, it alters your DNA , and (believe it or not) it makes you susceptible to effects of radiation from 5G phone towers... ;0 Next they will say it will attract aliens to abduct you...