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  1. kimbuck

    In Game Mailboxes

    the only issue would be allowing only the recipient to view / collect mail etc intended for them . ... currently when others visit your place its a " help yourself" to anything unlocked attitude
  2. @bojo2736 yes .. the same island with the wonky hilltop where people can fall/ fly through ... that's the hill near spawn with the tower of about 12 offline bodies stacked on top of each other ( some are duplicates!)
  3. kimbuck

    What other games do you play?

    I been dabbling in Outlaws of the wild west lately, a game there lasts way longer than the games here. Also, if you don't log in after 7 actual days your buildings will decay and eventually free up space (and reduce lag) .. a great idea Ylands could adopt , ----except currently a Ylands mp game cannot last more than a few days before becoming unplayable ... Also looking into "the dawn of man" as single player game that has not only promise , but possible expansion. it also works .!
  4. Ever woken up and found you fell out of bed onto the floor? ..well in ylands you cam fall into the floor! and why catch a subway train to get somewhere when in ylands you can walk / fall and fly through mountains! Just some of the persistent features of the game, i guess
  5. kimbuck

    Dev Diary #96

    persistent avatars ... a typical "funeral pyre" forming on P1 Eu server. There are also other bodies scattered around..
  6. I tried a few other mp servers other than P1 gaming .. and the experience was similar. Arrived at spawn ...if you are not the first, then there's hardly any resources left, also piles of corpses, and lag due to useless huge buildings that have gobbled up all the resources and are now empty. ---Why would someone build a huge walled structure with 10 of each spinning wheels, weaving looms, smelters, forges and kilns? And its locked. They are not playig the game, so its obviously soem form of passive griefing. You have to find berries or corn or stuff, to survive and most likely someone will arrive and attack you. pve or not! You find an abandoned dinghy and try to move to somewhere else , hoping your supply of berries and fruit last. You are lucky to find land ..and its already been plundered but still some things left. A base has to be built ...if you don't set up and switch on your barrier promptly , someone will destroy your base...( and you .)... should you log out or get logged out by a game crash ! ( and thats often!!!!!) When off line , your base will be raided .. doors left open after they leave,.... players will go through every storage container, take what you crafted and leave behind their rubbish. if not protected, they will destroy it. If you have a tamed horse..it will be killed ..i have seen players working together going around killing all the animals ...including tame horses .. for the " lol's" You explore caves .. they already have been plundered ...same with all the buildings and stuff that's part of the game. So with nothing more to do you log out , hoping to come back and continue collecting stuff to build a ship and explore more You try to return to the game ... and sometimes you wait ages to get in , if at all.!!!! ..... when you do , you are alone on the server. Lag builds .. the game then falls over and thats it !. you try to get back... that game is offline ..never comes back! so you choose another game on another server... go back to the first line of this post and start reading again... So now you know why Ylands is giving a lot of players the feeling its not going anywhere..
  7. No logs as i couldn't get in! Took 3 minutes on the P1 na1 server to get to recalling buildings... then waited for 4 minutes as the wheel of misfortune staggered around ,,, eventually a connection time out. Not going to bother wasting more time trying ..off to do something else more productive, like watching silly cats or car crashes on youtube.
  8. kimbuck

    Ylands is broken & something needs to be said

    From what i hear about the changes to explore, ( smaller maps etc ) the further away from the initial concept of the game, ylands is headed. I am no one of the battle and "shoot em up" types... I. prefer creative co operation with others Sadly, whats proposed is no longer what i really expected from the trailer and initial concept. But that's just me I guess i will spend less time in game and possibly join the other score of friends who i no longer see in game. A shame, ... but to those friends i have in the game i will still be around, just not so active. Unless something happens to make the game playable, interesting, and less like a gameboy/donkey kong / derivative.
  9. after 3 tries on a 4 hour old new map, i cannot get back into the game on NA1 P1 gaming server. The game goes into an apparent loop at recalling building 100% ..and hangs there ...so far i have endured 6 and a half minutes watching the wheel of misfortune stagger and stop and going nowhere, I have spent nerly 20 minutes trying to get in.. just today Personally, i am not going to bother posting any more bug re[ports. I spend more time doing that than playing the game. Log files attached going to let others post reports instead... i just do not have the time anymore. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  10. cannot tell ..its taking me over 6 minutes of waiting to get into a game ...i have to task manager out... tried several times ... giving up for the day
  11. Hi Adam .. the 0.14 seems to have corrected it for me ... but its a 3 to 5 minute wait while it logs in from the game menu... and also sometimes its a 4 minute wait to get back to the games screen when logging out.
  12. kimbuck

    Ylands...Crossroads, U-turn or Dead End?

    The clever scripters of P1 gaming added the "clean up" facility where bodies would not pile up on spawn creating lag. They have had this operating for a while and despite sending in game logs/maps its apparently not been noticed by BI. This scripting idea should be in the game by default. Why? well after about 3 days the current NA1 game has bloated to over 50 mb because of the stack of bodies on spawn... so many in fact that if a player dies, due to the game crashing and hes at sea, or wearing a prop pack , or gets dumped through the floor / earth by the usual unfixed ylands bugs, they cannot respawn as the spawn point just cannot cope. So they get a time out error again and again... and decide to go somewhere else instead of ylands. Please, take note, and support those P1 (and other) scripters, that have put into the game controls to make it playable.
  13. kimbuck

    General Weirdness ..

    All today ...when i managed to log on ...it takes a minimum time of 5 and a half minutes --- and after logging in 3 times now i find myself underwater under the place i logged out from. There also have been several reports in game of players falling through the earth ( again?) ..i asked them in chat to send feedback, but its apparent they do not bother anymore....just accept it as part of the way Ylands works, After spending another 5 and a half minutes of logging in, 1 minute retrieving data ....2 minutes unpacking data , and the other 2 and a half minutes recalling buildings etc, i once again found myself under water under the building i logged out inside. game was still jerky with intermittent lag ...only one other person on line in the game. This was so predictable now i took a screenshot before i logged out ( and experienced a 4 minute log out cycle) ... and a screenshot on after i logged back in. ( after a 5 and a half minute wait) Log files included should you care to look at them output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. i was asked by steam to install ylands ..although it showed me as playing 3017 hours... anyway after a 4 minute log in torture,,i got back in I dunno.
  15. i can agree...its like running into an invisible wall ... or you stop for a couple of seconds ... watching water....its normal then there's a quick movement like a catch up ... then normal. i do not have logs as i am currently trying to put things back together after Ylands hung up on me ... after 2 attempted log ins lasting 6 minutes .. the last one got me in but then a serious crash where i had the log out wheel over the games menu screen ..and hung for 6 minutes until my computer fell over. I am now trying to get back, but steam is not co operating, i clicked play to get back into ylands and it too fell over Not happy.