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  1. kimbuck

    Output logs for Crashes

    Note: i am not advocating that unreal engine would be better ... i am no expert in this field. The Ylands devs would need to assess what to use, but its becoming obvious the current one is having difficulties meeting ylands expectations. The other game was referring to had just one dev ... and was still technically in early access, so a stop and re think was possible . Changing a working engine mid stream would not be possible overnight .. All we can do is wait and see what happens... its their choice
  2. kimbuck

    Output logs for Crashes

    For information... another game i was looking into had a similar series of errors.. they stopped development for nearly a year while they re-wrote the entire game for another engine ( unreal engine) They posted that their initial testing indicates a lot will be fixed and their mp version runs way better. Maybe Ylands might have to stop with the goodies and new stuff, bite the bullet and look for an alternative engine that supports their game..
  3. kimbuck

    Output logs for Crashes

    The problems listed here are identical to the ones encountered on the P1 Servers ... so its not just the P1 community thats affected . Hopefully BI can use this accumulated knowledge to resuscitate Ylands exploration
  4. Adam --- after 30 sept the messages became time out messages.
  5. Oh well ,.... todays omen spells bad Decided to see how the game was performing.... Logged in form lobby ...ummm well tried to 20 minutes in a queue behind 1 other player ahead of me ...waited and waited ...couldnt go forward....couldnt get back .. So only action possible ... task manager .. close client . No log available as i couldn't get in. Looks like its best to wait (?) for 1.5 and see if its more than just words. My hope is fading fast.
  6. according to lobby 5 on line in game but i was unable to connect ... tried again at 9:05... lobby count went to 0 obviously they had been kicked as well. After watching the hypnotic hamster wheel s-l-o-w-l-y rotate got in at 9:15 my time nearly all the work i had done earlier had been lost. Inventory duplicated. constant lag spikes as others tried to get back in. Will try to get to back to where i was ...hoping for not another 'connection time out" wish me luck ..i will obviously need it.
  7. Another day ...... stared log in 8:30 my time ... got into game at 8:35 ... managed to rebuild 50% of what was lost yesterday .... 8:55 connection time out Tried to rejoin at 9:00 so far 4 "unable to connect' messages" Wonder how much will be lost this time when/if i can rejoin? output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. get back in at 4:25 .. double inventory and from the previous 1 hour in game ...lost 30 mins work wouldn't that rot your socks? cannot take any more today ..off to look at yt vids of funny cats and car crashes
  9. managed to log back in at 3:15 .. lost 10 mins work ... inventory doubled up again... tossed out 4:15 with connection time out message output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  10. and 1 hour later... 2:40 my time..... connection time out ... and each time we lose about 5 mins work ( sometimes a lot more! ) and our inventory goes bonkers ..everything duplicate output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  11. well well well ..( not 3 holes in the ground) ..logged in and started to rebuild what was lost yesterday.. and was chatting happily about how i now caught up ... was told not to speak to soon Sure enough 5 mins later ... kicked out because of a time out ... everyone else landed on the Butts too for your amusement ... If i have lost all my rebuild i will craft a prop pack ...fly over to your place and toss bananas at you! output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  12. got back i to game 15:20 everyone had been kicked out. found all my work for the last hour ..an intricate spiral staircase ... gone! Half inventory was double and half of the items gone. Had enough for the day.. getting close to having had enough of the game too tired hungry and angry to send logs
  13. Took a break while thunderstorms were circling... logged in at 16:15 all went well despite 5 second game freezes every 20 to 30 secs ...got used to it .. 15:15 got tossed out ..along with everyone else ... "connection time out thingamy". When returning ... inventory items doubled .. More logs to frame on your wall output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack Connection time out message kicked us all out apparently ... was having the " disappearing items when placed" glitch ... a quick rejoin would result in the item appearing where it was placed... happened for the third time and was rejoining ... got to the ocean building message then all went kaboom and the time out message taunted me ... so here's something more for you .. a pre yuletide set of logs ! output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  15. 4:20 my time game froze ,,,,, got back in 4:25 and all seemed ok now 4:45 and got kicked out ... connection time out removed me from the game ... did the same to other players on line at the same time. Lobby still showed them as being on line in game! logs for you to admire and cherish. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt