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  1. When a boat hits a shoal it gets really stuck! reversing will not help, and when you dig it out ...even though there's nothing in contact with the hull, it must still be caught in the collision field because the boat will not move. The boat will move like its free, ie bob up and down in the waves ..but refuses to move. We had to use another bat to help push a stuck boat free,...and when it was finally moved , the area underneath it had been really dug out deep, but it still wouldn't move. No log file taken, this is an easy to reproduce bug / thing / whatever
  2. kimbuck

    Daily Screenshot Thread

    This is what happens if you squat at my base and go offline for days...never to return. You get a sign asking for donations and a beggars bowl
  3. kimbuck

    sleep bug.

    no, bb l;eave seems to mean leaving that screen .. to stop sleep you "get up " :)
  4. kimbuck

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-7094] Rain inside cave

    might be condensation
  5. kimbuck

    sleep bug.

    It seems that if someone initiates sleep but does not leave that window, it blocks others from joining sleep. A quick fix would be a pop up window to advise the player to leave hat window as soon as they select the wake up time.
  6. Try switching to another window .. ( esc ... or use alt-tab to go to a discord window) and then switch back ... that should allow you to move further away from the object ... if no .. then there's always a re-join....
  7. kimbuck

    Magical Barrer and character in the air ?

    Floating avatars are common when someone logs in, then logs out and doesn't come back for ages.... its seems they "die and go gradually to heaven " The floating barrier? well someone could have placed it on a tree or structure, then someone destroyed the supporting structure........ We have these mysteries in ylands maybe to amuse us ?⁉️
  8. It appears to be connected to the new close up view...if you are too close to the object you want to deconstruct... you freeze and cannot move... i have found a temp fix ... i switch to our discord view screen and then back - then move further away works some if not most of the time..
  9. kimbuck

    All servers having connection issues

    just got an issue that when trying to use hammer, avatar freezes.... so a rejoin is tried ...and i get stuck at the log in screen with someone ahead of me .. who also cannot seem to get in When i used task manage r to escape i saw that there were 2 ylands games operational! ylands and ylands(2) ... and theres been comments about the sync message when you log out. i added my logs for you to enjoy! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  10. also i found that using the hammer to deconstruct ...if you are not facing exactly or too far away you get the "invalid target" message and you freeze....unable to swap things from your hand a,d an unstuck command moves you but you will be "stuck" on the spot ...spinning and rubber banding....it seems to fix itself after a couple of rejoins, but i notice it happens when others are having a delay in getting back into the game and are stuck on the log in screen..
  11. kimbuck

    Very cool new additions to the Ylands editor!

    Spring has sprung, the grass has rizz we wonder where the birdies izz?
  12. Last night i encountered a 2 minute wait with a black screen between the Ylands screen with the 'plink plonk plunk' sounds until the menu screen appeared.... previously it was a 30 seconds wait... with 0.12, but under 0.11 it was about 4 seconds with no black screen.
  13. wow! now i can Tell people here that i have someone who says i am not crazy .... Good to hear ....
  14. kimbuck

    A Couple Ideas

    good ideas... but allowing the camera to capture any structure leads to people stealing/copying others creations ..... What would be good would be the name of the player displayed over the top of the protective barrier... so not only can you see who your neighbors are, but also identify any stolen barriers ...as there has been incidents of people/griefers running by and grabbing someones barrier before it was fully operational ... and then dumping the barrier at sea or somewhere.
  15. kimbuck

    Shark Bug

    i was on the P1 na server..its still a 0.11 map running the 0.12 update. I hear whispers that a new 0.12 version map is in the pipeline and i hope its up and running by the time i get back for my last Easter shopping trip today. I think a lot will be resolved when that happens...