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  1. kimbuck

    I just got robbed by two people.

    conan? no. 1 known suspect guilty until proven innocent
  2. kimbuck

    Dev Diary #231 Experimental Ymprovements

    ee lands? grrr! what about "she-lands " ? ( waves stilettoes.. and puma resistant girdle )
  3. kimbuck

    I just got robbed by two people.

    I will also help new people ....as quite a few here will testify, but remain cautious. If you are in the game and come across honey chicken.... well thats me and i will help , and am friendly but warning i do not tolerate fools, once bitten twice shy As i said n a previous posts ...look for discord groups ...ask around in them and soon you will find out who to trust and who you avoid
  4. kimbuck

    I just got robbed by two people.

    join discord groups ...you will soon find the names of who to trust and who not to
  5. kimbuck

    I just got robbed by two people.

    sadly, this happens so often that multiplayer games are dangerous...and i immediately kick from my region any name i do not recognize before they can move! kick first! ..its unfriendly, but then 99% of unknowns are coming to plunder and destroy Theres also a group of them well known to discord users ... their only aim is to use pvp wherever possible and wreck others experience in the game Multiplayer is hardly worth it... unless you get a group of friends you know and trust and can join in at the same time .... thats difficult when in certain time zones.
  6. ...but you can still fish Refer topic : [YLD-32158] Logged in... and lost all progress including ship Posted November 28, 2021 (edited) Loaded my SP exploration game to have boat floating in the air in fog. The terrain never loaded, then it said I was cold and freezing, and then the terrain loading screen showed. I reappeared with all my inventory and didn't get a message about dying. I was on an undiscovered island across an unexplored map. In my previous session, I'd journeyed to a new map and parked my boat on the shore of the first island, and then logged out. A forum search found this similar experience - https://ylands.com/community/topic/30607-lost-my-boat-is-there-a-way-to-load-an-older-save-file/ The only earlier save is prior to the pre-generation of that archipelago. Of note, the island that I parked near was tropical like my starting islands. A thick mist rolled in before I logged, but there was no indication that it was going to be cold. I was wearing bark armor. I attempted to summon my ship (I was SO happy that was an option) at the new island, but no boat appears....just a disappointing sparkle glow....TA DA...ta didn't. Is my save corrupted? Do I start over? This was my first playthrough since 2017, so I'm still re-learning the game. Thank you for your time! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Update: I'm so confused. There was a previous save from yesterday...called Starting Yland, that was prior to me leaving my initial map. I decided to try it since my only other earlier save was a MP map I accidentally clicked on before going to my 2nd local map. Launching this Starting Yland save, put me on this new undiscovered island on the new local map with my boat in the water where I'd previously made an unsuccessful attempt to summon it. Even though the date is showing yesterday 3 saves past, it's putting me in the most recent position. Edited November 28, 2021 by Joyleaf update - trying old saves Exploration - Lost Ship- Now stuck Submitted by Deadeye_Rob Rate this question REPLY TO THIS BUG REPORT / SUGGESTION SUBMIT NEW BUG / SUGGESTION
  7. This is a known nuance and has been reported before. if you make a dock and moor ship inside it will either end out to sea when you re log ..or if you have a blocking barrier..it will sometimes climb the barrier and tip over! If you also happen to moor in deep water close to land, when you re log your ship will sometimes try to rezz in over the land an fly off into the "you-know-where", and if you are aboard, you freeze to death and lose everything ... including the ship and everything on it. Its been reported before and documented ... and frustrating to know its still happening. A couple of times this has happened to me ,,,,and others ..and most likely they are like me and playing the game less because of the frustration of having to continually restart and losing progress
  8. If you want adventure, Ylands can provide it All those screenshots seem almost identical to my experience... same island view ... maybe a map issue? I found that if you log out with your ship offshore and in deeper water its less likely to happen ..... when it happened to me i was in deep water but adjacent to steep shoreline..i surmised that maybe the ship co-ordinates "drifted" over land when logged out and logging in... since i been careful to moor further offshore it has not happened again So a tip ... dont go offline with your ship moored in an inlet with shallow water either side.
  9. kimbuck

    Exploration - Lost Ship- Now stuck

    its happened to me twice before and it seems like an old bug i reported some time ago ..i got tossed out of ship when logging in ... and we went different directions. Having to re start from scratch is one of the reasons i rarely play Ylands now ,,, i have been back since the update, but if this is still happening ... well... ?????
  10. A tier 1 isalnd did not load in properly ... on the mapo the area shows as a square... and sailing around it parts are not there. screenshots and logs provided. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  11. going to log in and test this with a "disposable ship" see if i can duplicate results and get screenshots
  12. I see in discord chat that another player lost their ship in identical circumstances ...and same experience., ie ship went skywards tossing them out then flew off into the never - never So .. do not moor your ship in an inlet between cliffs or land and then log out with your avatar inside.
  13. Having items disappearing from the kitchen cabinets is perplexing but i think i found the cause. They never make it there! If you drag items from your inventory to the cabinet window, if you are not accurate or whatever ... sometimes the objects don't transfer... they "fade out" and disappear. If other find that happening, grab your logs and pester the devs .., it seems to be random and mainly on cabinets on ships.
  14. kimbuck

    KNOWN ISSUE Boat Missing

    @spiritchaser28.. the floor models i had them stacked in 3 layers along a wall ;0
  15. kimbuck

    KNOWN ISSUE Boat Missing

    another thing is items disappearing from containers in ships ... namely the kitchen cabinets ..i had about 6 of them loaded with gold zirc and ylandium ...and now they are empty. We suspect that after they were paced on the ship and went offline there was a rollback? because after re joining 2 hours later i found the items missing as i went to get them to use to trade. I am guess in that there was a rollback when offline to a time before i loaded them on the ship. anyway , its not real gold ;0