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  1. A tier 1 isalnd did not load in properly ... on the mapo the area shows as a square... and sailing around it parts are not there. screenshots and logs provided. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  2. going to log in and test this with a "disposable ship" see if i can duplicate results and get screenshots
  3. I see in discord chat that another player lost their ship in identical circumstances ...and same experience., ie ship went skywards tossing them out then flew off into the never - never So .. do not moor your ship in an inlet between cliffs or land and then log out with your avatar inside.
  4. Having items disappearing from the kitchen cabinets is perplexing but i think i found the cause. They never make it there! If you drag items from your inventory to the cabinet window, if you are not accurate or whatever ... sometimes the objects don't transfer... they "fade out" and disappear. If other find that happening, grab your logs and pester the devs .., it seems to be random and mainly on cabinets on ships.
  5. kimbuck

    KNOWN ISSUE Boat Missing

    @spiritchaser28.. the floor models i had them stacked in 3 layers along a wall ;0
  6. kimbuck

    KNOWN ISSUE Boat Missing

    another thing is items disappearing from containers in ships ... namely the kitchen cabinets ..i had about 6 of them loaded with gold zirc and ylandium ...and now they are empty. We suspect that after they were paced on the ship and went offline there was a rollback? because after re joining 2 hours later i found the items missing as i went to get them to use to trade. I am guess in that there was a rollback when offline to a time before i loaded them on the ship. anyway , its not real gold ;0
  7. @ktzo ...if in a mp game and you see Honeychicken blundering around ...or the asian biome BaconHam ... ..drop in and we can comiserate together. 😋 I took a shopping break .... got some neat sales specials and shoe shopping therapy works wonders. I am making a back up base on an pvte island to store extra stuff.... in case the ship goes bye-bye again
  8. kimbuck

    KNOWN ISSUE Boat Missing

    Perhaps theres a mystery Kraken ...or they testing ship munching sharks ? 😝
  9. kimbuck

    KNOWN ISSUE Boat Missing

    We are discovering by trial and error if you log out on your ship with it moored too close to shoreline , or in an inlet, when you log back in the ship will try to spawn on the land ...toss you out and fly off into the never never and you cannot summons it and lose whats on board bug or feature? not sure yet
  10. kimbuck

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    Players want what they want...and complain if they do not get it. The issue is not all players want the same and the Devs have to add and subtract to keep everyone happy, But as they say, a camel is a horse designed by a committee, and as players scream for Boss monsters, flying things, more combat, less combat, whatever etc we get an uglier camel! But Camels are useful in the proper environment ... .. they no good in the arctic or tropics....... ( and harder to like than horses...) So perhaps the players should stop pestering the devs to add things that will make Ylands the same as all the other games of this genre, and let them follow their roadmap and get what's here working properly first To be honest ...if the games changes to require fighting monsters and Boss monsters to proceed... then its just like the plethora of other teen/anime based kill everything games ... and people like me wont be bothered. To the devs... you cannot please everyone all the time. Look at the original game and its initial success...and work from there.
  11. ty spirit ;0 i made it to the starter island .. i still have weaponry and items in inventory ... will start a new ship ( always bigger and better ) but first got some rl shopping and stuff to do. whats annoying was all the resources i had stored on the ship ... ah well... guess thats life.
  12. Yes spiritchaser ... exhausted all options. Taking a break for a few days - then re-assessing things. Thanks ;0
  13. ok tried everything ... re logging ... moving off the "bugged" island to another .... no luck time for a break from ylands ... it might be a long one. join all my friends who used to be here.
  14. Possible path of looking for a solution to this issue: Notice that ships tend to "drift" from their mooring position between sessions. If you moor a ship close to a pier or a land based dock, they "drift" further out to sea a bit when you return to the game. Its like there is a limit as to how close to the edge of the ocean a ship can be to "spawn" in on log in. I was contacted directly by another player who encountered a similar situation to mine. He moored his ship close to the shore in a small inlet.... there was a flat beach alongside. Upon re- joining the game, with his avatar inside the ship cabin, - he experienced a bouncing effect with his avatar bouncing in and out of the ship as it bounced... similar to what i experienced. When he tried to move he "fell" through the ships hull onto the beach and saw his ship bouncing up and down over the flat sandy beach. He managed to unsummon his ship ..... then summon it back into deeper water away form the shore. In my case, i had moored the ship adjacent to a sandy hill ...which was taller than my ship. I now suspect that my ship position "drifted" when offline and tried to respawn on top of that hill .... sending it skywards. That would explain the "i am freezing " message and aerial view of just clouds. When i pressed "w" i fell through the ships hull to the beach ... possibly perishing in the process and out of reach of that ship that's possibly still there .... " over the rainbow, way up high!" :-😕 and in some sort of region limbo When i re-join, i appear on the hillside near where the ship was, and for a few seconds i get a ghosted " loading wheel" briefly. So could this be of assistance as to what's happening/or happened here?
  15. I logged in ...and found myself sitting on the top of my ship somewhere "up in the air" with a message 'i am freezing". ...so i pressed w to stand up and "poof" ship disappeared and i was on the shoreline on the island i had been on, ... and no ship. nothing ! So i pressed Q to summons ship ... option was greyed out so wonderful! Lost all progress .... lost the ship .... and all the stuff i collected through exploration ..... and rapidly losing the remainder of my interest in this game. tried re logging ... same result . end up on the shore with just my inventory. tried everything .... ie relogging ... no go. logs attached but i don't hold any hope of that achieving anything. Am i angry? what do you think? output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt