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  1. kimbuck

    Dev Diary #86

    How about the females undies being a two piece ? .. Regarding the changes..... Look to where the money is. They say if all the Chinese wore their sleeves one inch longer, the demand for cloth would outstrip the worlds supply. So it is with games etc, if Ylands is a big success in these Asian countries, the sales profits etc would make the rest of the world pale into insignificance. I understand the changes..its to attract the majority, and typical business practices. If you are going to sell bikinis an you live in Antarctica, expect your market to be in tropical warmer countries and cater for them ...and also vary the styles to suit conservative and also more "liberal" countries.... Otherwise you lose profitability, Big sales in China / Asia will ensure funds to hire more developers etc to improve the game.
  2. The small boats work well ..i saw one that was modified with a deck and barrels like pontoons around the side ( used for storage) ... its only the rafts and ships that have issues ... which is rather amusing at the moment, when you see a griefer steal your ship that's been affected by the bug, and after being unable to steer or control it, jumps overboard and becomes shark food
  3. There are already several threads mentioning this problem ..and there's a response from Ales advising of a fix / hotpatch due any time ..as soon as its checked.
  4. maybe in the meantime give us rideable dolphins we can domesticate ? Thanks for the response.... we will hang in there .... ;0
  5. kimbuck

    Ships disassembly

    Note that i am being silent . I have reported and sent logs about this issue ...and find its not worth it when there's nothing happening in response. People are asking me in private if "do you think the game is going to continue, or have they abandoned it? " ...as we are getting little to no feedback and some are getting edgy about the games future..
  6. Encountered the sound stutter on 3 separate islands.... on one i could hear a barrier hum chopping in and out and sounding more like intermittent radio static. .i thought it was just my computer / connection but others nearby reported it to ... thinking the same as me. So there seems to be an issue with the sound effects... and it does not seem like its at the user end.
  7. Intermittent sound noted too ..usually on islands with heavy usage/building...or whenever a rainstorm starts on a tropical island. Noticeable if wearing a prop pack. Rainstorms also see a dramatic drop in fps ...sometimes as low as 3 and you are unable to move..
  8. When a new update arrives there is a surge of enthusiasm, and the new items and fixes are greatly appreciated and enjoyed. But after three days, bugs appear... either old ones reappear or others that have not been fixed becoming more obvious, or the new "fixes" and inclusions fixing a lot of things, break other things! So after a short period of time, the player runs into something that renders the game unplayable or causes it to stagnate. The new friendships update is a great innovation... the game needed it and it is a game saver, BUT .... Ships are now broken. And there's a swathe of other things disrupting the game that other players have mentioned ..and there has been no acknowledgement or response. So ... now i will twiddle my thumbs ...or look for some other game to play ..... while waiting for a future Ylands "hotfix" or update. When will that be? no one seems to know... But i hope its soon ... the game is fun, and it is getting better, BUT.... ?????
  9. also ... once you get a "wonky" ship there is no way to delete it .... and it ends up blocking your harbor ..all you can do is fit a helm, anchor and a small sail and try to sail it out into the open sea then abandon it ....it will not turn, just go straight ahead. I even tried a powder keg ( unsuccessfully ) to destroy one such faulty hull ... the US navy would love to have invincible hulls like that for its ships!
  10. Refer to my ship construction woes thread ;( Lots are reporting this issue.... but some have no problems. There's obviously some bug in the way you build a ship ... guess we have to wait until the process is clarified and explained or fixed...
  11. Given up on ships. I tried again, keeping it simple ,,, basic hull fore aft 5 engines helm anchor some lanterns and a small covered area with sleeping and seating facilities. Released anchor, and ship moved with the waves , so did everything else on the ship ...looked promising. lowered anchor then went to helm and E to assemble ship .... bang bang etc and all looked ok . released anchor and took helm ship moved and half the engines, lanterns and the covered area blocks went with the ship .. the rest stayed put! Ok so tried E to try and fix things ... and ship parts went everywhere... so then tried to deconstruct it all ...no go ... annihilator or demolition hammer useless .. Again, got a useless hull which will not accept anything to be built on it ... and from the reports in discord i am not alone. I hear even rafts are a disaster... inverting when placed in the water. Didn't bother with logs.. already sent some previously. ...and its the same issue. Sailing?....not worth trying...
  12. first catch your bird .... ..would an eagle feather do ?
  13. Well the new game on the P1 pve server has started and its got something that should weed out the real players from the one-off-ers. You spawn on a platform int the middle of the ocean surrounded by shark infested waters . You do have some basic items such as a map flint lighter, clothing etc. If you really want to play the game, then read the instructions .. rules etc posted nearby and then sit in a chair that's marked with the type of island .. , and you get whisked away to that island to start your adventure. Otherwise you just sit there until the cleaners come through at the end of the day and toss you out with the trash
  14. Currently about 3 of us are trying to log in and we cannot... we get the same message "unpacking data etc ...( screenshot attached) I have had 6 goes at logging in ..same message. waiting 6 minutes each time and no response... Prior to this, we lost social chat in the game ...we could hear the blips but there was no text appearing anywhere. no log files attached ...as we cannot get in! looks like an early night .... sigh!
  15. just think of the results of this ....less skin cancers and lunacy! ... but watch out for werewolves and vampires!