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  1. kimbuck

    Weekly sneaky WiP #7

    reminds me of some guy who invited me out to dinner some years ago...
  2. kimbuck

    thanks and screenshots

    Ha! he is showing up his neighbor! Of those beaut constructions, most were built just around the coastline from my dowdy but functional buildings.... guess i need to lift my game😄 Great builds there
  3. kimbuck

    ships that shed parts ....?

    Re-logged and the floating parts were still there... however after the owners of the ships logged out...and i re logged, then ... they disappeared.!.. fancy that! hmmm ship farts? 😩 😊
  4. I have had 2 visitors to my place ...when they stopped their ship, then restarted, their ship left images of parts behind.. also their hulls were invisible .. The images cannot be picked up , or removed, even using an annihilator...and on contacting the ships captains, the parts that "fell off" are still on their ship ... so they are leaving behind "echoes?" Note the screenshots.... the ships stopped twice and left behind these images after they restarted from each stop. Logs are attached for you to build a cabin output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. i just logged in and apart form a blueprint taking ages to load ...its been better...maybe it was nitrado? but others are having issues, i hear... soi asked them to post in here..
  6. maybe we should in the meantime discuss making matured cheese...or how to ferment yogurt.
  7. I also see people not online where the screens say they are, people wanting to sleep who are not online and log in sometime locking up at " recalling buildings" - requiring a task manager intervention. The last 3 days i have spent more time watching the log in wheel than playing the game. Seeya guys, until after 0.12 arrives...
  8. Absolutely tired of having to re-log just to see what you have put in inventory or placed on the ground ... my new island has parts missing vegetation and glowing dots for animals .. you can tell from the shadows what animals..( refer screenshots..) Its so frustrating in getting a new map .. start to build ...blueprint locks up ... you wait a while day until it frees up, then your blueprint has bits missing when completed,,,and objects only visible after repeated re join. I suspect that perhaps code has been added to enable the 0.12 update? if so its borked the game ... if not, the game is still borked. Poor BBcakes is going more mental having to redo maps almost on a daily or hourly basis . I sense the frustration there, and also with other players including new ones who arrived and expected more. Sorry guys, you lost me as a Ylands player until the 0.12 update arrives ...its impossible to play the game in the present state. I am wasteing too much time just trying to do the basics..... I guess i am joining the unhappy horde that hopes for better things. more logs attached .. you should have enough logs now to build a huge raft... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. also items collected get a failed message ( reported by others) and dug up stone and other resources are invisible ...a re-log is required to see them see two screenshots taken a ' re-log' apart ...in one wheres the stone? .. then appear after a re-join... same with inventory items..
  10. Tried to feed items into my blueprint machine...went to gather resources ... stone, logs etc but nothing was appearing in inventory! I can access whats is already in inventory ... but? but? but? Logs attached ... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. kimbuck

    RESOLVED [YLD-10513] Blue Print is Stuck

    Hmmm - you wood say that !
  12. kimbuck

    RESOLVED [YLD-10513] Blue Print is Stuck

    Sings... "I'am a lumberjack and i am OK , I got the logs ... just as you say .... " (apologies to Monty Python.,,) output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. kimbuck

    RESOLVED [YLD-10513] Blue Print is Stuck

    Any update on the possible resolution of this bug? ..i have re-logged 5 times...and still unable to build. Very frustrating !
  14. kimbuck

    Weekly sneaky WiP #5

    i see two arrow shaped eyes pointing outwards, joined by a single eyebrow, a long thin nose and a smile with a sharp upward pointing fang.. Must be just me ... ?
  15. kimbuck

    Dev Diary #61

    perhaps we need better undies? hehe guys in shorts ...gals with crop tops and bikini bottoms.. perhaps have an options screen to chose them at log in..? Looking forward to fixed ships ..i hate getting tossed overboard every time i turn around