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  1. NoNoNumGum

    A new way of life

  2. NoNoNumGum

    A new way of life

    Sounds like something a boomer would say, and stop following me!!!!!
  3. NoNoNumGum

    Add first person back

    Add it back, that simple, no one gives a crap about how the face doesnt move when you look around in first person, or any of that, no ones a "type" of first person we WANT a first person, Listen to what everyone wants, so the game will be more fun, me and my friend stopped playing for months after first person was removed, and probably other people too, so just add it back, that simple...
  4. NoNoNumGum

    Add first person back

    I can hardly do anything in the game now since first person gone, i cant do most things i use to do, and look around is much harder (especially in buildings), also, please update the game for survival and not just the editor, the game isnt hardly about survival anymore, its cool that theres an editor and stuff, and some people can code, BUT some people like to actually play the game and play survival so please update the survival aspect of the game. please and thank you
  5. NoNoNumGum

    A new way of life

    me and my friend discovered a new way to life, after finding THREE polar islands and a taiga, we decided "Why not become one with the polar..." this is our life now..
  6. NoNoNumGum

    A Few Questions

    I know but its kinda dumb, all other survival games, shift sprints. they need to atleast add a crouch button and make the sprint animation better... atleast
  7. NoNoNumGum

    how do you get resin?

    I found it out nvm it wouldnt get any since i was at a dead tree
  8. NoNoNumGum

    A Few Questions

    i definitely agree and there needs to be a crouch button let alone a sprint button
  9. NoNoNumGum

    A Few Questions

    there really needs to be a crouch button .-.
  10. is it going 0.11, 1.0 or 0.11, 0.12, 1.0
  11. NoNoNumGum

    A Few Questions

    Ok, so its pretty hard to get around on land besides a horse on Ylands. Is there any planning of adding a sprint buttons at all? Also, maybe since there are planes in the water and submarines, are you adding drivable planes and submarines? Two more questions, when me and my friend are doing pvp maps and say im running in the woods and want to hide, it would be nice to have a crouch button, so are you adding one? And One more, are you adding first person view back, I liked it, and it would be cool to do pvp in first person. Thats All!! Love The New Combat btw
  12. NoNoNumGum

    Can't build a chemistry station (and others)

    Thank you! ive been trying everything lol
  13. I can't make a chemistry station or in fact can't make a lot of stations. For the chemistry station it just doesnt show up on the crafting menu at all even though i have all needed materials and for stuff like the kiln and forge, when i click on it, and click craft it just closes the crafting menu...even when its says i can... heres an image of my inventory and the materials to make a chemistry station. pls tell me if im missing any items to make the chemistry station and here is the crafting recipe for the chemistry station https://ylands.gamepedia.com/Chemistry_Station output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt