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  1. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    I was not trying to offend anybody I simply think that Nikki pays more attention and answers more. Or maybe Adam just didn't like me 🤷‍♂️ Yeah sorry to offend anybody.
  2. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    I am deleting this because I don't want to offend anyone
  3. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    I like the new music too but I just still don't understand the point in removing the old music too. And it's not that people stopped playing because of the music alone, there were many things that added up, including the music, that ruined the game for a lot of people.
  4. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    Yes exactly. It should be buffed again and then made harder to get. And my apologies for referring to it as a "endgame" item, what I mean is: A powerful item like zirconium. I called netherite armor in minecraft endgame stuff even though it doesn't end either. My bad. Half of the stuff I suggested used to be in the game. The old GUI, First person, and the old propeller pack, the physical map, alpha music, and more.
  5. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    Yes I 100% agree. I used to say that they tried to mix roblox, minecraft, and ark into one game which makes poop because when you mix too many colors you get brown. That's true. Yes true. I feel that their biggest mistake was trying to mix 2 types of communities together, with the editor and the exploration in one game. I still don't even know if I would come back to play if they added my 6 suggestions. I just feel like ylands isnt what it used to be, but i cant seem to put a pin on what exactly is wrong with it. I just miss the old ylands.
  6. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    Hide the recipe behind fighting a boss, make the materials harder to get, change what materials you need, add new materials that you need, changing how you get the materials, etc. I agree though that some parts of it are tedious, but several other games have made items hard to get but still fun. Minecraft with the elytra, valheim with getting any new type of armor, ARK with getting TEK gear. They both hide the recipes and OP items behind bosses. So maybe that's a turn that ylands needs to take. I feel that if other games can make OP items hard but fun to get, then ylands can too. (Without making it tedious)
  7. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    And on top of all of this, you can see that the devs are doing something wrong since: https://steamcharts.com/app/298610#All You can see here that the game has progressively lost players since alpha. With most peaks only being players coming back to see updates and then leaving again.
  8. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    As I mentioned above, the propeller pack should be OP because it should be an endgame tool that you worked to get for tons of hours. It should be a tool you use when you want to build since you have already done everything else to do in the game. Hard and tedious have different meanings. Tedious - too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous. Hard - with a great deal of effort. Hard things can still be fun. Them nerfing the propeller pack isn't making the game harder. It's making it more tedious, which isn't fun. They should've made the propeller pack harder to get instead of making it worse. Yeah I like the new music too but the old music just really hits back home. ❤️
  9. NoNoNumGum

    How to bring back alpha players in 6 changes.

    This was one of the many reasons I stopped playing. Don't get me wrong the new music is good but I would like to see the old music and the new music both in the game. Yeah, and compared to the alpha gui, this one is waaay worse See here's my point: The propeller pack is WAAY too easy to get. Back to the thing with making the game harder. What they should do is have a very OP propeller pack at the END of the game. It should take at least 100 hours of gameplay to get it, not 3 hours. Yes when they started abandoning exploration, lots of people were telling them what they were doing and instead of telling us they were going to fix it, they released 3 more updates for the editor. And every single one of those updates, they said the next update would fix exploration. Never happened. I just feel that I am not exploring any more. I can simply go to global map and then select what biome I want to find, then go to my map and see what island is level 3 and then look at the island indicator get all the zirconium i could ever want. It is just too easy. It doesn't feel like a survival game.
  10. 1. Add old music back and keep the new music too 2. Add first person back 3. Fix the GUI. Make it less bloated. Make it more like the alpha one 4. Bring back the old propeller pack. No one, I mean NO ONE asked for you nerfing it. Right back to the whole 'not listening to community' vibe. 5. Listen to your community 6. Make the game harder, as in, remove the island indicators, add back having to make maps from paper press, make zirconium less common, remove the island level indicators. Expanding on 6: Remove island indicators: Make sailing fun again. It's not fun to sail when you see the islands next to you and you can see an island on the compass rose. Make it so you have to see birds again to tell if there's an island, that was awesome. Add back making maps: It's a lot less fun when you don't have to make a map. We wanna have to make a map. Make zirconium less common: Me and my friend got full zirconium and propeller packs in 3 hours of gameplay. That is endgame stuff. It should take at least like 100 hours to get it. Remove island level indicators: If you see a island level indicator then you know where to go to get the best ores. Ruins all of the fun. Edit: This is my last ditch effort to get you guys to fix Ylands. I respect all of the work you guys have done and I believe you guys are trying to fix ylands but you just don't seem to listen to your community. Out of all my posts I never felt heard. And even when your players who are youtubers like RedEagle tried to tell you how the game was being ruined, you guys were too stubborn to even listen to him. I've tried before and I'll try again to point out whats wrong and convince you guys to make the right changes but if this post doesn't work then I don't think there is any hope for this game. Stay classy.
  11. NoNoNumGum

    0.12: Smooth Sailing (15/04/2019)

    the update it all went wrong
  12. NoNoNumGum

    1.6: Trading Territories

    The propeller pack is way too nerfed. Its useless now
  13. NoNoNumGum

    Ocean Content

    1. Fish in the ocean that you can see and kill. 2. Different types of fish in the ocean. 3. Add sharks back 4. Maybe octopuses as a animal in the ocean? 5. Kraken! A hostile mob that will attack your ship while you shoot it with cannons. But it will only attack you near level 3 islands. It also will play its own music and not just the regular combat music. This will also add a reason for cannons in single players. Thanks for reading!
  14. I was on the server with him when it was happening. It is a server timeout, not the whole game crashing. It happened randomly and it was literally about every 10 minutes. Sometimes he could go 20 minutes without getting kicked. Next time we are in contact I will tell him to send you the output logs.
  15. NoNoNumGum

    Music stuck on combat music

    @Adam Snellgrove output_log.txt these are the output logs also its not just when im around my friend. im at a completely different island. also he cant leave to see if it will stop because he is the host. output_log_clean.txt