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  1. NoNoNumGum

    RESOLVED [YLD-15083] Background flashes

    This has happened to me before, basically what he means, is that, random everything besides your hotbar and character will just flash white for like 0.2 seconds. I don't know what the cause.
  2. NoNoNumGum

    What is this game becoming?

    Finally someone who realizes what their doing to their game, they made poop, literally, they are mixing minecraft, ark, and roblox, and when you mix too many colors together....you get brown....how bout you take out that roblox part? Or atleast decrease how much of that roblox part your putting into it...Listen to your community and maybe your future for the game will be better.
  3. Sure, I'll make it a little later
  4. Ok sorry that you couldnt remake it
  5. We did it by lighting a placed stick on the ground, if that doesn't work then, if your on a multiplayer game, thats 'Explore' I don't know. It also may have to be a public server and not a private multiplayer server.
  6. Hmm, idk, did you place a stick down? Or did you just craft a campfire via crafting menu?
  7. Did you have the stick and grass down first? You can't light it and then put the grass on, the grass has to be on it before you light it.
  8. NoNoNumGum

    Some suggestions

    In the trailer for this game (2017 trailer) they are in a structure and completing what looks like a puzzle, this may be a map, but why not in like desert biomes, add Egyptian ruins that have like puzzles and booby traps? That would be so much fun! Also will you add equiping things while on a horse/car? It would just be convenient. These are my only suggestions thanks for reading them!
  9. make sure you do it on a multiplayer server thats on "Explore", it doesnt work on creative or in singleplayer, me and my friend tested it
  10. Oh and one more thing, if you manage to break it by sacrificing yourself or your friend, then you get 200 wood back, so it is also a duplicating glitch, and if you walk into it after it dies down you fall through the world
  11. I know right, if you put down like 20 pieces of grass and light a stick under it, I crashed an entire server, and my computer crashed too, I had to shut my pc down
  12. UPDATE: So it is confirmed after many tests that it only happens on 'Explore' public servers, does not work on singeplayer, or on creative