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  1. NoNoNumGum

    Dev Diary #211 Hide & Seek

    That sounds awesome! You should also consider making island level indicators and the little triangles that point on islands on the compass toggleable!
  2. NoNoNumGum

    POSSIBLY Auto sort button

    I meant when you are in a kiln, foundry, or furnace, etc. It says "feed" and then "ignite" but if you dont have the coal in your inventory (and not in a coal basket) it doesn't work when you press "feed"
  3. NoNoNumGum

    POSSIBLY Auto sort button

    A button in your inventory (or containers) that automatically sorts all items in it in alphabetical order. It would be really useful for when you die and have to sort your inventory again (for those who do) EDIT: Also just a quick overlook: if you have a coal basket on you, you can use the coal in it to craft but you can't fuel stations with it unless its not in the coal asket
  4. NoNoNumGum

    Dev Diary #210 Sail-abrate good times, come on!

    I believe so
  5. NoNoNumGum

    Dev Diary #210 Sail-abrate good times, come on!

    Adding onto spiritchaser28, if you have a dock for your ship that is surrounding 3 out 4 sides of the ship, will the waves knock the ship into the edges of the dock and damage it?
  6. NoNoNumGum

    S.S. Bling

    I present to you all, the amazing and glorious, with 4 Thick Tom Cannons, 4 engines, and a ylandium generator: the S.S. Bling (W.I.P)
  7. NoNoNumGum

    Dev Diary #210 Sail-abrate good times, come on!

    1.9 - Daring Depths
  8. I actually just discovered that the room I am building in is on a different grid from the rest of my ship, and that I couldn't place blocks because they were placing on the right grid. So I had it backwards, but that still means that the whole room I built was on a different grid than it should have been. I would still really like this to get the attention of the devs though since it is still an issue. (And only fixed temporarily)
  9. Also, the first two photos in my original comment and the next two are both separate occasions. So it does fix itself sometimes but that doesn't mean it will be the last time it happens.
  10. I meant that this seems to happen when we assemble the ship and the disassemble (put it into construction mode again) but we aren't completely sure since it doesn't consistently cause the problem or fix it. Yeah none of my ship is free placed, it is all locked to a grid. This is what I tried to do and it worked for the most part but it isn't just one or two blocks. My entire ship that has already been built is on a different grid than the blocks I am trying to place now. I tried it from here:
  11. No, it wasn’t. This issue is also happening to my friend. We still have yet to figure out when it happens but we think it may have to do with dissembling and assembling the ship. But that doesn’t fix or consistently cause the issue. 🤷‍♂️
  12. In this photo you can see that it is try to place the brick in another brick (on the left side of the brick im placing you can see it intersecting with another) and you can also see that there is space on the right side
  13. Sometimes it causes things to try to place in one another. I had to use a solution from ocnog on this post to solve the "not enough space" issue. But now it is doing what you see in the comment above
  14. It is getting really out of hand and frustrating now. I still don't understand what causes it, but its like its trying to attach to a separate grid. .
  15. NoNoNumGum

    POSSIBLY Exploration: Maps, sailing, and progression

    Yes exactly. I believe the developers are really trying to do what everyone wants, but not everyone plays the same. We need more optional things like: The island indicators, friend indicators, island level indicators, etc. And a system to choose if you wanna have to craft and use a map or just press M would be absolutely amazing. Thank you all for adding on to my suggestions 😁