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  1. NoNoNumGum

    1.6: Trading Territories

    The propeller pack is way too nerfed. Its useless now
  2. NoNoNumGum

    Ocean Content

    1. Fish in the ocean that you can see and kill. 2. Different types of fish in the ocean. 3. Add sharks back 4. Maybe octopuses as a animal in the ocean? 5. Kraken! A hostile mob that will attack your ship while you shoot it with cannons. But it will only attack you near level 3 islands. It also will play its own music and not just the regular combat music. This will also add a reason for cannons in single players. Thanks for reading!
  3. I was on the server with him when it was happening. It is a server timeout, not the whole game crashing. It happened randomly and it was literally about every 10 minutes. Sometimes he could go 20 minutes without getting kicked. Next time we are in contact I will tell him to send you the output logs.
  4. NoNoNumGum

    Music stuck on combat music

    @Adam Snellgrove output_log.txt these are the output logs also its not just when im around my friend. im at a completely different island. also he cant leave to see if it will stop because he is the host. output_log_clean.txt
  5. NoNoNumGum

    Music stuck on combat music

    *Falsified Reply*
  6. NoNoNumGum

    Suggestion and bug

    @Adam Snellgrove It won't let me send you the .ylandsgame file type
  7. NoNoNumGum

    Suggestion and bug

    Sure, but what folder are worlds saved on?
  8. NoNoNumGum

    Music stuck on combat music

    @Adam Snellgrovesure thing
  9. NoNoNumGum

    Music stuck on combat music

    I love building my house and working on my base to the lovely music of this game. Its amazing. But for some reason its not playing the regular chill music. My music has been stuck on the combat music for 2 irl days now. I am getting pretty irritated with it lol. I have just turned my music off for now but I am desperate for a fix. EDIT: I found out that it only happens near my friend? But when I leave his presence it stops.
  10. NoNoNumGum

    Dev Diary #160 - Building in Exploration

    @Adam Snellgrove Also to add on the the island generation suggested by @zarwil Are you gonna work on better cave generation? As of now they look pretty man made. It would be cool for more dramatic caves!
  11. NoNoNumGum

    Dev Diary #160 - Building in Exploration

    Yes! This would be awesome. Me and my friend can literally speedrun endgame items in about 30-60 minutes. The game is really too easy in my opinion. A little more challenges would be pretty cool.
  12. NoNoNumGum

    UI Overhaul

    Yeah It used to be : Continue New Game Multiplayer Editor Now I cant even figure out how to make a new world. EDIT: Its also very hard on the eyes, too many little blocks and worlds all over the place EDIT 2: You cannot tell me you don't miss this!!!!
  13. NoNoNumGum

    Suggestion and bug

    Suggestion: Its really annoying to have to click abunch of times to smelt large quantities of items/ores. So could you add a craft more option for stations too. To make our lives easier. Bug: Also I have just made an entrance to my home but for some reason I get stuck on air when trying to enter it. I kind of have to jump a few times and strafe to get in. Its pretty annoying. Heres the entrance. Theres nothing blocking it but you get stuck on it. Thank you for reading this
  14. NoNoNumGum

    Sailing/Finding islands

    @ocnoglittle Thats an interesting idea. That along with my suggestion of having to craft a map again would really increase the chances of getting lost at sea. Which would be pretty awesome!
  15. NoNoNumGum

    Exploration wishlist

    Great suggestions! I also think they should add more defined mountains (definitely not based off of minecraft ) so there would be use for a new tool like a grappling hook! And maybe better cave generation too? The ones right now look a little man made.