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Found 24 results

  1. Hi guys! I guess I’ve summed up my suggestion in the title! We already have Elves and Atlantean races that can be found throughout the Ylands World. It would be great to have their cosmetic features made available for character creation. But why stop there? Introducing other humanoid fantasy races wouldn’t be game breaking and please give me some facial hair that would make Odin himself blush!! I’d be interested to hear other peoplE’s thoughts! Rob
  2. A few days ago I played Ylands once again just to see how it is now. I was also looking through old screenshots of the game and one thing stuck out to me that I miss dearly. I was playing with a friend a few years ago and I decided to go sailing without a map. I took off from the island and was staring at my screen trying to find birds that would signal land. I saw birds and went towards them to find a not so peaceful desert island. I then tried to sail back to the spawn island but found my self lost at sea. I had to keep sailing in one direction till I saw more birds and find land. Once I finally found land, it still wasn't the spawn island, so I ended up progressing on another island and making a map to eventually find my way home to that spawn island. It was an amazing adventure. (I tried killing my character but you would respawn on the closest island, idk if its still like this or not) MAPS AND SAILING: This story brings me to my main point/suggestions: This type of adventure will never happen again since you can now just press M to pull up a map you spawn with. You can also see islands next to you. This causes sailing to feel bland and just like walking. You no longer have to venture out to sea and into the unknown since you constantly know where you are. PROGRESSION: Now, I have been playing since 2017 so I know this game inside and out. But that doesn't mean I should be able to beat the game in 2 days. I've played Minecraft for years and it still takes months to get consistent ores and materials. The progression in Ylands is too quick. All you do is go to two islands and you can beat the game pretty much. You also come to learn what biomes are what levels and what levels have what ores. So for the "normal" exploration mode you just have to go to the edge of the map and then teleport to the biome you want depending on what ores you want. I have suggested these things over and over, but I haven't lost faith in you guys. This game used to be a blast but I feel you guys have made it way too easy. I understand that its mostly a building game, but so is Minecraft yet it still presents a challenge. Here are some ways I feel you could implement my suggestions: Maps: Simply just re-add the need to make maps instead of having one on you by default. Sailing: I understand that the few distance was increased and that is why islands are visible that are next to you. I don't know how it works or anything but decreasing the view distance and making it so you have to search for birds to find islands would be amazing. Progression: I feel that if you simply removed the indicators that point out what level islands are, the game would be so much more fun instantly. To my understanding, certain ores only spawn on certain level islands. If I land on an island and know what level the island is instantly, then I just have to search a little and find the ores that are specific to that level of island. But if it didn't have a level indicator, then I would have to search the entire island hoping that its the level I need. That instantly adds more time to play and explore. The AI for most monsters is really easy to best in combat, simply by standing a rock and shooting it. So there is little to no challenge getting what you need to progress. This makes progression super fast and you don't get to soak in all the fun features the game has. I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. Thanks for reading and have a good day. tl;dr: Add maps back, possibly make the sailing experience better, and try to slow down the progression in the game.
  3. Deadeye_Rob

    IN DEVELOPMENT More detailed HUD

    Hi guys! Just a quick Quality of Life suggestion but one that I hope will be taken into consideration. The /dui ‘debug’ command is an invaluable function that I always use to keep track of the time and temperature of my character whilst playing. It’s made me want to have these stats given a more permanent place on the game HUD. Health Hunger (As a progress bar) temperature time (if I’m possession of a timepiece? ) I think a detailed HUD would benefit players by allowing them to plan ahead. Eating before a long trip for example. Its currently quite irritating to receive the “I’m Hungry” warning just after I’ve left my base to explore!
  4. NoNoNumGum

    POSSIBLY Auto sort button

    A button in your inventory (or containers) that automatically sorts all items in it in alphabetical order. It would be really useful for when you die and have to sort your inventory again (for those who do) EDIT: Also just a quick overlook: if you have a coal basket on you, you can use the coal in it to craft but you can't fuel stations with it unless its not in the coal asket
  5. SpartanLGND95

    POSSIBLY Vehicle Idea

    Now that the propeller pack has been reduced to 10 seconds of flight there should be a means flight from a new type of vehicle. A vehicle like a plane, or a helicopter. A vehicle that you must fuel to keep in the air. Now this is easier said than done and I am no game designer/programmer but I believe that a bush plane (like kitfox planes) would perfectly match the theme of Ylands. Big front tires on a tail dragging single engine plane would be amazingly fun to jump around from island to island, or Yland to Yland. Flying to the edge of the map and traveling to an other region would bring an awesome new feel to the game. Putting along through the air with a steam powered engine spitting out smoke and sputtering would be just beautifully amusing. Making short little runways at your house with a little wind sock. Players trying to land in little wooded areas. Sounds like so much fun, right?! I think the developers should get to work on this if they haven't yet begun or thought of it, which I'm sure it has crossed their minds. Ylands is already such a great game and has so much more potential in exploration and creativity. Adding little 1 or 2 seater planes, helicopter, gyrocopters, or even balloons or blimps would just be the biggest, reddest cherry on top of the game. If anyone knows if Bohemia Interactive is already in the works on something like this Please send me a message! I would love to hear. Or if you agree and also want to see some sort of flying vehicle maybe write another post voicing your interest in seeing them puttering around in the sky! Maybe we can convince them to consider it.
  6. I think this can be done in the editor, but it could be amazing to have something similar to it on exploration. It would be amazing to link a button/lever to trigger things on ships, like opening this small wooden gates.
  7. empeorgame3(2)

    POSSIBLY New type of Blocks.

    Hi Today after a long period of rest. I have made some point of view specially in game blocks. I saw block that make the game more interesting. Here are some blocks that I want to put in my creations. 1. Door Frame with Door 4x4 or larger. 2. Triangles 4x4 or above 3. Blocks to make specific domes. 4. Dome Blocks or larger dome blocks 5. Window Frame 4x4 or larger. For this the building materials or blocks must be like ark survival evolved structure to make buildings more realistic. I just want to make buildings realistic. Thank you
  8. In exploration mode, animals are found in certain regions or sub-biomes of islands, but on mountains however some animals are rare to find, (such as arctic wolves and rabbits). If the area of a mountain's sub-biome is small enough (such as the snowy mountain found in the tundra region), it can most times not have the animals that're only found in these places. If by any chance the islands get bigger in the future, maybe the larger islands of some regions could have bigger mountains, just to increase the likelihood/population of finding mountain animals. another way would be to make smaller mountains have an increased chance of spawning these animals, but not if it's too small (an area with not enough snow biome on the mountain).
  9. Since the devs plan to improve ships and sailing in a future update (1.9 I believe they said?) I should mention something that has bugged me for ages. The problem: The sails in Ylands are tiny in proportion to the ships in the game. The worst offender being the catamaran sail... Look at this image of a real catamaran boat here: ...and a catamaran with its sail in ylands here: The sail looks laughably small, and that's with an unmodified hull part. If you start adding a structure and make the ship more massive, it's much worse. With the largest sails in ylands, this is still a problem. For a sguare-rigged ship, it's normal for the sails to be significantly wider than the hull. Let's say 1.5-2x the width of the hull. The largest sail in ylands is barely wider than the wooden hulls, and if you make a larger hull by yourself, you have no hope of making the sails look reasonably wide and proportional. As a reference for sail width: Then there is the issue of lack of variety. There are no jib-sails in Ylands. Those are the triangular sails placed at the front of the boat/ship, or in-between masts. (I understand the issue with adding this type of sail, and I haven't figured out a great way of solving those issues, so I can forgive this one...) ...And there are no gaff sails (the type of squared off sails attached to the masts in the ship above, and the boat below. Gaff sails would be a great addition to the game, as they are used with ships and boats of all types and sizes. My suggestions: In general there is a great lack of variety, both in terms of size and type, but I think you could help the situation greatly by adding two types of sails to the game. 1. Introduce a new viking longboat ship type, with a really wide square sail, as seen below. This sail could then be stacked several times when building ships, in order to construct larger square rigged masts. 2. Introduce a gaff sail, as discussed above. Make it slightly larger than the sail area of the junk ship sail, and you're golden With these two additions, you can keep to the cartoonish style of the game, while still allowing for some decent freedom when it comes to more advanced builds.
  10. JonathanHunt

    POSSIBLY Accessory slot ideas

    The accessory slot seems to be used for equipping the creator cube and not much else. What if the accessory slot could hold the toolbox for quick access to some of the tools so that the player doesn't have to take items out of the toolbox and put it back in their inventory. It'll be like a mini creator cube but for terraforming with digging tools. *When the toolbox is in the accessory slot a option appears that let's the player swap from their hotbar items to some of the existing items in the toolbox (just like swapping from hotbar items to skills in custom made scenarios). *But hammers can't be used directly from the toolbox except for crafting. *The accessory slot could also potentially be used as a slot for holding a torch or a compass.
  11. ocnoglittle

    POSSIBLY Wings

    Spirit mentioned wings, and I remembered how much I want them. Can one of the new costumes in the coyns shop have wings? I know it is kinda childish, but that is totally what I want ? Maybe to balance it out someone can suggest some rugged/scary/aggressive costume to please the people that will hate the wings Maybe zombies? Something with spikes? lol
  12. NICO14973

    POSSIBLY Buildable golems

    I found an encounter with golems guarding of some magic stuff, and got me thinking that magic could be greatter than it is right now, not to make potions only, but also to be able to make a friendly golem that protects your base or goes around worlds with you, and im sure there would be more amazing uses to magic besides only potions :D. PD: If anyone got any more ideas on things to do with magic feel free to share them here too.
  13. OK considering how the game is a persistent(ish) world. Perhaps a encountered player list is necessary. You could apply an icon to appear above players heads out of a selection of icons, to represent their relation to you in a personal way. This could serve as a medium for keeping notes about players you encounter. Be they trader, raider, hero, friend, adventurer, explorer, ect... and if they are a trader for example maybe what resources they offer. It could allow for controlling players "ranks" across your various shared maps from one menu and of course the thing people sadly have to care about most, a convenient means of blocking/reporting players without adding them to friends or rushing to do so. you shouldn't be able to message anyone on this list, just a means of keeping track of your encounters. I think players should need to be in LOS to get added to your list, popping into a multiplayer map adding everyone to your encountered list and moving on seems bad somehow. Or if they post a message in game chat after you are loaded in. but maybe if the list logs in details about them it still shouldn't do that till in LOS Also it would be could if it displayed what they looked like last time you saw them. Edit: It could theoretically allow players to revisit multiplayer ylands quickly by visiting the map owner's encountered player page
  14. ocnoglittle

    POSSIBLY Loading Screen

    Can the players have the ability to do something during the loading screen? Like a minigame or the ability to chat with friends or invite people into the map you are loading or an image of sailing with interesting weather? I get bored super easily. This loading screen:
  15. It might be nice if ctrl+F, G or H gave you random rotation on that axis
  16. We were joking that when you die on our Locust map, you should wake up in Valhalla. And it made us realize that being able to set the default spawn point for the map would be a really cool feature. I am not sure how you could mark it (maybe with an item like one of the tombstones). Players could also make graveyards, hospitals, or other cool places to respawn.
  17. I suggested this years ago but I would like to put this idea forward again for the following reason. We now have a tool to harden objects; in effect, making them unpickable. This is a feature that couldn’t have been done without the editor. I would like the ability to rename my storage units and even rename doors, weapons, armour and even boats! This would be a quality of life improvement that would be very welcome! Just hold a pen in your hand and hover over an unwelded object!
  18. NICO14973

    POSSIBLY Ship ladder

    I think everyone would be glad that some little things were fixed with the ship ladders: 1. I think this was already on another post, but anyway, make the ships ladders centered and symmetric on the ship hull 2. Make ladders blueprintable, so when you build a ship and change something on the ladders (or change the ladders completelly), they stay on the blueprint 3. make the default ladders not appear again after a blueprint is built if those have been eliminated before This looks like a demand list lol. Its not, just didnt wanted to make a long text for these btw, i see the game is actually going in a great direction, kudos to the team!
  19. lady_whynot

    POSSIBLY Carpets

    Couldn't the drawing on the carpet be changed so that the carpet could also be used the wrong way round, as shown here in the example? And could we have single-colored and dyeable carpets in different sizes? We could use it to build, design and decorate a lot in the game.
  20. lady_whynot

    POSSIBLY Weather in Ylands

    I love the weather in Ylands as it looks very realistic. But, I find that it's just too much for me. Too much rain, too much fog, too much blizzard. Nevertheless, I do not want to miss it in principle. My request / wish would it be that we might be able to adjust the intensity of the weather ourselves at some point per card? whats your opinion?
  21. Ahoj, již pár dní sepisuji co bych rád viděl v Ylands nebo co bych rád změnil, některé věci se na foru již zmiňovali, na některých již pracujete ale rád bych to za sebe shrnul. 1) Rychlejší doprava Byl bych rád kdyby se přidali rychlejší motory pro lodě, také bych byl rád kdyby byla možnost výběru místa objevení lodi na okraji mapy, třeba 3-5 bodů na každé straně, mohlo by to ulehčit a rychlit cestování obzvláště na souostrovích které znám, a vím na jaké místo se chci dostat ( nemusel bych cestovat přes celou mapu, ale vybral bych si bod který by byl nejblíže místu na které se chci dostat) 2) Různorodost rostlin Při zasazení napr. rostliny deštného pralesa nebo palmy (děje se to u více rostlin a stromů) vyroste vždy stejný varianta rostliny (stromu) i když má více variant, šlo by udělat to že se budou varianty náhodně měnit? 3)Houby Bylo by možné přidat do hry možnost sázet houby? Hřib a muchomůrku asi ne, není to moc realistické, ale žampiony by byli realistické. 3) Něco na náboje Bylo by super vlastnit něco do čeho se dá více nábojů nebo šípů 4) Stojany na zbraně Libilo by se mi kdyby byli nějaké stojany na střelné ale i sečné zbraně, na zeď i poličku. 5) Vajíčka/hnízdo Jak získat více vajíček? Bylo by možné vytvořit vlastní hnízdo třeba ze sena kde by se objevovali jednou za čas vajíčka? Někdo na foru psal pštrosí vajíčka což by bylo super. 6) Včely Včely by byli v této hře super, med v receptech, vosk na lepší svíce 7)Něco čím změním popisek u bedny Nějaký nástroj kterým změním popisek u beden, skříní, truhel 8)motorová pila hodilo by se něco čím by se rychleji těžilo dřevo, motorová pila nebo něco takového když už máme vrták na těžení zeminy Díky že děláte Ylands lepší
  22. Sazzle

    POSSIBLY Magical Chest

    Would it be possible to get some kind of magical chest or ylandium chest that has an insanely hefty amount of spaces? make it difficult to craft or something lol possibly require dimonds and a alot of magic dust or ylandium and gold or something..maaaybe even have these chest link up to multiple chests of the same kind..just an idea..
  23. i would like to see about getting ostriches to lay eggs and a chicken coop or something like that to collect the eggs from if possible for a future update
  24. I am happy with many of the changes 1.6 update brought to us. (Yes even the propeller pack nerf) I enjoy the fact that now random encounters are more random and hard to find, I do sort of miss not finding a single trader though.....but that's not the main focus of this post I'd like to chat a bit about resources. Suddenly with 1.6 ....Coal and copper has seemed to vanish. People say it's on tier 3 islands but I have yet to find any lately. I enjoy the steady hum of a steam engine....but if coal and copper are harder to find than gold....well I may just move back to sails for my ships So....my suggestion to the devs is...instead of making the resources available by tier level......maybe they should think in terms of common sense and rarity. I can walk out in my back yard and find coal....but if I lived in Ylands....I'd find gold....maybe it's just me, but I feel this makes no sense at all. And let's talk about zirconium......a few good weapons and one suit of armor.....can't we find more uses for this resource? Faster engines is a suggestion I heard tossed around, but not just that.....how about better propeller packs ( you did it for the scuba tanks), streetlights....heck even stronger building blocks?