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  1. SpartanLGND95

    Dev Diary #196 Client Scripting

    Is there any word when we could expect this update to release?
  2. SpartanLGND95

    Next Update?

    Is there any word or rumor of when the next update will come out and what might be in the next update?
  3. SpartanLGND95

    Exploration Points?

    Do the exploration points serve any other purpose other than unlocking those new exploration ylands? I hit 500 points and it may be coincidental but I started finding new, better loot locations or what ever you want to call them. I doubt it works this way but I did enjoy the idea that the more points you gain the better locations you find with better loot. It would be cool if you either learned new crafting and or found items you couldn't craft. Would be a fun and rewarding use of all the points not being used.
  4. SpartanLGND95

    Fly Vehicles

    A while ago I had wrote a post about how Ylands needing flying vehicles. I was bored and created a mock (usable via the race car) bush style plane. You can see my creation in the photos I've uploaded. This is the type of plane I feel best suites the island hopping style game play. A small plane that is designed for short takeoffs and landings. This is if the developers weren't able to fully incorporate custom flying vehicles which would be even better. I had received a response saying that the developers had discussed flying vehicles. Hopefully we see them soon. Other vehicles I thought would be fun to have is things like skid-stears, excavators or back-hoes. heavy machinery that is able to dig up dirt or flatten/smoothen land quicker. Or a little Row-Boat, jet-ski, four wheeler. I'm sure almost everyone has wondered why there isn't submarines in the game. I've also wondered why there isn't a powered chainsaw. Being we have the mining drill.
  5. I just joined a multiplayer world in exploration and noticed that the structures in this world were clearly constructed in the editor. Perfectly symmetrical, perfect curves, ext. I am curious if there is a way to create builds in editor and bring them to exploration or is there a better editing method in exploration to achieve these perfect curves ie. copy sections and paste?
  6. SpartanLGND95

    Ylands Today

    I'm not sure what has become of Ylands and I'm not sure what to think of it. Don't get me wrong. I still love the game but with this latest update I find the exploration crafting menu layout worse than it was prior. It seems more organized in a file type setting but it takes more time to navigate than the previous version of the game. An other annoyance is that I don't seem to find large islands like I did before. Only medium sized islands and clusters of small islands. I only speak for myself but I prefer bigger islands. There's more to explore and discover, more room to drive around on vehicles, ext. Now about discovering, What happened to the old in world locations? I haven't seen a western jail in fort night, gosh damn it! The caves used to run so deep and weave so outrageously you'd get lost. And as soon as you got lost you'd find an Alice in Wonderland reference. You'd find old miners crates with items in it protected by spikes and a little trap door. Where has this all gone?! I miss the old version of the game. The game has come far and has so much more potential it just lacks some of that zest it once had. What is needed is Larger islands even if it's just one massive island per local map. A larger island with deeper caves, the old locations and new where you can find more items. The game is based around exploration so why not give the player the ability to explore and find all the loot he needs to build what he wants without having to cut down trees or dig up stone? Some more boobytraps would be fun. Why aren't we able to craft most of the firearms that are in the game? Lastly, I've posted this idea before but flying vehicles would be amazing. I have heard they have thought of this so it could be coming... hopefully soon! It would be awesome if you could build your own design of flying vehicle but even just pre-made vehicles would be sufficient. Something every Ylander has probably thought would be nice to get down from that really high location without dying is "I wish I had a parachute" Now that would be fun. Want a quick way down? Rope and some cloth and away you jump. Add some poles and you got a hang-glided. Also Submarines... Lets get some subs haha
  7. SpartanLGND95

    POSSIBLY Vehicle Idea

    I think it would be pretty scary if you happened to run out of fuel and crashed too hard the plane explodes and any stuff you had on you is destroyed along with the surrounding area. Maybe a weight limit for the planes. Can't hold too many items or it won't get off the ground, but don't indicate what its weight limit is. Player has to guess or find out when they don't get off the ground by the end of the runway, then BOOM... all your stuff gone haha. Maybe over time the plane degrades so the fabric or steel develops holes you need to repair of it won't fly. Birds attack it and tear holes in it? Make machine guns for the planes so players can dogfight? Players can shoot at planes from ground. During storms the planes get tossed around like paper? Lots of threatening things haha I got ideas for days! But honestly, flying vehicles are MUCH needed! I would absolutely love to see a bush plane type vehicle to pop around from island to island!
  8. SpartanLGND95

    retrieve old character and world

    Is there a way to retrieve a recently deleted character and world? I did not save the world file or anything. Just reset my player and world and wondering if there is anyway to retrieve them again.
  9. I have just reset my character again in exploration and just like the first time I have spawned as a new character without a new PB. I thought this issue had been resolved? Is this still an issue when resetting your character or has there been an update to find a broken PB or something?
  10. SpartanLGND95

    POSSIBLY Vehicle Idea

    Now that the propeller pack has been reduced to 10 seconds of flight there should be a means flight from a new type of vehicle. A vehicle like a plane, or a helicopter. A vehicle that you must fuel to keep in the air. Now this is easier said than done and I am no game designer/programmer but I believe that a bush plane (like kitfox planes) would perfectly match the theme of Ylands. Big front tires on a tail dragging single engine plane would be amazingly fun to jump around from island to island, or Yland to Yland. Flying to the edge of the map and traveling to an other region would bring an awesome new feel to the game. Putting along through the air with a steam powered engine spitting out smoke and sputtering would be just beautifully amusing. Making short little runways at your house with a little wind sock. Players trying to land in little wooded areas. Sounds like so much fun, right?! I think the developers should get to work on this if they haven't yet begun or thought of it, which I'm sure it has crossed their minds. Ylands is already such a great game and has so much more potential in exploration and creativity. Adding little 1 or 2 seater planes, helicopter, gyrocopters, or even balloons or blimps would just be the biggest, reddest cherry on top of the game. If anyone knows if Bohemia Interactive is already in the works on something like this Please send me a message! I would love to hear. Or if you agree and also want to see some sort of flying vehicle maybe write another post voicing your interest in seeing them puttering around in the sky! Maybe we can convince them to consider it.
  11. SpartanLGND95

    Next Update?

    When might we expect the next bug fix update? Might it include a fix for the issue of not receiving a new Protective Barrier after deleting both character progress and world?
  12. I'm having a major issue with resetting my world/character progress. I've deleted both but when I start a new world I spawn without a Protective barrier. Besides that I love the new update and I hope to get back exploring once I figure out how to get a protective barrier again. I've been looking for a solution all over the internet but have not found any help that works.