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  1. NICO14973

    RESOLVED Protective Barrier (PB)

    There's no need for protective barriers now. Now you can configure your own map to allow certain players to do or not to do things.
  2. NICO14973

    Banned on discord channel

    Hi, looks like something got into my discord account and sent a lot of spam messages to a lot of servers, including the Ylands server, and some other community driven servers. So i got banned from these servers. Could you add me back again? It looks that whatever got into my account came from another server that i was on, server that i have already left, and also changed my password, so i think my account its safe now. Thank you, and sorry for that issue. ? Edit: My discord is Nico14973#7000
  3. NICO14973

    IMPLEMENTED Break stack suggestion.

    If you hold CTRL while pressing break you will be able to select the amount of things you want to break. It also works with dropping or moving things.
  4. I've had that same problem too
  5. NICO14973

    [YLD-31150] Raw fish dissapearing

    @Nikki Severin I got the logs again, i dont know if it helps, but im going to describe thhe moment the fish dissaapeared so maybe you can have an easier time finding it. I was on my sship (that was anchored) and fished 26 raw fishes, saved them in a wooden barrel and set sail to another map. When i got to the other map i looked into that barrel and there were only 20 raw fishes, so i lost 6. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  6. NICO14973

    POSSIBLY Lever to open gate on ship

    Didn't really thought of how to implement it, but your idea its amazing, would make it really fun that way. Maybe being able to connect it the same way energy things are connected. @Nikki Severin please have his idea in mind when discussing it haha
  7. NICO14973

    [YLD-31150] Raw fish dissapearing

    I think it was almost inmediatly after it happened. It was a long game session though.. If it happens again i'll grab the logs as soon as it happens
  8. I think this can be done in the editor, but it could be amazing to have something similar to it on exploration. It would be amazing to link a button/lever to trigger things on ships, like opening this small wooden gates.
  9. NICO14973

    [YLD-31150] Raw fish dissapearing

    Yeah. It is worth saying that i've only seen this bug happen on a ship, doesnt happen while on islands
  10. Basically what the title says, raw fish dissapears out of nothing, at first i thought that it was only when going to sleep, but some fishes also dissapeared during the day, and, even though it happened after i took the logs, some raw fish also dissapeared from a container on my ship. When the fish is on my inventory i can see the "-20 raw fish" message. Her are the logs: output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  11. And it happened again, my ship and my clothes got their colors totally reset, but this time there was something different, i wasn't even traveling between maps, i just logged into my home map (where i have left the game hours before) and everything was messed up with the colors. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. NICO14973

    Animals on Ships

    I know Ales said something on a live stream about in the future being able to summon/unsummon animals as a solution for not being able to properly transport animals on ships. So i came up with an idea for making this a more interesting mechanic (in my opinion). Instead of just taming an animal and then being able to summon/unsummon it anywhere, what about some kind of cages that you can craft, so whenever you want to take an animal on your ship you have to put it in that cage and then put the cage on the ship. This way making them take some physical space and also making it more interesting. Also could allow for things like trading those animals between regions. I hope what im saying does makes any sense to you lol, tried to explain it as best as i could.
  13. NICO14973

    POSSIBLY Bigger and more varied sails

    I totally agree with your post, there should be more variety on ship sails and accesories. May i ask, what's the issue with that type of sail?
  14. NICO14973

    UNDER REVIEW Items disappearing from storage

    Thank you nikki, i realized it happened like a day after, so i didnt had the chance to grab the logs. but if it happens again (wich i hope it doesnt) i will grab the logs
  15. Hi, i just lost about 5 wooden barrels full of stone chunks. I was picking them up at my home world and moving them to another world, when i joined the other world i noticed the stone chunks weren't in my ship anymore, so i guessed they would be on my home map (because it has happened to me before, that sometimes something goes wrong with my internet and some changes don't get updated), so i went back to my home base, and they werent there, so i basically lost all of them, all the time they had been on containers or my inventory. Also when I came back to my home world my clothing and ship changed their tinted colors again, note that none of the maps i was traveling are multiplayer, they are both singleplayer worlds. Sadly i dont have logs for this.