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  1. NICO14973

    Ship blocks dissapear

    I know other have posted this issue already, but i feel the need of posting it too. (and yes, im copypasting what i said on our discord's bug reports channel lol) Now i'm actually scared of going to multiplayer maps, today i went to locust just to find out when i spawned that my ship was completely destroyed, lost every freeplaced block and all colour. Restarting or respawning didnt work. Luckily i went back to my sp world and the blocks were back, but the colour wasnt, i'll have to paint everything again (everything was dark coffee and the sail was red), and as soon as i put it in construction mode all the parts that still had their colour just lost it too. I know it's recomended to have a good internet connection to play, but playing with a slower connection shouldnt mean that you could always loose everything Heres some pics about what happened and the all mighty logs lol: output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  2. NICO14973

    Ship ladder

    I think you got the wrong person lol
  3. NICO14973

    Ship and clothes changing color

    Except it didnt, i had to paint everything again
  4. NICO14973


    Another small suggestion i just came up with: ropes to tie this little boats so they dont go away with storms. Rope could also have more uses, such as to tie animals so they can walk around with you, or maybe decoration on bigger ships, or as i mentioned on a previous post, to tie rowboats to bigger ships. 😁
  5. NICO14973

    Buildable golems

    I found an encounter with golems guarding of some magic stuff, and got me thinking that magic could be greatter than it is right now, not to make potions only, but also to be able to make a friendly golem that protects your base or goes around worlds with you, and im sure there would be more amazing uses to magic besides only potions :D. PD: If anyone got any more ideas on things to do with magic feel free to share them here too.
  6. Hi, so this is a bug report i forgot to make a few days ago. I was sailing normally in my ship from world to world, when i got into a multiplayer world, there i realized that my clothing that was customly tinted chenged its color to the original one (the elven clothes), and my ship's hull, wich i had with a custom color also got back to its original colour, i got back to my singleplayer world and restarted the game and everything, but the colors where gone, i had to repaint all again. Sadly i didnt took any sccreenshots, but you can believe me hahaha. here are the logs: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. NICO14973

    [YLD-28592] Ship helm not moving

    for me it doesn't work on that helm and on the junk helm, haven't tested the other ones
  8. So, i am pretty sure that the ship helm should move when steering the ship, but for some reason my ship's helm just stays still as seen on the video. Any idea why this might be happening? i have all my graphics to the max.
  9. Always happens to me, but its because my internet connection, maybe you had some connecction problems at the time?
  10. NICO14973

    RESOLVED Ship movement

    This happens to me all the time but i forget to post it here, i'v seen it only happens with a claimed ship. @Nikki Severin I have plenty of space on my port when i log out, but still when i log back in the ship has moved a few meters Seems like the solution would be to unclaim the ship before leaving
  11. NICO14973

    Discord channels

    It is easier indeed haha. So yeah, if anyone is interested we should create one (i dont do it myself because im good at chatting, but not too good a moderating 😅)
  12. NICO14973

    [YLD-30016] Mobs won't fight back

    Yes @Nikki Severin, as ocnog said, its not much of a one time bug, but more like something constant. What i try to say its not even to make a change to the damage they do (because its actually a lot haha) but more like an AI thing, where figting them gets a little bit more interesting, not only spamming left click while they are standing still. I know it might not be something easy, but i wanted to point it out :D. Now that i think about it, maybe i should have posted it under suggestion, not bugs :o.
  13. NICO14973

    Ship ladder

    I think everyone would be glad that some little things were fixed with the ship ladders: 1. I think this was already on another post, but anyway, make the ships ladders centered and symmetric on the ship hull 2. Make ladders blueprintable, so when you build a ship and change something on the ladders (or change the ladders completelly), they stay on the blueprint 3. make the default ladders not appear again after a blueprint is built if those have been eliminated before This looks like a demand list lol. Its not, just didnt wanted to make a long text for these btw, i see the game is actually going in a great direction, kudos to the team!
  14. NICO14973

    need help with blueprints and circles.

    I can help you with the first question. When you finish your build, you have to select it and store it as a composition. Then you have to load a legacy world in your editor and place the building (as a composition) there. Then in that legacy world you can press play and make the blueprint there. Be sure that yo dont have blocks that are not allowed in blueprints on your build, so thingss dont get messed up when you load the blueprint
  15. I know we are full of ylands-related discord channels, but i wouldn't mind having one channel for this group, where you can share locations/what are you trading/etc..