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  1. lady_whynot

    Feedback on the workshop

    I'm new to the game, but I've already recognized that the editor and the compositions are something really great. I've also made my first steps, but it's just very confused and not intuitive enough for me. I would like to work with it and would like it to be revised and explained accordingly. It is too bad for all the potential that is unused there
  2. lady_whynot

    RESOLVED Correction german translation

    Many thanks. Everything is good...
  3. lady_whynot

    How I can delete brick blocks ?

    Hallo Bogus, bist du es wirklich? Ich freue mich dich zu lesen. Eigentlich solltest den Steinblock mit einem Block in der Hand und rechter Maustaste entfernen können. Ansonsten versuch mal den Abrisshammer. Falls du auf der Exploration map bist könnte ich dich auch gerne mal besuchen. Hello Bogus, is it really you? I am happy to read you. Actually, you should be able to remove the stone block with a block in hand and right mouse button. Otherwise, try the demolition hammer. If you are on the exploration map, I could also visit you.
  4. lady_whynot

    4th Q&A with Aleš

    I need a glass door too
  5. lady_whynot

    Your last session is no longer reachable

    I convinced my friend Falkenkopf to give yland another chance and I was delighted that he had changed his mind about the game in such a positive way. Now I am sad that he has not received any feedback on his problem since March 30. Sure the game is not designed for Linux, but the implementation program can do so much. Can't you do the rest too? It would be another potential player if you could say it runs on linux. Please what do the 36 employees at ylands do, if they are not able to give a feedback and if the answer is "it doesn't work". That would at least be an answer. But nothing is just too little. @Aleš Ulm(i don't know if it is right) @Nikki Severin
  6. lady_whynot

    Larger Building Blocks

    I think this suggestion is good. For me it would be even more important to have smaller blocks. Rods or plates so that you don't have to push so much into each other. Carpets in different sizes that can be dyed a single color in order to use them elsewhere. Stones with which you can create beautiful curves. Blueprints that can be made of entire walls or components and then put together exactly.
  7. lady_whynot

    Weather in Ylands

    I found the solution. Please close this post. thx
  8. lady_whynot

    RESOLVED Correction german translation

    All is well @ocnoglittleand @bobo198312 I just didn't understand. You can see how difficult it is to misunderstand yourself through a lack of language. All good and have a nice Sunday.
  9. lady_whynot

    RESOLVED Correction german translation

    What's so funny about my error message? Here is a typo in the German translation. It would be nice if that could be corrected.
  10. lady_whynot

    RESOLVED Ship movement

    I have to hold it up with pictures. I always try to get my ship neatly into port and then my feet get wet every time I want to get on my ship.
  11. My little garden
  12. lady_whynot

    Your last session is no longer reachable

    Hi, Falkenkopf i hope @Nikki Severin see this and you get help
  13. lady_whynot

    RESOLVED [YLD-29868] Stuck on infinite loading screen

    Oh, Oh today i started a map Saylor #1 and want to send a message to a ylands-friend. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. lady_whynot

    clothing override

    I will change my clothes often, depending on whether I give protection or not. Since I cannot fight, I have to wear armor, but I also love the beautiful clothes. Possibly you can have both in your character and the armor is always protective and only becomes visible when you have a weapon in your hand.
  15. lady_whynot

    Weather in Ylands

    I love the weather in Ylands as it looks very realistic. But, I find that it's just too much for me. Too much rain, too much fog, too much blizzard. Nevertheless, I do not want to miss it in principle. My request / wish would it be that we might be able to adjust the intensity of the weather ourselves at some point per card? whats your opinion?