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  1. thats for the old legacy exploration as she said not for the new exploration so you cant uncheck it
  2. bobo198312

    Optimizing Editor as a Game making engine

    yeah dont see it happening
  3. yes it a know bug
  4. bobo198312

    RESOLVED Toadstool doesn't restore hunger

    nikki did that change because iv used them in recipes before
  5. bobo198312

    Optimizing Editor as a Game making engine

    i thank there done with what they wanted to do with the editor thats why there now working on the exploration dlc
  6. bobo198312

    RESOLVED My game feels like 30 fps

    sometimes you have to uninstall and reinstall the game
  7. bobo198312

    How to add way points on compass

  8. bobo198312

    How did you make the water physiks in Ylands?

    yes its still missing but i do believe they have it down for a future update after 1.8
  9. bobo198312

    Blocked on FB page?

    hey @Miguel Preguisa you should get ahold of @Nikki Severin on monday and see what she can do for you
  10. bobo198312

    Code generation entities cannot be used。

  11. i thank someone made a suggestion to have a lighthouse on the maps with a light that turns like a radar to show you where people are on the map
  12. bobo198312

    Multiplayer Whack.

    hey @Nikki Severin could you see what the team might be able to do for this plz and thank you.
  13. bobo198312

    Multiplayer Whack.

    this is the share button
  14. bobo198312

    Multiplayer Whack.

    first did you buy the dlc or just on the demo and to share a map you press m for map and there should be a sideways v next to the name of the map thats the share button on the regional or world map
  15. bobo198312

    KNOWN ISSUE empty random site at compass pin point?

    is it in the cave