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  1. bobo198312

    Creators Competition Season 2 - WINNERS

    Congrats everyone
  2. @Nikki Severin i thank this what @SandyT was asking about
  3. bobo198312

    Next Update?

    i thank they said sometime this month possibly. and they have post in the DEV Diary's & sneak peaks about some of the features that should be come out with it
  4. he is definitely a wizard just look at his little ship that he made ?
  5. bobo198312

    Dev Diary #194 Over the horizon

    i feel lost just thanking about that?
  6. bobo198312

    Mystery Island progress report

    i was thanking more of lion turtle island from Avatar the last airbender
  7. bobo198312

    Diving Suits

    i know its odd to that it works but you can have a torch in your hand under water and it keeps you warm. i know it doesnt show up in your hand but it will still keep you warm
  8. bobo198312

    Diving Suits

    there are neoprene suits in the game but like the idea for the old diving suit
  9. bobo198312

    Play with a friend

    Some of this could be bugs that the Devs are working on fixing at this time for the next update thats coming in out in the first part of Nov i know that doesn't really help now. But you can try unfriending him then send him a new friend invite while your both online and see if that help's
  10. bobo198312

    Play with a friend

    first has he claimed his ship if not he'll have to do that by look at the helm and pressing Q this will pop up{first pic} after that he"ll have to sail to the edge of the map and this will pop up {second pic} then he can click on you island and travel there
  11. bobo198312

    DEV ANSWER Demolition hammer bug

    they could be they did say in the dev diary that some editor only items would be coming to the dlc
  12. bobo198312

    Play with a friend

    no go though the dlc because he will have to sail to your map he'll have to sail to the edge of the map he's on and it will give a prompt that they can now travel to a new map then he can chose your map
  13. bobo198312

    Play with a friend

    the button in between the blue lines is how you share the map
  14. bobo198312

    Exploration Points?

    i thank another thing to use them for would maybe in the ingame shop for pets, blueprints, etc. but i also thank they need to lower the price for the stuff they have in it because you can buy 4800 coyns for 19.99 and then some of the pets and costumes are 4800 coyns or more. so thats 19.99 for a pet that flies around you ingame i know someone put a lot of work into them but more people would buy them if they were low just my opinion.