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  1. not sure if anyone has brought this up on here. i had clay flower pots disappear after putting the ship in to disassemble mode so i could plant some seeds in the pots output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. bobo198312

    New Community Warlock Nikki

    i thought this was a references to hitchhikers guide to the galaxy when you asked. because been a bit since i saw it but its a great movie need to watch it again
  3. not 100% sure this is a bug but im not able to place the energy link using V i tried on a shelf and the ground and couldnt place so far this is the only thing i found that i cant place using V. I talk to @ocnoglittle about it she was thinking it might have to do with the new building station because you can make link while in it. thank you and have a nice day output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. bobo198312

    Correction german translation

    except after c lol
  5. bobo198312

    a wild suggestion 2

    i would like to see about getting ostriches to lay eggs and a chicken coop or something like that to collect the eggs from if possible for a future update
  6. bobo198312

    Q&A with Aleš next Tuesday!

    looking good
  7. bobo198312

    Dev Diary #169 Come talk to us

    hey @Aleš Ulm looking great keep up the good work.
  8. bobo198312


    pls remove this sorry wasnt trying to post this one i had two of the same post
  9. bobo198312

    a wild suggestion

    A possible suggestion for a future update since we now have infinite world and resources make it to where the weapons, tools, and armor wear down over time to where they do like half the damage but not completely break and add in a repair station to fix them back up and a forager pack for berry's, mushrooms, and maybe sticks, bark, resin, and other plants that that wont go in the herb bag
  10. bobo198312

    Can't eat (I'm not ready yet)

    @iZambeh they had to push it back till friday my time so they could get in as many bug fixes they can thats what Adam said on the official Ylands discord
  11. bobo198312

    HavenBurger Series A Dark

    ill say what i played wasnt that bad why not finsih that before moving on to something else
  12. bobo198312

    HavenBurger Series A Dark

    no i did get the staff and you still cant do anything after that. this is an uncompleted game
  13. bobo198312

    HavenBurger Series A Dark

    yeah i play this the other day killed all the mummys and then i got to a spot that just had a lot of indestructible tigers and floating ruin found no ring or key. What are supposed to do after that?
  14. bobo198312

    1.5 exploration | Questions

    not sure @jchob that might be a better ? for @Adam Snellgrove or someone from the dev team
  15. bobo198312

    1.5 exploration | Questions

    ok thank you @equieri