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  1. Oliver Hope


    I have seen there has been a little bit of discussion on raycasts but i want to bring it up again, I feel like they are a big missing feature. At the moment im trying to add a system where players can players can place laser security beams, however i can detect when the beam hits a wall and must stop or if the player has placed it facing a wall and its just goes straight through it. I was planning on just using a trigger zone to detect walls but then i noticed there is no option to detect any entity, if we could have that we can basically make our own raycasts. Is there any idea when this feature will be coming?
  2. Oliver Hope

    Equiping to hotbar

    @Indomitus That only works for tools, tools automatically go into your hotbar other items such as arrows go to your inventory
  3. Oliver Hope

    Equiping to hotbar

    seems like a good idea ill give it a shot thanks EDIT: didnt work
  4. Oliver Hope

    Equiping to hotbar

    😑thats so in convinent and doesnt work for a pick up like system
  5. Oliver Hope

    Equiping to hotbar

    Hey since 0.12 most items i equip through scripting automatically go to the inventory when i use equip( entity ,character) but i want it to go the hotbar. I know the way items go to the inventory changed but this cause a big problem. i cant have players having to equip them selves properly each round, is there a solution to this i am unaware of?
  6. Oliver Hope

    Ylands Script Hook Shot

    Ok, Well its going to be multiplayer, I will leave the visuals out until it is more resource friendly Thanks
  7. Oliver Hope

    Ylands Script Hook Shot

    Is the chain/rope effect very resourse intensive? I was was wanting an effect similar to that in a game of mine but wasnt sure if it would be worth it. It would be a constant line between a player and a point...
  8. Oliver Hope

    [NEW]Useful Text Functions

    Awesome i didnt know that was possible, i will add it to this comp and update it when i gets some time
  9. So I was just finishing my script that sped up the growth of trees when I knew i had to try something... This was one of those moments when you wonder what you are doing with your life.
  10. sometimes when dragging an argument from an event or custom instruction a random variable is created instead of the one you clicked, i think this might happen when control dragging by mistake but its unconsistant and uncommon
  11. Hey I am trying to use the 'Last index of source' tile but not geting the results i expect, am i doing something wrong/misunderstanding or might something be wrong? This program outputs -1 (character not found). I would expect an output of 6 ( last character found at position 7)
  12. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #70

    Appolgies for sounding like a stuck record Will a First person camera that can be used while walking come later? If not for explore it would be a nice feature for custom games. Excited to check out the new camera though!
  13. Oliver Hope

    Underline on text

    Thanks, it works however its is very skew, must be a bug in the website
  14. Oliver Hope

    Underline on text

    Hey Is there a way i can put an underline on text in UI thanks
  15. Oliver Hope

    How high can a player jump

    Thanks, appreciate it☺️