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  1. Oliver Hope

    Interview Ynterview #1 - Clair

    Im also scorpio! 😜
  2. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #90

    hmm thats a possibility, maybe notes on what didnt go well🤔 😂
  3. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #90

    Welcome Adam!! great to have you on board! Iv also got a terrible sense of clothing so we starting off strong😂
  4. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #89

  5. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #87

    Looking forward to this! Can we get a sneak peek of the image library😏
  6. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #86

  7. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #86

    I personally still perfer the old, but i think something in between would work well, like 1.5 times the pollys of the old ones I think the new ones stand out too much, almost like they are from a different game
  8. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #85

    Sad to see you go @Ane, you did a great job well you were here. All the best!!
  9. Oliver Hope

    Can I adjust animal run speed?

    Have you tried the scripting before? You can use the player movement bonus block and set it to a negative number between 0 and -100
  10. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #84

    What ideas/s have you had for ylands that got dismissed and wont be part of the game?
  11. Oh ok, I was very confused 😅 is they a temporary solution I can implement?
  12. In this script the if statment always runs the else section even when 'variable' is false. I made the local variable so i could print out the loaded ammo to confirm that it was 0. Logs: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt DM me for scenario.
  13. sometimes write to console doesnt work, restarting the game fixes it LOGS: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  14. Oliver Hope

    Animated sewers

    I used the new animation system to add some random floating junk in my sewers.
  15. Oliver Hope

    Animation unreliable

    I tried this and it only made it worse🤔 I did notice that there was a mistake in the code, the first rotation animation time was set to 1 which might have been causing problems. However the real problem is that the last set of animations dont reliably run, by extending the delay to 1.1 it seems to work fine however Id much prefer not to have the extra delay. also during my testing without the extra delay i noticed that sometimes it would go in the complete opposite direction. Something is a problem here😅