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  1. Oliver Hope

    UNDER REVIEW Cant open map

    I am said friend, and the map behaved exactly the same for me... not too surprised but it was worth a shot.
  2. It would be useful to have a tile that returns whether the player is grounded or not. Similar to the tile available in the Controller game logic for possed entities. I assume the character already has this variable but it is currently private, or maybe its not that simple.
  3. When getting the position or rotation of a custom camera object it does not return the current pos/rot of the camera but returns the pos/rotation of how it was placed in the editor. Maybe this isn't a bug and rather has just not been implemented, if so maybe this can be moved to the suggestions sub.
  4. Oliver Hope

    Getting mouse position.

    Hi, its been a very long time... 😝 Recently hopped back into ylands and made this little spaceship. I'd like to be able to add a weapon that can be aimed with the mouse, is it possible to: 1) Force the cursor to be displayed 2) Get the position of the cursor on the screen (or scene?) Thanks
  5. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #108

    Welcome TG! If I may ask, what subject/s did you teach? Here’s a meme
  6. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #102

    beautiful🤤 I was wondering the same thing as @Indomitus, how much control over the lighting we will have?
  7. Oliver Hope

    Ray casting

    I believe I have hinted at this a long time ago but not made an official suggestion. Ray casting is a very valuable tool for game development for the programmer to sample the world at runtime. One way of adding this could be through trigger zones. if trigger zones could have the option to detect any asset and terrain then they could be used for raytracing, however, this might be a rather rescourse intensive method so it may be better to make a separate raycast feature.
  8. Oliver Hope

    Check, add, remove objects from player inventory.

    @Igor Q. I am admittedly ashamed 😅 ,seeing as I hadnt touched ylands editor for a good few months I didnt trust my self to be too specific.
  9. Oliver Hope

    Check, add, remove objects from player inventory.

    If you want to try work it out by yourself here is the basic idea, you need to do a for each loop with the array of items in the player's inventory, inside the for each loop you need to use an if statement to see if the item is equal to the type you are looking for, then you can check if there is enough of that item and from there you spawn the new item in the players inventory. does this make any sense whats so ever?
  10. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #99

    anyone else thinking cameras like from rainbow six siege😏
  11. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #97

    im a bit a late in reacting as i havnt been on the forums for a while but im loving that door with a porthole. those tracksuit pants are great too, as thats pretty much all i were😂
  12. Oliver Hope

    Question about smoothing rotation

    yeah you might have to mess around with the settings , if i recall correctly there is a way to get it to start from where the object is
  13. Oliver Hope

    Question about smoothing rotation

    i Have touched ylands for a while so im not exactly sure how you would implement this. have two rotation animators, one with smoothing on one with it off, both set to 360 degrees use the one with smoothing first then when the object is at 180 degrees switch to the second one. Pretty sure this would be possible
  14. Oliver Hope

    Interview Ynterview #2 - Eris

    😂😂😂 This is too funny XD
  15. Oliver Hope

    Interview Ynterview #2 - Eris

    ahhh should have known, dont think my hummus would be very nice shipped all the way from South Africa😂