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  1. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #65

    factorio anyone? yes please! id love to see automation like that! i love making machines that work together to be effiecent
  2. @Ane I have a scenario with this problem RN would you like a copy?
  3. Oliver Hope

    Arrays - how do they work?

    Enjoy your skiing! yes I did make a type, just edited it😋
  4. Oliver Hope

    Arrays - how do they work?

    just to add on a bit to what igor said they are basically a list of variables each item in the array has a number. The numbers(known as the index) start from 0 so the first item will have index 0, second item will have the index 1 ect. Defintly check out the wiki for the array functions
  5. Oliver Hope

    cancel reload

    could add a holster/draw time
  6. Oliver Hope

    cancel reload

    hey It would greatly improve the combat if we could cancel the reload by scrolling to another item in the hot bar. it is quite frustrating shooting someone and then waiting for the reload so that you can hit them with melee
  7. Hey Im not really sure this is actual a but so im posting it here When i spawn an entity of type 'rainforest plant' it defaults to the first kind when i want the second one Here is the code inside an event listener on listen to pick of any entity The idea is to replace any flora that gets picked up to avoid disabling interactions for all of them @devs will this get changed to be more specific? Anyone got any ideas to fix it in the mean time?
  8. hey When you go far back into the history it stops your mouse from working, you cant look around or click ANYTHING i had to restart ylands. i think this happens when you go into history from an old save because i saved my game as a new scenario just before i ecountered this bug
  9. Another satisfying bug squash!
  10. Oliver Hope

    Spawning player in the same space

    Hey all i just wanted to re-itterate this question, does anyone have an answer?
  11. Oliver Hope

    "Move or Die" game logic, anyone?

    Wow i just learnt a lot thanks
  12. Oliver Hope

    "Move or Die" game logic, anyone?

    Are the return functions a way of breaking the loop? or what do they do?
  13. Oliver Hope

    "Move or Die" game logic, anyone?

    I was thinking about custom timers like this and im actually surprised it works seeing as the delay function doesnt work in while loops. Interesting
  14. Hey the scenario is the same as the one i just sent you and here are the log files: output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  15. Oliver Hope

    Errors in instructions

    Awesome thank you! That helps me with debugging