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  1. Oliver Hope

    Create group with code

    Are you referring to the group template? that's more for spawning groups, maybe it could be possible though. It would be cool if we could have access to these logics though, like for spawning welds
  2. Hi @anna_svecova The tools are in the' tools 0.2.0.zip' file ^^^. The error seemed to occur first in the smooth path tools as described and then I was testing in 'tool experiments' to try get a progress screen to display
  3. Oliver Hope

    Can't bring my saved maps into editor

    Im not 100% sure how creative maps work, but I'm assuming they work similarly to exported scenarios (if not then I don't think this is possible). You need to open up any scenario in the editor and then go file-open menu as you said, there are two categories there, scenarios and games, your maps should be under games. If they are not there then Im not sure I can help you
  4. The custom tool properties window can get completely taken up by a description if you write a long description of how to use it, this hides the important variables that needed to be set to use the tool. I think if the text is passed a certain character limit it should have a show more button and a show less button. and/or the description could have a separate scroll bar that only scrolls the description
  5. I think what caused this was mistakenly placing a show progress screen under the on update event. when I ran the script no progress screen was shown, all my previews were spawned but when I pressed escape they didn't get removed. I couldn't select them either. This was fixed by reloading the scenario. however when trying to get a progress screen to show in a test tool. With simple code: On tool start start tool mode show progress screen This wasn't working ( tool mode screen would show if I didn't try show progress screen however) then non of my tools would even start. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Tools 0.2.0.zip
  6. Oliver Hope

    BTH Custom Editor Tools

    Broccoli Tree House Custom Tools This is the home page for all Broccoli Tree House Custom Tools, a collection of useful tools to help with building complex creations in the editor (which can be blueprinted into explore). This project started before Custom tools were added to ylands my plan is to recreate the old ones with the new system and then continue to make new tools. Each tool's description explains how to use it, if you need more help feel free to DM me here or on discord (O1iver#5816). An example of some boat hulls by YoHasLego that used the mirror tool to create the other half. Tools Mirror Tool This tool is used to mirror objects over a plane. See this post for why you might need to do this (This is the old version of the tool but the introducing the problem section is still relevant). It is limited to entities, game logics and groups that are symmetric about at least one plane. (It can still give satisfactory results without the last condition) Knows issues: Properties such as indestructible and pickable wont be transferred to the new entities. Tutorial: Download: MIRROR TOOL [BTH] 0.3.1.zip Added: the tool can now detect child groups option to ignore child groups Fixed: UI buttons disappearing if only 2 unique objects were selected with mirror groups enabled: preview group for selecting symmetry plane would spawn on confirm Child groups would be spawned with incorrect position/rotation MIRROR TOOL [BTH] 0.3.0.zip
  7. Just want to bump this up again... would really like this to be fixed^^^
  8. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #254 Happy Holidays and the New Year!

    Happy Holidays ylands team, you guys rock. Hope you all have a good break. Loving the christmas jerseys!
  9. Oliver Hope

    Create group with code

    Awesome thanks 😄 Also wanted to say that I know Ive made a lot of bug reports and suggestions but they are a great addition and Im enjoying them. Im not all criticism, bug reports are just my love language, haha.
  10. Oliver Hope

    Create group with code

    I am thinking of this mainly with custom tools in mind but I am sure it would be useful in general. A function that takes an array of objects and creates a group and returns a reference to it. It would be nice if after spawning a bunch of entities for users we could package it all up for them. (Currently ill be using the select entities function in custom tools so that users can more easily make a group)
  11. In reference to variables that are added to the object properties window. It would be nice to be able to group these with a title as well as rearrange them, this would be especially useful for custom tools that will be shared with other users, making it easier to understand which variables are for what.
  12. Aha! Thats good to know, thanks. I was aware that they are auto-selected but the Alt-dropping is what I was missing.
  13. I would like it so we can shift + double click on the custom tool in the custom tool window to open the script in the same way we can with game logics.
  14. In my one custom tool (the rest are fine) the events page initially doesn't show anything. When I scroll with the mouse wheel I get this mess. The search bar is also not coming up with any results when I search. duplicating the tool results in the same problem. restarting hasn't helped. Event still seem to be working properly. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  15. Edit: I put this in the wrong place, please move to editor suggestions. Sorry😬 When replacing an empty text (or number, vector etc) tile in VS the empty tile gets popped out instead of being deleted. I believe it used to be deleted and this was definitely superior. its very annoying to have to delete all these tile to keep a clean script. Furthermore, its annoying to delete this tile because if you select them it opens up the edit option, I think this 'one click to edit' should stay but using the delete key should still delete the tile while in this mode.