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  1. Oliver Hope

    Dev Diary #208 Hey there, Ylanders!

    Also for PVP!
  2. Oliver Hope

    More Decorations

    oh I didnt know that. I just feel like there should be some consistency so maybe just add seeds for cave plants. nice thing about a trowel (or maybe an existing tool could be used ie shovel) is you could get the plants already grown. and yeah there are enough things to give you grass, but consistency...?
  3. Oliver Hope

    More Decorations

    I guess there are a few ways of doing this. You could pick up the item and then craft it into grass if you need it or there could be a special tool (garden trowel?) used to pick up the whole plant. I think the latter would be best.
  4. are you able to unsummon/summon your ship?
  5. @spiritchaser28 They imply that they've created worlds and saving hasn't worked so they are probably running a virtual windows/mac machine.
  6. Oliver Hope

    SlowFollow animation

    haha yeah, I agree, I made a telescope with it and the zoom is not great. I made a request for smaller FOV values.
  7. Oliver Hope

    SlowFollow animation

    Glad you found a solution. For the sniper scope, another option is to change the camera FOV instead of using a different camera. smaller FOV = more zoom. However there is a limit to how much you can zoom. Mello's suggestions is also a good option. Just a little tricky to get to work
  8. Oliver Hope

    SlowFollow animation

    Iv tried this and still couldnt get it to work. Just in general not this project
  9. Oliver Hope

    SlowFollow animation

    Hi, firstly WOW! looking amazing!. I do just want to warn you about using a lot of pixel cube like you have in your character, the game can struggle to handle a large amount. Seems to be fine now but you may have problems when making it multiplayer and having multiple characters. In terms of the slow follow thing I have also had this problem, I don't think there is a way to fix it using the follow tile unfortunately. ( would really be nice if say -1 in speed and acceleration made it instant) You may be able to use groups in this case. EG make the torso the parent group and arms are child groups. I'm not sure whats causing the shaking, seeing more of the code and setup may help
  10. Oliver Hope

    Biome suggestion. Swamp/wetlands

    +5 to this. It could be interesting to make some areas really dense with trees, and encourage using the smaller boats to traverse through it, while avoiding crocodiles
  11. Oliver Hope

    Basic Entity Tool Shapes Suggestion

    While I agree that it would be nice to have this feature built in. I do have a script you can use in the meantime: I have some tutorials on how to use it (not completely finished) if you need help feel free to message me on discord.
  12. Oliver Hope

    Environment - Realistic Moonlight

    Nice! lighting is hard to get right in a game but it adds so much, I'm going to try remember this.
  13. not sure either but definitely before 1.8
  14. @IEuphe Scroll down in the scenario settings, there is a separate time for the editor. (as apposed to the start time at the very top of the settings)
  15. Oliver Hope

    Increase custom FOV range

    Is there a reason the FOV range is capped at 30-90? can we extend this, id like to be able to zoom in more with the camera? Think weapon scopes, telescopes etc