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  1. Damemarianne

    Victorian house (WIP)

    Maybe the last update before release ^^ The office with the bookcase : The kitchen : The veranda/workshop : Some exterior details :
  2. Damemarianne

    Victorian house (WIP)

    Medieval banner the apothecary one in particular other may do the trick but on some the symbol doesn't totally disapear You can also use alchemy banner if you want a different shape I use them for beds for example :
  3. Damemarianne

    Victorian house (WIP)

    A very stupid and useless decoration : the weather vane The master bedroom : With its own bathroom : The small lounge :
  4. Damemarianne

    Ye Olde Village Decor

    Its look very cool ^^
  5. Damemarianne

    Victorian house (WIP)

    Yep there is a stool in, there is a litle clipping but still cool
  6. Damemarianne

    Victorian house (WIP)

    A quick update on bedrooms : The too girly bedroom : The small adult bedroom : The master bedroom is under constructions its need more details ^^ Bonus the largest of 3 bathroom :
  7. Damemarianne

    Victorian house (WIP)

    Matches ^^ I put the piano on the workshop if you want it : https://ylands.net/asset/250
  8. Damemarianne

    Victorian house (WIP)

    The baby bedroom :
  9. Damemarianne

    Victorian house (WIP)

    I started a Victorian house and the interior is taking shape so let me show you the beginning ^^ Exterior : Living room : Dining room :
  10. Damemarianne

    How to: the Extended Editor

    I have a question concerning the select and place tool did it have options ? I wanted to do two thing with it : select and place a group, and use it at a copy tool currently only the color is picked I wanted to keep the unpickable option Also it might be useful to be able to update a selection to set it unpickable like you can do to set indestructible