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Found 149 results

  1. Before the last hotfix, we were able to use the demolition hammer on pipe blocks, basic shape blocks, and some plastic blocks on random encounters and obtain the pieces in our inventory for building. Now we can no longer do this. Not sure if this was an oversight or intentional? Are these types of blocks coming to the crafting menu soon? I have a few chests full of them I was storing for some build ideas and now can't add anymore to the loot pile.
  2. @jar.janca said there was a bug with the drops for mutated wolves and golems in a cave on an island of temperate biome, and they gave a Piece of Metal instead of Ylandium Dust. The next island, they dropped the normal loot.
  3. I know having an option to remove them was mentioned by several people, but is this a new "feature" to have no gravestones? ?
  4. Since today's update, I can't switch to first person view anymore. As I saw that C-key is now used for construction mode too, I've managed to change my shortcuts so that there is no conflict. It still doesn't work. PS : I also experience hit radius and logs in floor issues.
  5. If I try to set the owner of an animal to an NPC (something that worked in 1.4), it does not work in 1.5: Poor Santa, no more deer for him.
  6. The slider for Scale doesn't work when selecting multiple game logics (melee effect, particle effect, or particle template), but typing in the value still works. This makes me think it is an error and not working as intended. You can also use the Scale button in the top left corner (not shown in the video). The items don't need to be grouped to have the error.
  7. Hello! I'm hoping to get a discussion going (also with the rest of the players!) about block limitations. I've tried to find the limit of what's possible for both the game and the editor when building my Modular Stadium: Whether using the play area or not, high or low graphics or not, the game will keep stuttering when moving/driving around, probably when loading blocks. The result is that it's not really doable to have a race in there. My PC specs are i7 5700, 8GB of ram and a GTX 960M. Definitely not the best, but not bad either. The play area is definitely very useful though! I also have no idea on the actual part count, but be advised that the roof is made of 1x2 slopes and 1x1 blocks, double layered. Anyway, my point isn't to say "the game isn't optimised", my question is, should this game be more optimised? Are the devs already working on this? Should we even be able to build this much? Ofcourse there is gonna be a limit to what is realistically possible and maybe I have went over that limit already with this stadium. What should we be able to build? A few houses? What will happen when groups of players build cities and literally fill an island? I'm curious to see how both the Ylands team and the rest of the players think about this Adrie
  8. Hi, I've played the game for around 10 hours now, and I've noticed a few things. Firstly, I have fallen through the world a few times. Second, and most importantly, I have found that, upon filling the inventory, items disappear from the inventory and cannot be accessed. I will include images of my problem. If you notice, the seeds below my hammer are floating in some other realm. It still shows that I have 42 of the seeds in my inventory (3rd column, third row) but I can't get them back unless I relog. While this isn't a huge deal, I would really like to see this fixed in the future. I'll still play whether or not you decide to fix this, but if you do, I will be eternally grateful.
  9. TiboterGames1

    BI account issue.

    When I linked my bi account with y lands, all my worlds disappeared and I lost my coyns. How can I fix this? Tibo
  10. I don't know if this is a bug or by design. You can no longer gather sticks, wood and bark from standing trees. You have to actually cut them down to get them.
  11. If you go to object properties for "paper" and change the text, in game when reading the paper it will show that text on paper However I tried doing the same thing with a Book A-B-C gardening and when I tried reading the book, nothing happened (no book UI pop up, or anything).
  12. "Hey, kinda quick question my buddy in unable to connect to my server anymore, even though he can connect to any other server no problem, he was also previously on said server im wondering if there's a way so delete his player data instead of starting from scratch again he gets stuck on loading 100% recalling buildings " -- Many people making such reports. @bb cakes_P1 @MyPa553ng3r_P1 and others can tell you more
  13. Hi there, When loading a SessionSave.ylandsgame into a Ylands DS, it fails to work (wont start or show on list). This ONLY happens when the sessionsave is based on a exported custom map.
  14. Hi, I am not completely sure what the cause of this was, but I had a editor map where I placed a few logics (time trigger, global storage and 2 player roles to be exact) and then removed all of them afterwards so that I had a bare map left over. However, now whenever I test the scenario without fail I get this error message on my loading screen: Everything still seems to work normally on the map, it is just a bit odd. Here is the map: GUI_ERROR.yland.zip Thanks
  15. I have been trying to teleport players when they touch the water with the "on swim start" event listener but instead it breaks the swimming animation. I have also checked the position of the player when they are swimming and added a lever which also outputs the position and they do not match. You can see on the map what I've been trying to do. WATER_TEST.yland_2(1).zip Thanks
  16. Unable to set cheese to inedible https://gyazo.com/fc63f81727ab5a4d6d20c2787f5db47e
  17. some of my workshop models with old logic are not blocked and others that do not contain logic yes. In any case I intend to replace them all so it is not necessary to change them I will erase them at some time. But maybe they want to review if they have blocked something else by mistake
  18. I have a second scenario folder inside the first one with more scenarios, why is is this? could it cause problems?
  19. I'd like to change my workshop username to 1ZombieFan. I don't want to upload everything with my real name. Not sure where to post this..
  20. Hi, as part of my game creation involving mages, I have multiple instructions which loop, calculating the movement of a spells such as a fireball and checking any nearby collision targets. However when I try to host this in multiplayer the code "breaks", and the section of the code that runs collision detection completely turns off. I would like to know if there is a calculation limit for instructions in terms of complexity or speed when hosting multiplayer games. Thanks for your time -Igor
  21. White Skull Mr.Friendly

    DEV ANSWER Boats (Stuck)

    this is kinda a bug and a suggestion but can you ylander devleopers make it so we can push our boats if they get stuck on the land and some reason I was riding my boat near the shore and I got stuck like it stopped moving and the front when into the water even thoe there is no land touching the bottom.
  22. Hello guys! Lets start with that, I have bought the game yesterday. It worked fine on ultra/very high settings. Today I wanted to play Ylands again. So I am launching settings and just out of curiosity turned options down to high to see how it will affect overall performance. I hit start button and to my surprise game is stuck on the window with black screen and (not responding) label next to it. After 10 minutes I have tried to relaunch it with normal settings this time. Sadly it ended up with the same story. So I tried to relaunch it again and this time game settings window won't show up, but the game still proceeds to the "black screen phase". I tried to: - Run game as an administrator. - Run steam as an administrator. - Verify Ylands files. - Completely reinstall it several times. - Reboot my pc. Please guys help me!
  23. Many entities named the same. Add a number?
  24. Hello Has the size of the alchemy table been voluntarily reduced? Or is it missing a piece of the bottom? Spyler also found a fault on this block (striped block, 3x3) Thanks for the resolution! ?
  25. Logic corruption on large maps when trying to comp out logics. @Oliver Hope @Igor Q. can give details.