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  1. ThereGoesLucie

    Energy confusion

    Hmm...just made the screwdriver but still no recipe
  2. ThereGoesLucie

    Energy confusion

    First of all, thank you...we never noticed the f1 function. Secondly, we have the node, and a switch etc but no streams appear and linkers don't appear in our crafting grid? Sorry! Probably really simple!
  3. ThereGoesLucie

    Energy confusion

    I want to start dabbling with energy. We have made a charger and guessing the generator is what we need yto start with. But, we were wondering how we connect everything? We don't want to place it and then it be too late to remove - experimenting would be expensive!
  4. ThereGoesLucie

    Personalised Yland

    I've created my own yland in the editor and it only had an option for daytime, so we made it longer. Does that mean night will be longer too?? If so, is there any way to edit the settings without losing the game played? We really don't want longer nights!
  5. ThereGoesLucie

    Saving multiplayer?

    Take a look at this Achilles77, guess our problems have a solution ^_^
  6. ThereGoesLucie

    Saving multiplayer?

    Hello, I am wondering if I am just missing something, or can you not revisit multiplayer games? My partner and I were playing a multiplayer game last night but have gone to carry on this morning but there is no way of getting back onto that save? Will this always be the case?
  7. ThereGoesLucie


    On our map, there is a tower with a sphere container at the top and then the other side of the island is a big metal box floating with two balloon things...anyone else had this and found out how to access them?!
  8. ThereGoesLucie

    DEV ANSWER Outside torches?

    It was a wall one but for some reason when I broke the bamboo wall, I was then able to select it, maybe it just doesn't work on bamboo? Or was a little too far into the wall?
  9. ThereGoesLucie

    DEV ANSWER Outside torches?

    I have been able to place and light torches within the caves, however, I have placed a torch on the outer wall of my house, inside and out, but it won't give me the option to light or pick up?? Bug?