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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, Can someone tell me exactly what files I need to download to backup my rented dedicated MP server sessions? As soon as I restart/stop the multiplayer server, the server loses the previous session data and we have to stat all over again. I've tried backing up the save game file but once re-uploaded it does not work.
  2. When exiting game the mostly white game save screen does not terminate or seem to exit ever. Screen seems to be up indefinitely. Not sure if it is saving my hdd to the cloud here or what. This is the early access version on Steam: Build (countless colors)
  3. Tango-b1e1359c36fb4273

    RESOLVED All Character Progress Items Lost

    I had finished playing earlier and I saved and exited, waited for steam to sync and shut down the pc. I logged in and I chose my save and it asked me to make a new avatar. I thought I had died for some dumb reason. A bug or something, I'd just report. I recognized the area I spawned in, so I made my way to my base noticing that all the stuff I had placed on my home island were fine, foreign trees I planted, old tools I had left in containers in some barrels that spawned. The lack of predators in the route I followed, etc. I reached my base and lo and behold it was intact with the storage containers containing what I expected and the furnace and kiln finished the stuff I placed in before I saved. The building projects I had started before I saved were all there. I looked for my corpse/stone the last place I saved from (see screenshot of the save) and it was not there. (My propeller pack, guardian armor, guns and stuff were all gone ) I also noticed ALL my crafting progress was gone. I looked around the last few places I was building making stuff and I could not find my corpse. My map update was gone (I had no map or testament in my inventory), it was like I entered it as a new player in MP. I made a ticket in your site as well but I put it here in case others may have had the same issue. I had just ventured into energy a day or so ago (RL time) and the prop pack a bit before that. I had streams all over the base. I was redoing my ship and building a lighthouse when this happened. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  4. predator[rus]

    How to save the process?

    How to save the process? The game is understandable, it does not provide, but I have several times made the game world not playable. I would like to roll back in case of fatal errors of the game.
  5. TeodorLB

    RESOLVED Didn't save

    there is a save option that pops up when you close your game save right? i clicked save yesterday, and opened it again ot play today, and everything i did yesterday is gone, is this some type of bug? or is there another way to save a game?
  6. ThereGoesLucie

    Saving multiplayer?

    Hello, I am wondering if I am just missing something, or can you not revisit multiplayer games? My partner and I were playing a multiplayer game last night but have gone to carry on this morning but there is no way of getting back onto that save? Will this always be the case?
  7. AlchemistDagger

    change game names in editor

    hi, I have been making changes to a live game in the editor and each time I exit the editor it saves a copy of my changes. Problem is that it saves a new copy with the same name. Now I have 5 copies of the same game listed when I open it in the editor. But there is no way (that I am aware of) to pick which one of the files with the same name when I open to play live in. There needs to be a 'save as' option in the editor as well as a way to change saved names or delete old games from the editor. Also, a way to pick which file I want to play if there are multiple games with the same name. I also posted this issue in the problems/bugs category, then found the files saved under my documents directory.
  8. hi, I have been playing around in the editor. I opened up a game I have been playing called 'castaway' in the editor. I have been making buildings and saving the file so I can explore the building in the live single player mode. I ran into a problem with the editor, after a few saves of the game I ended up with 5 files with the same name of 'castaway'. Some how the third file, (not the top) has my latest changes. When I switch over to the live game, it opens up (I assume) the top file, I don't know how to change the names of the files, or delete the ones I don't want (from the editor). I in the Ylands directory but could not find the game files. Not sure how to fix this. thx, AlchemistD
  9. So I made a grand journey to reclaim my stuff from the jaws of a mighty shark and once I achieved this, I hopped back on my boat. Feeling as if I should call it a day, I quit to main menu while I was sailing. My character was still manning the helm as I quit. The save screen is now stuck and is spinning perpetually. Help? EDIT: I forced quit and reloaded the game and my save appears to be intact. I guess you don't want to do anything while on the boat other than sail.