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Found 9 results

  1. eryk1gabryluk

    Fatal Login Error

    I installed Ylands and I get such an error, does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Higher-Level Island and Items

    Sometimes the key features about venturing across the ocean are the items. Another being the game progression. I want it to be challenging to get to endgame status, and not just a 20 minute adventure. Here are some of my ideas on how the game could be more challenging, aswell as some cool Item Ideas. 1> Higher Island Levels The max island level is 3, a total increase in difficulty compared to level 1 or 2, but even then it's too easy to overcome. Once the player has access to firearms and ammo, not even the strongest of foes stand in their way, and guns and ammo can be achieved relatively quickly. So one of my fixes for this is to add higher level Islands. I want to fear the islands I visit, and not to step foot on a level 3 island expecting another vacation. 2> Items There is an absolute mass of items in the game, ranging from steam-punky guns and armor to French Fries. If harder level island are a possibility, then stronger armor and weapons should certainly be aswell. Most people would suggest adding more armor and weapon Items, which I totally agree with, but another way of doing things could be upgrading armor and weapons one way or another. Some people want to empower their armor and weapons, rather than swap them out. How can an Ylander keep their classiness if they have to swap it constantly? In order to keep people from generating game-breakingly strong armor and weapons, perhaps you may add limitations to how many time they can be upgraded? Another concept would be specialized items that can buff the player, much like a potion, apon use. Maybe magical items and magic could finally be a thing? This was a really short and low-quality one. It's literally 1am and I'm bogging down. My personal favorite here is the higher level Islands rather than the cool Item concepts, 'cause I need something to test my Thick Toms on. Also, I'd like a more challenging expedition.
  3. Mark Schernus


    I found my old game on Bohemia Interactive but I can not get work now
  4. DW's Gaming N Animation

    Adding Pics to Objects / Materials

    I think it would be cool to be able to add pictures like logos to building materials or all objects. What do you guys think?
  5. Ylands has encountered an error and must close. A crash report named "Crash_2018-04-20_190046" has been generated. These files can be sent to Bohemia Interactive for analysis. + I cant send the crash file. error.log
  6. I haven't seen many posts about the single player explore experience and I'd like to hear from folks as to how far they are actually able to get in single player explore mode recently. I've played over 300 hours in single player explore mode and only one game out of around 8 was I able to get close to exploring the whole map before the game became unplayable. That was the very first game I played and it was before the last update. So folks, how far have you been able to get and how recent was the experience? I'm asking because most of the recent posts have pertained to multiplayer problems. In my experience the game remains playable as long as I stay on the starter island which usually is only until I am in need of a material such as rubber, sulfur, saltpeter or copper. The more of the map that I explore the more unplayable the game becomes. I have also noticed that the longer I play per session the more unplayable the game becomes in that particular session. For instance my most recent game ( i decided to give it another shot after the recent hotfixes to see if they had any effect) I have discovered 4 islands and after about 40 minutes even if I stay on my home island the entire time the game becomes unplayable for me. The disk becomes 100% busy alternating between ylands.exe and system with windows antimalware service executable becoming more active than usual as well. At this point I'm forced to exit to the loading screen in order to save my progress and this takes approximately 5 minutes and up then after I am back at the loading screen fully exiting the game take another period of 5 or more minutes just to exit the game. I have never seen a piece of software act like this and it defies all logic. Also I'd like to ask the devs, what on earth do you have my hard drive doing for that long period of time? the save game file is not large enough to account for that amount of disk usage. I only ask because i'm not seeing many reviews on steam that have more than 8 or so hours of playtime. If i only played 8 hours of single player my review would have been positive as well.
  7. I played Ylands yesterday and a message popped up that i was gonna receive a e-mail with a steam code of the game, but i havent received one, is it a bug or will it take some time?
  8. When exiting game the mostly white game save screen does not terminate or seem to exit ever. Screen seems to be up indefinitely. Not sure if it is saving my hdd to the cloud here or what. This is the early access version on Steam: Build (countless colors)
  9. Hey, I just bought the game yesterday, and I used the creative mode option for my world! I already am obsessed with the game, and I really love the entire aspect!! I am an interior designer at heart, and am going to go to college for interior design and things around interior design, and when I build my house, I just realized that it is really bland! There weren't that many modern amenities, or things that looked like it would fit in with my house! Although this problem was sort of a big one, I still enjoy the game so much, and really am glad that I bought it. Another thing about the game that I would LOVE to see implemented is PreFabs! Like blueprints in which you can create, and then place it wherever you desire, and then gather the resources to create it! It's like a layout plan, and a really helpful tool for those who can't build houses that look good, and stuff like that. Thanks for giving me your time. -Matt