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  1. Upvote if you want Dwarves so bad...
  2. Hunter-Over-Fire

    [ More Ship Stuff ]

    Ships, despite being one of the most essential aspects of Ylands Adventure Mode, are seriously lacking, even after the amount of updates they have gone through. This post contains some of the suggestions I have for making sailing better in Ylands. ( 1 : More sails ) I know that there are already tons of different sail options, but there could still be more. The sails would most likely be cosmetic and wouldn't attribute much outside of what any other sail would provide, but the cooler the ship, the happier the sailor. I recommend adding Jib, Spinnaker, Genoa, Gennake, Code zero, and Windseeker sail variants. ( 2 : Steam Ship Animations ) Currently, the Steam Ship Hull is unanimated apart from the rudder. The propellers don't spin even when using the Steam Engines and it looks weird. I'd like to see this changed about the Steam Ship Hull. ( 3 : Boarding Planks ) Boarding Planks would be either a placeable article, or something that's already attached to the hull by default, or both. The Boarding Plank would extend/retract when the player interacts with it, providing decent means to disembark without falling between the ship and whatever solid body you're parked against. ( 4 : HUD Improvements ) Currently, the Ship Devices aren't displayed on the HUD, making them difficult to work with when piloting a ship. It would be helpful if the values of the Ship Devices that've been placed were displayed on the HUD when piloting the Helm. ( 5 : Increase Maximum Sailing Speed With Engines ) Of course, when using sails, the ship is bound to be slow, but it's the same speed when using Engines. Engines currently offer the convenience of propelling any one's ship up to the maximum current sailing speed cap without the need for full sail, but I believe they should offer a greater speed cap when being used. It'd make Engine's even more worth it to have on a ship. ( 6 : Fuel Reserves ) Currently, Engines can only hold a very limited amount of fuel, and must be refueled individually. I recommend adding some sort of placeable building that Engines automatically draw fuel from without the express need for the player to manually refuel the engines. ( 7 : Ship Hull Additions ) We already have respectable variants of ship afts and fores, but I want something that I can place that will match the exterior of the ship whilst reserving space in the middle. I would like to see some sort of Hull Extension that allows for the player to raise the walls, aft, and fore of a ship, allowing for a simple way to add multiple decks without ruining the generic aesthetic of a ship. There could even be variants with portholes in them. ( 8 : Centered Helm variants ) Currently, every Helm variant is an odd number of tiles wide while every Ship Hull variant is an even number of tiles wide. I would like to see Helm variants that are evenly wide, enabling them to be easily centered on any ship. ( 9 : Hull Reinforcement ) I would like to see some way for a Ship Hull to be upgraded in order to increase its maximum integrity. ( 10 : Engine Cosmetic Parts ) I would like a block that reacts to the Engines on a ship being on, specifically an exhaust port so that I can make working exhaust stacks and be cool. These are all of the recomendations I have for now. I'll surely return soon with more weird ideas.
  3. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Snowy Ships

    Yea, wait a second.
  4. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Tried to create complex RPG

    That looks beautiful
  5. Hunter-Over-Fire

    In-game controls

    Is this the OG General Discussions post???
  6. Hunter-Over-Fire


    I think what they're trying to ask is : Are you able to leave a world to sail to another world via seafaring vessel while on a rented server?
  7. Hunter-Over-Fire

    currency to other islands

    Leaving the Starter Island: If this is exploration mode, you probably want to make a raft from Wood and grass rope to traverse the ocean. Mounting the raft will display a compass which'll point you in the direction of any nearby islands and points of interest. If you have some settings turned up, you can see the islands from further away. > There are multiple different concepts of currency in the game. There's Vendor Currency, Game Currency, and Extra Currency. < Vendor Currency: Vendor Currency is used in trading with Vendors (Which can be either found or summoned in any adventure world). Vendor Currency is measured in Gold Pebbles. pretty much anything from your inventory (besides a few select items) can be traded at Vendors for goods. The Vendors don't just accept straight Gold Pebbles, they can also accept other items (It is TRADING after all). Game Currency: Game Currency is generally what you use outside of ADVENTURE MODE in order to purchase personal stuff, such as Emotes, Costumes, Pets, Etc. You can acquire it through either purchasing it with real money or completing achievements. Extra Currency: Extra Currency is measured in stuff such as Exploration Points. Exploration Points can be achieved through exploring certain Random Encounters in any given Adventure World. Exploration Points are spent on Mystery Islands, which are special islands in an Adventure World that can yield challenging puzzles, and great rewards.
  8. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Custom AI Creature Nodes

    I love the ability to create whatever I wish, especially in a game where everyone else can see it. I'd like to make my own custom models and such to give life too, but don't know how to, and am too lazy to figure out. I suggest implementing some sort of Easy-to-Operate logic node that you can attach to a model. Thinking really basic here, the node would have triggers for custom interactions, such as * On AI Attack * For triggering custom animations and such. This would provide a very simple way to make custom animals and enemies through animating, grouping, and scripting.
  9. Hunter-Over-Fire

    PVP Suggestions

    I haven't felt so honored since Adam Snellgrove was in the seat
  10. Hunter-Over-Fire

    More Vanity/Functional Armors and Accesories

    *Bacomes the strangers in rags* Beware of me!
  11. Hunter-Over-Fire

    I just got robbed by two people.

    No names, No Justice, Just KILL!!!
  12. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Better Currency System for Trading

    I was trying to think of a way players could do business with one another, and this explains it.
  13. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Medieval Engineers

    I agree, that game had potential.
  14. Hunter-Over-Fire

    What other games do you play?

    Do it like rust, where you have to pay some sort of Tool-Cupboard "UPKEEP" in order to keep your structures standing. This TC could have a limited range that's either set or defined.
  15. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Sky Creatures

    Ylands could do with a little more life in its skies. I'd like to see more birds, and maybe even some more mythical creatures flying around.