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  1. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Range Weapon Particles

    The default smoke effect that emits from a gun on ranged attack flows in the wrong direction. when creating a custom ranged attack particle it is nearly impossible to position it and it starts backwards too.
  2. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Bottled water

    Why not have a bottle of water that is drinkable to the player for the purpose of existing or for creators like me to make custom potions via scrips and logic. also I want just water for my awesome water taps :).
  3. Hunter-Over-Fire

    script access to character animations (besides emotes)

    Nice to hear. I was about to suggest this anyways!
  4. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Help me with a couple of "problems."

    Compact and useful?
  5. Hunter-Over-Fire


    Interesting method.
  6. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Question about smoothing rotation

    Nice. I have used this method before
  7. Hunter-Over-Fire

    What is on create?

    So On Create can ether be triggered by game the game starting or it being spawned into the world via logic?
  8. Hunter-Over-Fire

    How to animate in Ylands

    This one video is what taught me everything I know about animating! I learned some new things from self teaching too
  9. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Igor's Script Composition Thread

    Dude this is awesome!
  10. Hunter-Over-Fire

    continuous game and doubt of performance.

    420 posts.
  11. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Workshop's Rules for Content Submission

    What is the hidden option? Cause I never heard of it.
  12. Hunter-Over-Fire

    How to generate big map size in editor

    Nice to know.
  13. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Workshop's Rules for Content Submission

    Anything you say? So how long do you think a train of box cars would need to be to be considered a decent sized level with a 10-15 minute deadline to complete?
  14. Hunter-Over-Fire

    How many cars long?

    If I was to make a pretty chunky lookin' steam train, how long would the train of cars behind it be?
  15. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Hinges and free floating items.

    How about we have free floating items that you could kick around freely like a ball. Also a new weld tool that would allow us to weld these items together but have them still freely move like a bearing from scrap mechanic.