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  1. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Update 1.4: Creators Club

    I love it! I can't wait to have my PC alive at the new location so I can get to work on some cool Pvp games.
  2. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Competition Rules

    One day when I have sufficient internet, I'll win this and get myself a new graphics card or something. My mind is swimming with hundreds of both new and old ideas and concepts as you read this. I just wish Ylands could be played offline so I could build without wrecking the monthly internet out here.
  3. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Update 1.4: Creators Club

    I though you said there wouldn't be automatic weapons?
  4. Hunter-Over-Fire


    that was fast.
  5. Hunter-Over-Fire


    What if we had the ability to add wings to characters for the looks and function? The wings would act like the propeller pack and allow flight. If possible, I would like to see these someday, especially large butterfly wings.
  6. for some reason ever since this day the path animation notes go invisible. I can access them in the explorer but it is really inconvenient.
  7. Hunter-Over-Fire

    "Hero" Steam Locomotive

    Some time in the near future I'll make an entire short movie for ya.
  8. Hunter-Over-Fire


    I'm not a trainman without any sort of train other than the engines you know. I was working on a passenger coach a while back and gave up half way through, but today I grabbed its carcass and turned it into this beauty you see right bellow. It currently has no interior due to most of the parts clipping through the walls, but I do promise to rework it someday.
  9. Hunter-Over-Fire

    "Hero" Steam Locomotive

    Seems cool. I'll make a nice set for it and some cars for it to haul.
  10. Hunter-Over-Fire

    "Hero" Steam Locomotive

    The locomotive's was given the name "Hero" because of it's design and feel. I hear the cab is quite comfortable and large. The locomotive is quite large with round platinum colored armor for streamlining. It is fully animated and almost ready for the rails. I am this close to making a video on it. Come back later to view new updates on the train. I do intend to completely re-make this. It will be bigger and much better looking than this version.
  11. sometimes when you exit the editor and re-enter it, some logic nodes will disappear. You can access the logic nodes by going to the explorer and looking for it there. though the logic nodes are still there, you can't interact with them without the explorer. A temporary fix for this is to delete it with the explorer and Ctrl + Z to undo the deletion and it will re-appear.
  12. Hunter-Over-Fire

    1.3: Watery Water

    I like this one.
  13. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Group rotation bug

    100% of the time when I press V to unlock the rotation on a group and try to rotate it, it wont stop rotating to my mouse even if I stop holding down on the LMB. It just gets stuck rotation to my mouse forever until I Alt + F4.
  14. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Object Repairs

    I suggest a way to repair items and structures, most likely with a repair hammer of sorts. I want this in ylands because many people out there are going to battle ships and what not and have no way to repair them after the battle. If you can't repair a ship after battle it will be stuck bellow full health forever, which annoys me.
  15. Are the scripts in the levers set to "on interact?" or "on switch on/off?"