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  1. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Dev Diary #218 Sea You Underwater!

    I'm pretty sure no-one ever had untill 3/25/2022.
  2. Hunter-Over-Fire

    1.9 OCEAN ODYSSEYS - Changelog

    I've never considered shooting junk out of cannons, but now with the easy multi-player world traveling, I kind of miss it. Please add catapults back.
  3. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Old Ylands Talk

    I remember back when the sharks would just beach themselves and you'd probably take the oportunity to stab them to death with your stone spear in order to obtain a quick snack for the evening.
  4. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Old Ylands Talk

    Shame. I miss the skeleton. From one corpse to another I suppose. As human beings, shouldn't we take offense to a corpse just waltzing around anyways?
  5. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Old Ylands Talk

    I'm not sure what exactly to write here since I've only been playing for about 3 years. I've mainly intended for this thread to carry on through posts and comments, so share whatever knowledge of the old game, or facts about a previous update you have. I'll start. Remember when the Mummy was a SKELETON?
  6. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Types of quests

    Oceanic/Naval Combat. You can always bump your current Quest Ideas up a notch if you want more of them.
  7. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Extra Inventory Containers

    I see. . .
  8. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Extra Inventory Containers

    That's an intimidating amout of storage.
  9. I know it's not really much of a bug as it is something that hasn't been worked out yet, but It's been nagging at me for months now. It is impossible to fuel furnaces and other fire-related Work Stations directly with the Coal Basket. The Fuel option also doesn't show in either of their interfaces. I do understand that this is because the furnace doesn't detect the Inventory Container as fuel, nor does it detect that there's coal inside the Coal Basket, but hey, it works on steam engines, so why not a furnace?! This is the same for a Bow Drill or Flint Lighter when they are placed in the Tool Box Inventory Container. As long as your ignition methods are stowed away in an Inventory Container, the furnace can't see them, and therefor the Ignite option doesn't show. It would be nice if you could work in a way for crafting interfaces to check the Inventory Containers for fuels and ignition methods. It would save us tons of time in the long run.
  10. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Better way to purchase Items

    Buying Items from NPCs is quite enjoyable, especially when you're rich enough to buy the more expensive Items. The expensive Items however, are very hard to purchase, mainly because you have to manually get all of the required Golden Pebbles out of the Gold Pouch before hand, and half the time the item was too expensive and there aren't enough trading slots to fit enough Golden Pebbles, so you have to pay in other means. I recommend adding some sort of way you can pay strieght out of the Gold Powch without having to sort it all out. Maybe something like a 'Match Price' button in the trading interface that'll match the trading price with you Golden Pebbles, or heck, just make it so that you can select TRADE and you'll pay strieght out of your pocket without having to put anything in the trade slots aslong as you have enough Golden Pebbles on you.
  11. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Quest NPCs

    Thinking of the whole treasure hunt thing has got me thinking of something a little more simple. How about an NPC that can give you basic fetch quests, or quests where you have to kill a certain amount of monsters/animals in order to gain a reward? As an explorer, I'd like to have a way to guarantee a little coinage evertime I go out, you know? Even if I'm stinkin' rich already, I'd still like a better reason to leave my porch every now and again.
  12. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Procedural Treasure Hunts

    Feeling inspired this evening, I was trying to come up with one unique way to spend my bottomless golden pebble collection when I though up Precedural Treasure Hunts. I have been pondering the idea of randomly placed burried treasures along the beach when I decided to kick the concept up a notch to match this. I recommend adding a new type of NPC Vendor to the game that sells teasure maps to the player. The maps would be expensive, but they ARE for the rich to gamble with afterall. Once in use, the treasure maps cold be used to locate high-tier random encounters, or, perhaps they can be used to guide the player to one of Dungeon Islands I've suggested 24 hours ago ;). If none of the above, then perhaps the Treasure Maps can be used to Spawn/Locate epic procedurally generated quests with a dank rewards waiting at the end of each one for anyone daring enough to complete them.
  13. Hunter-Over-Fire

    You into Fishing?

    I would agree. Perhaps the future updates will provide more and better ways to combat the ocean predators in the game. I do also find the idea of taming and riding a domesticated shark around humorous.
  14. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Extra Inventory Containers

    That was haunestly one of my first ideas, I just forgot to list it. I do agree though. I have tons of food I'd like to store without filling up the ship's reserve storage. I'm also considering suggesting an Inventory Container Container, because all of my Inventory Containers are taking up half of my inventory!
  15. Hunter-Over-Fire

    Better Caves

    The Caves as they are are quite rich in resources, light, and enemies, however, they are quite bland and need a little more taste. I feel like each cave needs a sort of "Someone's obviously been here before me and I'm just picking up the scraps" feel to it. It's obvious from the random encounters on every Island that someone HAS indeed been there before you, so why not write it into the caves themselves to clarify that? Small details are all it takes, such as an old pickaxe stuck in a rock, or even a mining brace with a lantern hanging from it. Just something to truly let the player know that someone really has been there before. Things like this fill our heads with wonder and mystery, as well as making the adventure more immersive and fun for us.