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Found 5 results

  1. Hunter-Over-Fire

    [ More Ship Stuff ]

    Ships, despite being one of the most essential aspects of Ylands Adventure Mode, are seriously lacking, even after the amount of updates they have gone through. This post contains some of the suggestions I have for making sailing better in Ylands. ( 1 : More sails ) I know that there are already tons of different sail options, but there could still be more. The sails would most likely be cosmetic and wouldn't attribute much outside of what any other sail would provide, but the cooler the ship, the happier the sailor. I recommend adding Jib, Spinnaker, Genoa, Gennake, Code zero, and Windseeker sail variants. ( 2 : Steam Ship Animations ) Currently, the Steam Ship Hull is unanimated apart from the rudder. The propellers don't spin even when using the Steam Engines and it looks weird. I'd like to see this changed about the Steam Ship Hull. ( 3 : Boarding Planks ) Boarding Planks would be either a placeable article, or something that's already attached to the hull by default, or both. The Boarding Plank would extend/retract when the player interacts with it, providing decent means to disembark without falling between the ship and whatever solid body you're parked against. ( 4 : HUD Improvements ) Currently, the Ship Devices aren't displayed on the HUD, making them difficult to work with when piloting a ship. It would be helpful if the values of the Ship Devices that've been placed were displayed on the HUD when piloting the Helm. ( 5 : Increase Maximum Sailing Speed With Engines ) Of course, when using sails, the ship is bound to be slow, but it's the same speed when using Engines. Engines currently offer the convenience of propelling any one's ship up to the maximum current sailing speed cap without the need for full sail, but I believe they should offer a greater speed cap when being used. It'd make Engine's even more worth it to have on a ship. ( 6 : Fuel Reserves ) Currently, Engines can only hold a very limited amount of fuel, and must be refueled individually. I recommend adding some sort of placeable building that Engines automatically draw fuel from without the express need for the player to manually refuel the engines. ( 7 : Ship Hull Additions ) We already have respectable variants of ship afts and fores, but I want something that I can place that will match the exterior of the ship whilst reserving space in the middle. I would like to see some sort of Hull Extension that allows for the player to raise the walls, aft, and fore of a ship, allowing for a simple way to add multiple decks without ruining the generic aesthetic of a ship. There could even be variants with portholes in them. ( 8 : Centered Helm variants ) Currently, every Helm variant is an odd number of tiles wide while every Ship Hull variant is an even number of tiles wide. I would like to see Helm variants that are evenly wide, enabling them to be easily centered on any ship. ( 9 : Hull Reinforcement ) I would like to see some way for a Ship Hull to be upgraded in order to increase its maximum integrity. ( 10 : Engine Cosmetic Parts ) I would like a block that reacts to the Engines on a ship being on, specifically an exhaust port so that I can make working exhaust stacks and be cool. These are all of the recomendations I have for now. I'll surely return soon with more weird ideas.
  2. I am running into a problem where building blocks, logs, etc. are duplicating so often that I'm surprised I'm having problems finding other reports of this. This bug occurs both within the editor and the explorer mode of the game. When creating a structure, I will often find that many of the building blocks I've used have been duplicated and are overlapping one another. It is easier to see this in an editor where you can move an existing block aside and find a duplicate of it that was hidden, still in place. It is more difficult to see it occurring in the game, as you have to manually destroy the block with a hammer before realizing a copy of it was hidden in the same location. It is not an infrequent bug, as (for example) constructing a roof and then moving it aside in the editor will show that nearly half of the roof had been duplicated at some point. Please note that this is without using the "duplicate" tool - this bug causes placed building blocks to duplicate all on their own. And, again, it also occurs in the normal game where editor tools are not available. Is this a known issue? I didn't see it on the known issue list, nor do I see reports of it elsewhere, but it happens to me *all the time*. If it is a known issue, is there a way to avoid it? Obviously I would like to avoid the potential hit to performance of having a two copies of the same structure sitting on top of one another (one being hidden by the other).
  3. PATCH THIS, take the day it would take to change the "SINGLE" player when it comes to removing your own blocks. Fine, they become hardened, then how about 6-8 hits with a hammer for stone blocks??? I've got over 100 hours and finally decide to build my permanent base. Well after a serious bit of tedium trying to terraform, I start laying stone blocks. Hey wait a minute, don't like this design, damn I have to break stone blocks. Well its not to bad right, 300+ at 8 hits each......... I would love to just profane this to death but what on earth were you guys thinking??? Remember how I said "Don't frustrate your new player base"? Those of you that might claim the EA, and this team for still allowing this decision should go check your self, this is completely ridiculous. It would be a ONE day effort to clear a patch for this. Its single player..... Yes I am a bit ticked off as I just ruined my 100+ hour save. I do make back ups but not every 30 minutes. No, I don't want to use a "single use" barrier in a single player game, as I want structures on a few of the other Ylands. Now, I have to say, other then the performance issues and a "LOT" of clean up, features to be added, building/construction work(alot) I love this game, man its been a blast and like I have said, this is going to give us Bored Minecraft players PIRATES and SHIPS and Pirates with ships.....
  4. I am aware that this may have already been suggested but I couldn't find anything. As we all know, the destruction of blocks is frustrating at the moment. Building anything can be difficult if not downright stressful at times taking away from the creativity side of things in survival and dissuading from experimentation. I think that a great compromise for the Dev's vision and the requests of the players would be to add an upgrading system to the blocks placed in a building. This could be implemented in a way using in game assets, i.e. Using sticks/wood pieces to upgrade beams and wood blocks and stones to upgrade stone blocks. Each stick/wood piece could increase the durability of a wood block by 2-3 up to a max of 10-15 extra hits of durability with wood blocks having an initial durability of 5, stones reacting similarly however they could add 5 durability at a time with a max addition of 25 hit points. This could be further expanded with adding a "reinforcement" option to stone blocks using iron bars and a combination of items. Each reinforced block could add an additional 25 durability to a stone block. Regardless, the game is tons of fun! And I am enjoying exploring and surviving in a somewhat difficult setting!
  5. chivas477

    Suggestion on new blocks

    It would really help workshop creators, on the pixel art department, if there were blocks, cubes of all the colors. What i find lacking most of the times is, a black colored block (#000000) and dimgray (#2E2E2E), other ones but not so important are cyan (#00FFFF) and pink (#FFC0CB), im using the chocolate block as a replacement for pink but the brown part of the cube makes it useless in some cases. (Implementing this on scenario only should not take massive resources and make things a lot more easier on the creation parts, especially on pixel art but of course it helps in other areas.) On the normal game perspective, it could come with a painting system, where you get dyes from plants that you then can paint a block with the color of the dye.(I understand that implementing this on the normal game would be harder, as such you will need to create more than the blocks with the colors) Colored blocks would make it a lot easier to create art. I'm certain the team already thought about this topic, as it's not that revolutionary idea, but postponed it for another time to focus on more important stuff Love the game, keep up the good work