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  1. chivas477

    Trigger based on player role.

    There are ways to do that, but yes the specific way you are saying, it's not implemented, as far as i know. You basically can show messages to specific roles, but the way its triggered it's like you said it is, you can make the trigger area in a place where the other team has access, or make it disabled by default and enabled it in a way you know it can only be accessed by the specific team you want etc.
  2. chivas477

    Sneak Peek #35

    Good update, but got to say i'm more excited by the feature of painting blocks with different colors in the editor, it will make me able to do a lot easier pixel art and other creations, will wait patiently for that update, to pick up the editor again Keep up The Good Work!!!
  3. chivas477


    I feel sad to know, you didn't went renewable energy, you sir are destroying the world!!! all that mining is destroying the planet! SHAME! SHAME!
  4. chivas477

    Editor Suggestions

    Oh thank you, missed that, don't know why its not disabled by default anyway
  5. chivas477

    Editor Suggestions

    Good suggestions, there are some points that i would add: Being Able to Create New Entities: for example making compositions entities, being able to spawn compositions, to be used on triggers, it will allow creators options to make a game like a moba, when you can spawn minions with a time trigger for example Disable Terrain Collision: Add button Disable/enable collision in editor, it's annoying to have to disable terrain just because i don't want to have collision, specially when the collision box is larger than in character mode Make Custom Select Box: Making it easier to select specific parts of a big composition, make an ajustable box that selects everything within it when clicked. Make Custom Creation Paint Box: Be able to fill in for example a 10x10 cube with stone blocks, or the custom size you want with the block you want. Saving a lot of time to create Bigger compositions, i know you could create what you want and make it a composition to be able to use it later, but that implies wasting time, this tool would save a lot of time and disk space for redundant stuff. Replace Tool: select a number of entities, and then replace them by another block you want. Instead of having to delete them and then filling in the gaps with the block you want
  6. chivas477

    Dev Diary #12

    Oh okay, well that rest my fears then. Well thank you for clearing that up keep up the good work, and thanks for the answer
  7. chivas477

    Dev Diary #12

    I truly understand what you said, and i do hope the discussion stays alive. The only problem i find is really the server aspect, and private servers charging coyns for players to play on their servers, i really doubt that you could really control if the host abuses or not, as for example takes the coyns from players and then just takes the server offline. or if the host is a griefer, or if they are depicting 18+ creations without warning to the playerbase of the server, affecting a 5 year old playing in that server after he payed coyns( pixel art of penis as example people having sex). My point is if you give the ability of a private server host of charging people coyns for playing in his server, and if the server host does anything mentioned above. It will link you to the abuser, make you partly responsible of facilitating his scam, or making parents angry because you let their child see 18+ content on a server that he's playing after paying "coyns" the official currency of the game. I hope you don't feel like, i'm being over the top, i'm just giving fair warnings on the point of allowing private server hosts, charging official currency to play on their servers. It's not a case if it will happen or won't, because it will, people are people and that will never change, there will be cases of server hosts doing what i mentioned above. The main point is can you really have a iron grip on all the private servers that are charging coyns to play on them? Will you be able check on all of them all the time? I really doubt it.... And that is why i'm stating my concern on that feature, i can only see a "shitstorm" (pardon my french :P) happening. Keep up the good work
  8. chivas477

    Dev Diary #12

    @Myrik Greene I understand your point, well i can only hope, you and the team fine tune the system to the best it can be. I hope you keep the conversation alive on this topic and other topics, sincerily love the game. Keep up the Good Work, You Guys ROCK!
  9. chivas477

    Dev Diary #12

    @WijkagentAdrie I do agree on your points, i sincerely only see disaster if they go the route of players have to pay coyns on playing certain private servers. I sincerely believe if the server host wants help on keeping the server up or some extra cash for the time invested on monitoring griefers, cheaters and exploiters in the server, he should get his own private donation system, patreon or setting up a paypal where players can donate to him. @Aleš Ulm I understand it's early like you said, i hope you hear the feedback, and be transparent as possible, and show the players the iterations of the system, before it going live. As i'm confident in the Ylands Team abilities, i do think it will need the player support for it to work, if people feel like it's a way to suck their money out of their wallet, they will most likely won't adhere to the coyn system.
  10. chivas477

    Dev Diary #12

    Got to say i have the same concerns that @WijkagentAdrie has. Only thing i disagree with him and @Myrik Greene, on the point of server hosting, and the reply on people being able to rent servers for coyns and charge coyns for players to play on their servers. I believe private server hosting, shouldn't be meddled by the Ylands Team, if the case of charging coyns, was on a official server ran by the Ylands Team, then i don't have a problem with that, but on private servers i can't agree on that. My point is when the game gets a bigger audience, the number of private servers will rise, if you the Ylands Team want to allow the private hosts to be linked with the official coyn system, you should have to supervise every server that does that, to avoid scammers that exploit the system (for example a person pays 10 coyns to play on a server and then the server goes offline the day after and goes down for a long period of time or just doesn't come back, making it a loss for the person who paid to play on the server) I don't think that will be a possible task, to check every private server that does that. Private servers should adopt the same system Minecraft has, the servers are ran how the host likes, if he want people to help him pay for the server set up a patreon page or a donation system on a website, so people can help him out. What i completely do not feel it will be a good choice and hope you listen, is link the coyn systems to private server hosting, it will open a door for a disaster waiting to happen. I give the example of minecraft because i play it since its alpha version, and it's concept can be seen inside Ylands, as well. Both Sandbox games, where you can create, whatever you imagine. I sincerely hope you listen. My case is it is very hard to supervise servers, can you be responsible for server hosts that exploit the system and trick,specially younger players, out of their coyns? Can you be responsible of server hosts griefing their players? Because when you link your coyn system to that, you should be held responsible on all that. The workshop coyn system supervision can be done. As it's difficulty is not compared with a server supervision, as there are not that much relative factors, as for example server uptime, a workshop work can be easily detected as scam or not, if you charge coyns on one block, and show a different picture on the preview, or you claim something. There isn't a that much gray area on workshop works, Specially with steam workshop, where there are comments, upvoting and downvoting, and reports. I hope you take my points into consideration. Keep up the good work
  11. chivas477

    Boss Fight!!!

    V0.4 Released PLATFORM AREA It will be my last update until there is an update that adds new stuff that i can use in this scenario,next update perhaps who knows :P. So don't worry i will not be updating the scenario every day with small stuff Platform Area - Last Area After the Boss (you are taking damage from the boss attack, it will run off after you reach the surface, you better have potions or be quick to reach the surface) Hope you reach this area, and then finish it and reach the surface! Hope You Enjoy, if you find any bugs please tell
  12. chivas477

    The Underdark REVAMPED

    V0.3 Done and released- Added New Area With Boss FIght. New Post with 2 videos spotlight of new features
  13. chivas477

    Boss Fight!!!

    Updated The Underdark to 0.3!! Now There's A NEW AREA with A Boss Fight!!! Below a video that shows the Boss Mechanics, if you dislike spoilers on the boss don't watch it. Added New Effect with interior lights to some attacks that makes it awesome If you haven't subscribed yet, Here's the Workshop Link. Hope you enjoy! The Boss Fight (You Should Know Everything You Need To Do After You Watch The Video) You Can Beat The Boss without watching the video, you just need to figure it out basically, there are hints on what you need to do, and visual cues on what you need to avoid New Effect On Illithid's Attack (Interior light is raised while he's attacking you creating a cool looking effect)
  14. chivas477

    The Underdark REVAMPED

    @Khanecz Now you can ran into Mind Flayers!! and Beholders, drows maybe in the future @Berzeger @SamMonahan New Version Uploaded Here is a Spotlight of the map!! It shows the mindflayer and a beholder Hope You Guys Enjoy!! There loads of new features, added more hints for you to not get lost in the world Didn't Show the other beholders to not spoil the fun, the area is a Labyrinth and when you choose the wrong path you will most likely see a beholder waiting for you
  15. chivas477


    I'll be waiting for some improvements in the editor barebones are already implemented, now its all about those tweaks and new stuff! have seen every trigger, event listeners etc. in the editor while working on the game Underdark that i put on workshop. It has loads of great stuff, the conversation basics with an npc are there it just needs improvements on it, it surprised me the variety you guys already have when the game is still in alpha. Great Stuff! Great Work Aleš and all the Ylands Team! Keep it Up! Can't Wait to See What Will Be Implemented In The 1.0 VERSION!!!