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  1. I am aware that this may have already been suggested but I couldn't find anything. As we all know, the destruction of blocks is frustrating at the moment. Building anything can be difficult if not downright stressful at times taking away from the creativity side of things in survival and dissuading from experimentation. I think that a great compromise for the Dev's vision and the requests of the players would be to add an upgrading system to the blocks placed in a building. This could be implemented in a way using in game assets, i.e. Using sticks/wood pieces to upgrade beams and wood blocks and stones to upgrade stone blocks. Each stick/wood piece could increase the durability of a wood block by 2-3 up to a max of 10-15 extra hits of durability with wood blocks having an initial durability of 5, stones reacting similarly however they could add 5 durability at a time with a max addition of 25 hit points. This could be further expanded with adding a "reinforcement" option to stone blocks using iron bars and a combination of items. Each reinforced block could add an additional 25 durability to a stone block. Regardless, the game is tons of fun! And I am enjoying exploring and surviving in a somewhat difficult setting!
  2. When hitting continue to join back into my own singleplayer world I was prompted to create a new character. I did and was placed on the starter island with what was in fact a new character. This was on a world where I have logged probably 20+ hours. There are two possible causes that I believe may have lead to this error. 1. About 10 minutes prior I encountered a bug which caused me to teleport to a random ysland when interacting with the ladder on the large ship. Perhaps when the teleport happened it registered as a player death? 2. After this happened I was looking through game settings and decided to link my Bohemia and Steam accounts. Perhaps this registered a new ID to my profile causing the game to assign a new character to the new ID. I have yet to search the world for my previous character as I am unsure which ysland I was teleported to. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. Single Player Explore Mode.
  4. When interacting with the Large Ship ship ladder, I was teleported into the sky. All you could see was white and my characters head. I was then placed on a random island, on top of a bush. I still had all items and nothing else seemed to change. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. FatherBlonde

    Water Disappearing in Large Area

    Thank you Grace I attempted to edit the post but am encountering errors when attempting to submit. This happens in Explore on Multiplayer. (Have not confirmed other game modes)
  6. FatherBlonde

    DEV ANSWER Player stays on Server

    I am curious if this is intentional. I had 3 different people on a server last night and all characters stayed on the map regardless of how they left. 1 did crash but all freely left the game at one point or another.
  7. On occasion (almost exclusively when near land) a large square portion of the sea will disappear. The area still reacts accordingly but there is no graphical indication of the surrounding area. Best comparison is to minecraft when a chunk does not load. You can tell that an area will have the issue as the water does not flow the same as the surrounding water (for example if there is a storm) and is slightly lower. These spots will remain indefinitely (the two I came across have not corrected even with a reset) and can be moved through freely.