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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys! Lets start with that, I have bought the game yesterday. It worked fine on ultra/very high settings. Today I wanted to play Ylands again. So I am launching settings and just out of curiosity turned options down to high to see how it will affect overall performance. I hit start button and to my surprise game is stuck on the window with black screen and (not responding) label next to it. After 10 minutes I have tried to relaunch it with normal settings this time. Sadly it ended up with the same story. So I tried to relaunch it again and this time game settings window won't show up, but the game still proceeds to the "black screen phase". I tried to: - Run game as an administrator. - Run steam as an administrator. - Verify Ylands files. - Completely reinstall it several times. - Reboot my pc. Please guys help me!
  2. I understand why the items in your inventory are dropped when you die, adding an extra challenge and incentive to not die. But for more 'casual' players like myself, I'd prefer an option to turn this off. For me, it kinda prevents me from exploring the game because I'm always worried about dying to the bear that's lurking right there, and then [potentially] losing my progress I've made.
  3. When hitting continue to join back into my own singleplayer world I was prompted to create a new character. I did and was placed on the starter island with what was in fact a new character. This was on a world where I have logged probably 20+ hours. There are two possible causes that I believe may have lead to this error. 1. About 10 minutes prior I encountered a bug which caused me to teleport to a random ysland when interacting with the ladder on the large ship. Perhaps when the teleport happened it registered as a player death? 2. After this happened I was looking through game settings and decided to link my Bohemia and Steam accounts. Perhaps this registered a new ID to my profile causing the game to assign a new character to the new ID. I have yet to search the world for my previous character as I am unsure which ysland I was teleported to. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. 111uminate

    No v-sync option?

    Didn't see it available in the settings menu. I dug around the installation folders looking for a config file and don't believe I found one. Failing that, I attempted forcing v-sync in the nVidia settings after adding the game's .exe, and it doesn't seem to pick it up. I verified the options were ticked, yet the game is still reporting FPS far beyond my monitor's refresh. At a loss here. Does the game not support it currently?
  5. abab AAbb

    Y-axis mouse sensitivity?

    A way to change the y-axis mouse sensitivity would be nice, right now my mouse turns me left/right much faster than up/down
  6. Hi, I find the texture detail of brick blocks decreasing too quickly after moving a short distance away from them, im not sure if this is only the case with brick blocks because i havent used much of the other blocks yet. An option in the graphics settings to control this would be nice.