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Found 12 results

  1. Hello guys! Lets start with that, I have bought the game yesterday. It worked fine on ultra/very high settings. Today I wanted to play Ylands again. So I am launching settings and just out of curiosity turned options down to high to see how it will affect overall performance. I hit start button and to my surprise game is stuck on the window with black screen and (not responding) label next to it. After 10 minutes I have tried to relaunch it with normal settings this time. Sadly it ended up with the same story. So I tried to relaunch it again and this time game settings window won't show up, but the game still proceeds to the "black screen phase". I tried to: - Run game as an administrator. - Run steam as an administrator. - Verify Ylands files. - Completely reinstall it several times. - Reboot my pc. Please guys help me!
  2. so when i start the game it gets a black screen and it says program not working. Normal it runs heavy games like pubg and ark. So i can't see the probblem here. my DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  3. audrbs654

    RESOLVED Black Screen

    When I start the game, everything is normal, but the screen is black. The screen is black even if I go into the game and make various changes through the settings. Attached dxdiag, output_log, and output_log_clean DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. Hi, I bought Ylands today. As I want to start the game, it's just showing a black screen with sounds and functional buttons. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. _SmallKuca_

    RESOLVED Black Screen

    after update....when I start the game I have a black screen but I see a menu. I tried reinstalling it all but did not help
  6. I have been having some trouble with Ylands, it keeps crashing on startup and only shows black and the spinning wheel of death, before saying that it is not responding. It was working fine before, and I have tried all the solutions online. Please help with this!! YLANDS.zip output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Black screen in menus and in the game! No pictures, nothing is visible. In this menu you can see the interface, but is missing the background image. In the game, too, hear sounds and have the interface but no picture, black screen! DxDiag.txt output_log.txt error.log
  8. I've only had it running for about 40 minutes in total. Got it last night with my boyfriend but his is game working well. Can anyone help me out? If you want to directly contact me, you can find me on Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198070398177
  9. Hello fellow reader, normally i'd give an introduction to something like this but I am eager to start playing again so here it is I played for a while this last week and I noticed some bugs and glitches with the 0.6 update (and I reported on it) but after a while of playing I started crashing from servers (many, many, many, many times) Unfortunately I no longer have the crash reports since I've tried reinstalling the game (and verifying game integrity through Steam but no success). Initially I presumed that the crashes were related to weird movement I was making in-game, for example swimming and randomly seeing the walking animation eventhough I was still swimming, but I thought nothing of it and just continued piling up the crash reports. After playing for a long time of not experiencing any crashes I decided to close the game. Some time passed and I was ready to get back on Ylands. I've been ready for many hours but Ylands doesnt seem to want me to play it. Everytime I hit play I get a black screen if I click once it becomes a white screen and a little box comes up telling me the game is not responding. While on the blackscreen I allowed up to 20 minutes pass but no results. I sent @Ane my crash reports before I did anything, so if anything, she can make it public. I also experienced this a lot: This was an endless cycle of me loading into the server. Edit: I located the files and am posting them now: error (1).log output_log (1).txt error.log output_log.txt
  10. Posted on Steam discussions as well as Reddit, and either there's no information on my specific problem, or my GoogleFu is failing me. Installed game a few hours ago, via Steam. Started up, launcher appears, I check my settings + hit play. That's as far as I got. Game went to black screen, mouse cursor has 'loading' anim, and my CPU response drops to bare minimum. I wait five, ten minutes, nothing happens. Clicking, alt-tabbing, pressing any keys bring up the Windows 'X is not responding' dialog, and ask to close/wait. Waiting does nothing, so I do it again and close. Searching the official forums doesn't give me anything useful, all the other black screen/freeze issues are with people who are non-Steam users, or have no trouble with the launcher. I've searched all files/folders relevant to any game installs on this system, there's no YlandsLauncher.exe, and trying to start Ylands.exe brings me round again. I have verified through Steam, says all is correct. Considering a refund. Log files are no help, I've searched the only log file I could find in Ylands_Data, and it says the game has no problem initializing, gives no indication of program failure or closure. System Info: AMD X4 860K 3.9Ghz Unlocked NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 8GB DDR3 RAM Windows 10 (updated to at least Nov 30) AFAICT latest VC, DirectX, C++ There is no output_log_clean file to upload. This is the only log I can find, which is associated with this software. output_log.txt
  11. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    Message:Hi!Friend bug Yland game. (1 hours free,and buy.)Please check photo (sorry,advanced prntscr)Black screen Menu and game.1gb video card Geforce 210,DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 , 2333mhz 7x 3334gb Ram DDR2 (2gb ram game use)yland ini fileb analytics.enabled=0f audio.master.volume=1b audio.music.customEnabled=0f audio.music.volume=0.6f audio.sfx.volume=1f audio.sfx.editor.volume=1f graphics.resolutionScale=0.520352364f graphics.camFOV=40i graphics.preset=-1b graphics.enviroDynamic=0b graphics.cloudsVisible=0b graphics.waterReflectionEnabled=0i graphics.AOType=0f graphics.farclip=160i graphics.levelOfDetail=0i graphics.shadowQuality=0b charCreation.favorite.created=1i charCreation.favorite.hair=1i charCreation.favorite.hairColor=1i charCreation.favorite.head=0i charCreation.favorite.skinColor=2b charCreation.favorite.isFemale=1s charCreation.favorite.name=Yob misc.showTutorialHints=0b graphics.gameWindowed=1v graphics.resolution=1280 720v graphics.windowPosition=37 9v graphics.resolution.windowed=1280 720i misc.lastPlayedSvnRevision=34323i misc.lastPlayedSvnRevisionMinor=24s lastPlayedGame=Play;676c3551-dabd-4b74-a209-836b3ecb6393b codexTopicRead.charpanel=1b codexTopicRead.cube=1b codexTopicRead.crafting=1s lastGameSaved.dayTime=Days runtimeSeconds=166.349863267038Thanks info. Please fix bug. win 8.q And buy 2 game
  12. h2stipandav

    Glitchy graphics

    SOLVED! (See post nr 3.) Hey, I am having quite serious graphical issues. OS: Win7 Ultimate(BLANK!!! nearly no windows updates, no genuine yet.) PC: i7 3770, 8GB ram Graphics: AMD RADEON HD 7800 (2GB) game version: (latest?) 0.22.30657 List of graphic bugs in menus: 1) No background in main menu [PICTURE 1] 2) No background in character creator. 3) Gameplay mode selection thumbnails (only left column?!) are black sometimes. [PICTURE 2] (savegames display as ingame screenshot) 4) No game loading background. [PICTURE 3] 5) Occasionally when exiting game (by endtask/ALT+f4) screen filps upside-down. List of ingame bugs: 1) Most of the time all but HUD is black. (game seems to work; I can walk, interact, have been killed etc.) [PICTURE 7] 2) Other times screen is purple. (found a way removing purple screen by disabling HBAO+, replaces with black/poly) [PICTURE 8] 3) Sometimes one single degree shows a flash of beige (mostly) background. 4) At occasions (1 out of 10 created worlds) i have reached actual polygonal content. (mostly trees) Oddly restricted by ~90 degree angle.(red lines show how far cursor could travel before blacking out.) [PICTURE 4] 5) Most cases objects draw multiple times on screen [PICTURE 5] 6) Menu sometimes displays as seen on picture 6, sometimes doesn't appear at all. 7) Polygonal content is either missing, too bright or black. Games ability to render anything (menu, poly-content, HUD) seems to be decreasing with time/actions. List of tests, fixes I've tried. 1) Newest version of gpu driver 2) Changing resolution does nothing but fixes menu buttons. 3) Changing any quality settings doesn't affect anything. 4) Neither does windowed mode. 5) First test with minimal graphics in a creative world added some progress on toolbar[PICTURE 9] 6) Reinstalling game didn't help. As far as i can tell, game is running smooth on background, sometimes I can see objects annotations and can interact with them. [PICTURE 10]. I myself am suspecting that I might have some crucial files for Unity engine missing, though haven't tried any other Unity games with this new PC setup. Also environmental lightning seems to play a role as if when object is too dark, it is rendered black. Looking forward to be able to play. EDIT: More recently I haven't been able to render any polygonal content. PICTURE 1: PICTURE 2: PICTURE 3: PICTURE 4: (out of red lines everything renders black) PICTURE 5: (most frequent polygonal content. NOTE: DOES change when looking around/moving.) PICTURE 6: PICTURE 7: (MOST common thing I see in game.) PICTURE 8: (HBAO+ enabled) PICTURE 9: (minimal graphics setting) PICTURE 10: (objects annotations display occasionally)