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    Game not launching / black screen

    Updated to the latest update via Steam, the drivers I have for my video card came straight from NVIDIA, and are the latest they have. Still not sure what's going on, as I've checked other threads with similar problems (more have been posted in the last few days) and tried those solutions to no avail. I'll try another complete cycle of re/install, I guess..
  2. B0atsMcG0ats

    Game not launching / black screen

    Once again, full uninstall + reboot, then install and reboot, with no success. I'm going to try and update drivers again, just to make sure, as suggested in another thread, then will see what happens.
  3. B0atsMcG0ats

    Game not launching / black screen

    I have not used the pre-Steam client, so nothing is on my system. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I'll try it again when I get home from work this evening, though.
  4. B0atsMcG0ats

    Game not launching / black screen

    Latest drivers off of Nvidia's website, as I just installed the card a week ago. I have looked in that location, despite the fact that Steam is not installed there, nor is Ylands, and there is nothing. I've done a search of my entire system, no file with the name output_log_clean exists, nor does YlandsLauncher.
  5. Posted on Steam discussions as well as Reddit, and either there's no information on my specific problem, or my GoogleFu is failing me. Installed game a few hours ago, via Steam. Started up, launcher appears, I check my settings + hit play. That's as far as I got. Game went to black screen, mouse cursor has 'loading' anim, and my CPU response drops to bare minimum. I wait five, ten minutes, nothing happens. Clicking, alt-tabbing, pressing any keys bring up the Windows 'X is not responding' dialog, and ask to close/wait. Waiting does nothing, so I do it again and close. Searching the official forums doesn't give me anything useful, all the other black screen/freeze issues are with people who are non-Steam users, or have no trouble with the launcher. I've searched all files/folders relevant to any game installs on this system, there's no YlandsLauncher.exe, and trying to start Ylands.exe brings me round again. I have verified through Steam, says all is correct. Considering a refund. Log files are no help, I've searched the only log file I could find in Ylands_Data, and it says the game has no problem initializing, gives no indication of program failure or closure. System Info: AMD X4 860K 3.9Ghz Unlocked NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 8GB DDR3 RAM Windows 10 (updated to at least Nov 30) AFAICT latest VC, DirectX, C++ There is no output_log_clean file to upload. This is the only log I can find, which is associated with this software. output_log.txt