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  1. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    Ddr2 video card dx11? Names? (cheap,strong)
  2. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

  3. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    @Ylanders UK Dedicated Not worked /sethour 12
  4. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

  5. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    @Berzeger Reinstall windows. WIN 8.1 - WIN 7 Supported DX11! dxdiag 64 bit tested! And again black screen,Why? And installed KB-s!
  6. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    Sad to hear Thanks.
  7. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    Underwater is perfect for graphics,Black on the surface
  8. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    I understand, but it does not bother the system. 40% cpu, 70% ram Video graphics strong.
  9. harcosgoogle

    DEV ANSWER Black screen

    Message:Hi!Friend bug Yland game. (1 hours free,and buy.)Please check photo (sorry,advanced prntscr)Black screen Menu and game.1gb video card Geforce 210,DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 , 2333mhz 7x 3334gb Ram DDR2 (2gb ram game use)yland ini fileb analytics.enabled=0f audio.master.volume=1b audio.music.customEnabled=0f audio.music.volume=0.6f audio.sfx.volume=1f audio.sfx.editor.volume=1f graphics.resolutionScale=0.520352364f graphics.camFOV=40i graphics.preset=-1b graphics.enviroDynamic=0b graphics.cloudsVisible=0b graphics.waterReflectionEnabled=0i graphics.AOType=0f graphics.farclip=160i graphics.levelOfDetail=0i graphics.shadowQuality=0b charCreation.favorite.created=1i charCreation.favorite.hair=1i charCreation.favorite.hairColor=1i charCreation.favorite.head=0i charCreation.favorite.skinColor=2b charCreation.favorite.isFemale=1s charCreation.favorite.name=Yob misc.showTutorialHints=0b graphics.gameWindowed=1v graphics.resolution=1280 720v graphics.windowPosition=37 9v graphics.resolution.windowed=1280 720i misc.lastPlayedSvnRevision=34323i misc.lastPlayedSvnRevisionMinor=24s lastPlayedGame=Play;676c3551-dabd-4b74-a209-836b3ecb6393b codexTopicRead.charpanel=1b codexTopicRead.cube=1b codexTopicRead.crafting=1s lastGameSaved.dayTime=Days runtimeSeconds=166.349863267038Thanks info. Please fix bug. win 8.q And buy 2 game