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  1. h2stipandav

    Does the world end at farlands?

    Map (Original is 47934 x 38667 pixels, made with my 1080p resolution, but I can't upload it to anywhere): At the current moment, map seems to be generating forever, but I've noticed some repetitions in seafloor. (see my post above for e.g.) I don't think I will continue this journey, but if someone is willing to do so, I'll share the savefile. Also I could share the full map. Still no sign of the edge of the world. (although there is a glitch with graphics: Sun seems to shrink and gain in rapid pulsations, which makes all shadows flicker, maybe I'll post a video later) At the bottom right corner you can see all of my Ylands, after those are some bumps around submerged mountains, then I took a left turn, since I got tired of pressing "D" twice every second. Later I tested boat turning physics.
  2. h2stipandav

    UNDER REVIEW Item stuck at inventorys border

    Once again 1) Added corn to hotbar 2) Inspected corn in inventory 3) Broke some of it to seeds 4) Seeds end up down there at border. Got pic too, but I guess there's no point to upload it, as it's the same as usual. (Inventory had room)
  3. h2stipandav

    Boat turns itself

    Hey! I noticed, that when I'm sailing with little boat, it turns itself to either sunset or sunrise direction. Just wanted to know if this is intentional or is it a bug? Green arrows indicate the direction I wanted to sail. Red arrows indicate the direction I end up sailing, without pressing D (or A) twice every second. EDIT: Found out that waves are causing this. But waves are always coming from North-East. Therefore you can sail directly to North-East and South-West (and NW & SE as noted before) without the boat turning itself. Also since 0.4 some of the seafloor seems not to appear? (I'm quite far from any Ylands on this map, bottom right corner is 0.3)
  4. h2stipandav

    Does the world end at farlands?

    Uhoh, Updated my game to 0.4 and got some farlands at the bottom of the sea as it generated new terrain: Meanwhile it got better Now it's getting worse:
  5. h2stipandav


    In the 0.4 update topic somebody said, that reinstall fixed it.
  6. h2stipandav

    Does the world end at farlands?

    Well, I started heading for the end of the world. Today I got as far as about 30 pages of fully zoomed out map, it took me ~3h sailing with a small boat and I didn't reach the end of the world. But I reached some points of interest and achieved some knowledge: 1) Water goes deep and cold. 2) Viewed from map, seafloor does seem to go somewhat farlandish (can't see a thing while diving).. 3) Tried to go North, but my small boat constantly tried to turn itself towards sunset - ended up going towards sunset instead. (at first I thought its buggy turning just a little left forever) 4) Used up ~1% of my food taken within inventory. (Didn't calculate.) 5) Atmosphere never went cold. 6) At some point near entering the really deep (ocean) waters, my screen started flickering black, but it stopped after giving map a look. (GFX memory?) 7) Later I experienced some game freezes (2-5 secs), but it was probably related to memory loading-unloading and/or terrain generation. 8) Saving the game took some time, I hope it worked Nonetheless, at the current moment I can say my voyage went without any setbacks and I'm hoping to continue it in the near future.. As I know of no way to extract a map from a savegame, it will take me some time to photoshop the map all together and shrink it to any uploadable size. Stock I took with me: Farlandish seafloor (note the straight lines, far beyond the mountains in the pictures below) Also here I stopped Pressing D to turn right to head straight to North, and my boat turned itself to North-West towards sunset: Potential mountains to build an island (though the water is freezing and they're not very far from ylands, but still pretty deep, could barely see the tip when diving): (Sorry for exploiting that glitch) My last stop [30 zoomed-out map-pages from ylands] (note: You can go South-West without the boat turning itself, but North? No.): And there's still even the seafloor, as well as everything else (You can even hear owls and grasshoppers during the night) ...To be continued tomorrow or later this week.
  7. h2stipandav

    UNDER REVIEW Item stuck at inventorys border

    Encountered it again, luckily this time I can precicely recall my preceeding actions: 1) Took torch from a container 2) Added it to hotbar 3) Lighted it from brazier 4) Held it in hand, accessed another container, put some items to inventory and some to container with right click. 5) Lighted a stove 6) Added some crafting queues in stove and reordered a lot of stuff. 7) Noticed the bug occurring. (had occurred before reordering stuff, probably as I opened stove.) 9) Screenshot and quit. output_log.txt
  8. Maybe you could have disabled your IGPU from device manager? (Ain't sure this is possible, and wouldn't advise doing it without severe googling.)
  9. h2stipandav

    DEV ANSWER I can't Play Ylands

    If you're running windows 7, check these threads: If that's your issue and you run intro trouble applying these fixes, I'd gladly help.
  10. h2stipandav

    RESOLVED Graphics will not load [SOLVED]

    You are correct and I totally agree, Windows(7) is a buggy thing turning to a annoying thing (8+). My personal favorite is still XP, but there's nothing to do with it anymore. I guess it won't be bad to re-explain how I got rid of this bug here, once again: First I'd have to note, that I had the same exact bug, DirectX 11 ((still) not .1), updated drivers and PC capable running Ylands smoothly, but I had NO Windows Updates, as it was a fresh install of Win7. I tested my graphics card in another PC, and it lagged hard, but rendered correctly, so I assumed the bug lied within Windows Updates, and I was Correct. But a fresh install of Win7 comes with Automatic Updates, that will search for updates for ever and will never find any. Automatic Updates on fresh install are simply broken. But there's a fix to it: To get your Automated Updates working you'll need to disable your Automatic Updates and manually download and install 2 updates (links to Microsoft knowledgebase, you will find download links there): First: KB3020369 and then: KB3161608 Those two will make Automatic Updates work properly, but will NOT fix Ylands. (link to third party website) Please do note, that they are seamingly absolutely not related to Automatic Updates, since they are patched versions of older updates fixing other things. If I remember correctly, the issue lied within a single broken .dll file, which gets replaced with the second(?) update. And the second one needed the first update to be applied correctly or something? You can read it from the link above, though the text is pretty complicated. Ylands was FIXED by one (or more?) of the 144 IMPORTANT updates that Automatic Updates offered me to install the following day. (Sadly, I didn't install them in smaller groups, the only one I Skipped of 145 available was "Malicious software removal tool") Also during that following day, I activated my copy of Windows. (but I don't believe it could have affected solving the problem) Then I tested Ylands and voila, it ran perfectly. If anyone needs any help with fixing your automatic updates, please send me a personal message, I'd gladly help. (Also I'd like to note that there are several other reasons to update your PC, not just Ylands.)
  11. h2stipandav

    RESOLVED Graphics will not load [SOLVED]

    Discontiniued means, they are no longer developing any NEW updates besides security updates (to keep our networks secure and for viruses harder to spread) and quality rollups but you still can download ALL updates released via the automatic updates. Recently I was even able to download some driver files via Microsoft's "find drivers online" for windows XP! The problem is - when people (re)install their windows7, automatic updates wont work, because it is buggedbroken. (But it can and should be fixed unless you WannaCry or something else) (trust me, I had a 4-month fulltime IT course focusing on win7 support) Edit: when your automatic updates works correctly you should still see alot of optional updates (langage packs) even if your system is up to date.
  12. h2stipandav

    Ship Stuck

    I have experienced it too. I think it's related to wind direction, altough in my experience the wind should have pushed the ship even for just a little bit, but i guess it wilhl be fixed in upcoming updates. Also its funny that when the wind turns to unfavorable direction the ship almost breaks to full stop like a car. And then youll have to wait until the wind turns again or just reload your save to get it reset Also, once i dug my ship free and it didn't need any more space than the actual model not touching any ground.
  13. h2stipandav

    RESOLVED Graphics will not load [SOLVED]

    No, I still get updates for win7. (As you can see I updated my pc from blank to updated not so long ago, and just a few days ago I got a new one too[new ones are probably only security]) If you're having trouble with automatic updates searching for updates forever(and not finding any), you should manually download and install those two updates I mentioned (and linked) in my post 3. Altough I have no idea, how updated your OS is. and just to note, my DirectX is 11 (I haven't added any .1 patch, atleast not manually)
  14. h2stipandav

    RESOLVED Graphics will not load [SOLVED]

    Maybe It looks like that?
  15. h2stipandav

    Sneak Peek #32

    I just saw it appearing infront of my eyes letter-by-letter, have you been hacked?