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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I purchased today (28/5/2017) a copy of Ylands. I have installed it and when i tried to run it the graphics are not loading properly. Firstly i have a black background in the menu screen. Then when i tried to load a new game i could see the loading text but there were no backgrolund. When the loading was complete the game seemed to run (could hear ambient and interactive sounds) but i had a black screen. All I could see was the pop up text over usable items. I didn't give up. Fiddled with the graphics settings a bit and the best i could come up with was version that everything seemed as the gamma was set to maximum (white sky, no water, bright yellow ground). My PC specs are the following: AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.21 GHz, 8 GB DDR3 1600, Radeon R7 360 2GB GDDR5, Windows 7 64bit, Crosshair III Formula. Please note that i have and run Arma 3 in above average settings pretty smoothly. Is there something that i can do to run Ylands in an enjoyable level? If not, can i have a refund? I'm very pleased both with Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3, DayZ) and Bohemia Incubator (Project Argo). Please help!
  2. Guys, i appreciate the hard work you put into this but honestly your perception of what is the biggest problem could not be any further away from reality. Your will is to create an awesome building game yet the performance is so bad that the game punishes you for building atm. Players get huge performance drops throughout the whole game with freezes and spikes that get so bad after you built more than just a few houses. that is no fun at all. The problem even intensifies during MP play and makes this game a huuuuge struggle atm. I own a very strong pc with badass internet connection, massive CPU and RAM and still i get slowed down and cannot play after a certain point. The server i (tried to) host consumes about 16GB RAM which is a lot but shouldnt be too bad because i could throw in about 60GB, how come the game lags so bad that it is unplayable? Not to speak of the poor guys who have less resources? At this point you can enjoy a wooden house on the yland, everything more is simply unenjoyable. Look at videos from youtubers playing your game (aka Keralis) and tell me expecting a spike every minute makes this game fun. New players or undecided ones do care most about if their game is playable or not and not some other stuff, yet i do not see this is addressed or commented anywhere? Do not take this as rant, dont get me wrong, i love the game, but noticing this doesnt seem to be your top priority is simply put infuriating. Please please for the love of god make this your No.1 goal.
  3. Crazynez

    Will it lag?

    I'm looking to buy this game and i just wanna ask do you think the game will lag? i have 4GB Ram, i5 Intel 2.67 GHZ, AMD Radeon HD 5670
  4. Hello There, I just started a new game, I moved Ylands and Steam to my SSD HD. All my games are on standard, fast HDs, but most of the games are using SSD (just C: HD to save games - this is bad, especially, because my SSD is old and it's only 120GB big. Most games are using savegames only to read it once, but I suppose Ylands works differently - world is created in SaveGame folder and constantly modyfied, am I right?). Pre-release Ylands was using C: drive, Users AppData folder. In most cases it's on C:, so usually it was on fastest HD people were using if they had more than one disc. I was thinking about my performance for weeks, because I received no answer from Devs nor other Ylanders... And then struck me few things: First: Why pre steam version was much more stable and faster than steam release? Answer could be - there was much less islands and these were smaller... Yeah, possibly, but then... why game was faster even if map was just the same - small? Well, I have only one, old SSD disc used for system only, but it was worth trying, right? At first I moved only Ylands game files, because moving savegames alone was impossible via Steam nor editing "remotecache.vdf" (I hoped I can change paths to my savegames manually - well, I tried many ways - it didn't work. So, because by default new Ylands versions are saving worlds to Steam UserData folders, I decided to move Steam do my SSD. This is very bad idea for my system, but it's for science. Before I continue, I beg you once again - let people choose "save as" and let us choose HDs we want. Ylands is not using simple savegames, but it's creating whole map and world as a save game, so, performance is crucial. And, well, most of the people have old system... Even older than mine. I wrote that many times, but I bet noone was reading it, so I'll repeat my specs: AMD Phenom II x4 965, 3.40 GHz - (I know, ten years old cr.p), 8GB DDR3 Corsair - super RAM (as for 2008), ATI Radeon HD 6850, 1 GB VRAM. Win 7 PRO, with all last updates installed (yes, with cheating, because Win 7 isn't updated anymore for years). Yeah, time to buy a new system, but it's not an option for me. Radeon settings in Crimson are set to performance - everything is off. Ylands is set to low, but resolution is 2048x1152, but 80% scale (so, game is 1600x.. yyy... I forgot). VSync is off. Dynamic weather off. Details at middle, FOV 40-45%. And now to the point: I disabled all soft in background, all servicer, all antiviruses, firewalls, system parts I don't need and so on. I set Steam and Ylands to "run as administrator", but the most importantly - After I moved Ylands to SSD - nothing changed at first glance. So, I moved Steam also (reinstalled), so all savegames would be again written to my SSD. I started the game and... a miracle! Game was working at 30FPS (I set 30FPS cup) with moments slowering up to 25FPS, no "spikes" for now... And now the best part: I set the Radeon to: "Vsync always on, unless application......"... and I set Video in Ylands to Vsyns... and.... (cup is still 30FPS)... I have constant 60FPS with spikes as low as 40FPS!!! Well, it should be a bit of tip for Devs! Happy New Year...! Bartosz removed EVERY soft I'm not using lately.
  5. Encountered this oddity since I obtained the game this weekend. In the main menu the game can use my gpu properly, i'll see fully utilization as I'd expect, go into the actual game though.. And GPU utilization drops down to 20-30%, and I see all 8 cores used about 40-50% each. The cpu utilization goes up if I stare at the floor, and FPS goes up as well. but if im looking out into the distance gpu utilization always dips. Is this an issue due to the tech of my particular processor, or is this a known issue with the game? Note: Other games (GTA 5 for example) do not encounter this issue. This issue exists whether im using low medium high or ultra settings. I've gone as far as reinstalled 388.13 drivers, as well as updating them to 388.71 drivers and also ran the game without having any custom profile added, as well as adding one. Sys specs are: amd fx-9590 Asus Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard 16gb ram running game off an SSD Windows 10 x64 Nvidia GTX 1060 Any suggestions or insight into this is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have Windows 7 64bit, 8GB memory and ATI Radeon 6850 (1GB) VGA (2048x1152 - changing resolution makes little difference, around 2FPS, so I do not mentioned it). I'm not sure, but earlier versions of the game felt smoother for me - and I was playing on Ultra or High settings. Latest version, last games star usually arounf 40FPS (which is pretty much standart for every game GTA V, for example gives my 30). After hour of play or loading already explored game with some buildings of ships... game slows down to 10-15FPS... I set my Radeon to "Fast Performance" - turning everything off and set the game to low, except dynamic weather and foilage (I find it the most important). This is changing LITERALLY NOTHING! So, I tried a new trick and set everything to Ultra and set Radeon to Best Image Quality. I was amazed, but it changer NOTHING. Game on LOW settings and ULTRA (with VGA settings accordingly changed) make no difference at all. Secont thing I did was turning of dynamic foliage and weather. Your FPS counter shows 30FPS, game's a bit faster, but "feel" is still the same - really BAAAD. I realised that the biggest problem is not average FPS, but stuttering once or twice every second. So, even if my game is smooth as for my usual performance (~25FPS), game feels like 12FPS. I have three questions: 1) Is my system so bad, that Ylands cannot stand it, thought most modern games on High Settings, like: GTA IV, V, Total War Series, Warthunder (Ultra Settings - 30FPS or more) even Watchdogs are "playable" (around 25FPS)? I understand that Unity isn't the best performance focused engine, but are you planning to optimize the game more? Many people on YT (Keralis and some othe Ylands lovers) report that pre-alpha Ylands was much faster than version released on Steam. 2) I know I can edit INI file to change graphis settings, but are there any command lines, allowing me to change graphical settings? Like antialiasing, blooming, etc.? 3) I realised, which is obvious, I think, that Ylands map you see is downloaded from HDD during gameplay. I will try to defrag Ylands files, I do not have very fast HDD, maybe this is the problem? I'm sure my game is crashing after download, because I've built big ship with hundreds of briks lately... I'm not sure, I can be wrong, but when I was reading my game logs - there was many lines: "removing unused assets to free memorey", "removing objects to free memory". It this a bug? 8GB of memory isn't much in our times. I know, I have problem with VRAM ( I was sure I have 2GB), but I have only 1GB of VRAM at all. What to do?? And If my system is so bad, new graphic card with 4GB onboard, will help me? With Best Regards, Bartosz
  7. Just got the game and I wasn't expecting any performance issues, sadly that's all I got. The game runs at a constant horribly low FPS. When I turn the camera, load a new area or enter an area densely populated by trees it spikes even worse. I've tried adjusting in-game settings, optimising settings through the Nvidia Control Panel, setting usage priority, launching in various dx settings, and while on the lowest of the low settings there is an improvement, it's very marginal and hardly worth the poor graphics. I would really appreciate some solutions I could try, otherwise I will be refunding the game Specs: Windows 10 64-bit i7 4790K Processor Nvidia GTX980 16GB Memory 2560x1440 G-Sync Display
  8. Chris Jackson

    Performance Issues

    Hello, Been very excited to play this after watching several you tubers play. I'm having some performance issues which I was unable to locate the cause for. Hoping this community has some suggestions. My current hardware is as follows: i7-6800k GTX 1080 32GB Memory 1920x1080 Gsync display Unless i'm on low details I struggle to maintain even 60fps with frequent studders and drops. I've gone through every setting, and it seems shadows and HBAO affects the most. However with the hardware that i'm running I really doubt this should be the case. This happens in single player as well as mulitplayer.