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Found 12 results

  1. eryk1gabryluk

    Fatal Login Error

    I installed Ylands and I get such an error, does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. I noticed that many tamed (and newly created wild horses) (6 horses in total ) just standing within a few metres in the entrance of a natural cave. The could not walk out, they were actively moving (not frozen). One of the horses was from someone who said he lost his horse as is does't come when he calls it. So it was stuck and wouldn't be teleported to him either. This was on a multiplayer server
  3. LaTrouTe

    animals mutants

    I have a problem with my server dedicated my mutiplayer part there are no mutant animals and a lot of player building so I do not want to start again how can we regenerate the mutant animal need ylandium thank you
  4. I'm trying to make some stuff in the editor and add items inside the containers and BOOM ! game crashed not once but a couple times ...
  5. Every time i go on a cave and come back later to my ship everything on it is invisible like everything, sails, woodend block, railling, all you see is the wooden ship and that’s it
  6. Please my girlfriend can't relog in the game we played for over 50 hours HELP ! She is stuck on Recalling Buildings at the loading screen when she tries to join
  7. So i bought Ylands today, and I was so happy to actually get to play it but when i opened it the menu was normal except everything was a shade of green. I thought it was most probably only the menu so I made a character and jumped right into the game. Nope, the game was a shade of green aswell. Edit : I updated my graphics card's drivers and now everything is black instead of green. My specs are : 1st Gen i5 760 2.8 GHz Nvidia GeForce GT 220 1 GB VRAM 4 GB DDR3 RAM DirectX 11 Windows 7 64-bit I don't think it's a driver problem, as the only drivers that are not updated are my sound drivers. Picture 1 : Main Menu Picture 2 : Loading Screen Picture 3 : Me underwater (colours are fine there) Picture 4 : The game Picture 5 : After the new graphics card drivers Main Menu Picture 6 : After the new graphics card drivers Loading Screen Picture 7 : After the new graphics card drivers Me underwater Picture 8 : After the new graphics card drivers The game
  8. So after my partner couldn't connect to my game and got stuck in Recalling Buildings 100.0% we decided to mess around with the editor and we found out that if you cramp up the place with a lot of objects for example put too many chairs around a table and try to stand up from the chair the character gets stuck between the chairs and can't move !!!! this is a real nuisance as it drives out the immersion i'm getting from survival games !!! and please add random sites and caves in generation in editor and an island with all biomes plssssssssssssssss this game is too good to have those bugs and glitches do your best team !!!!
  9. First of all, please forgive me about my English skill. I'm not a native. I can't play whith my joystick. Have a problem with the buttons. "Back" it should be B buttons but i have to push A to do that action and when i try to setting it up my RT button went out to be a Start button.
  10. Encountered this oddity since I obtained the game this weekend. In the main menu the game can use my gpu properly, i'll see fully utilization as I'd expect, go into the actual game though.. And GPU utilization drops down to 20-30%, and I see all 8 cores used about 40-50% each. The cpu utilization goes up if I stare at the floor, and FPS goes up as well. but if im looking out into the distance gpu utilization always dips. Is this an issue due to the tech of my particular processor, or is this a known issue with the game? Note: Other games (GTA 5 for example) do not encounter this issue. This issue exists whether im using low medium high or ultra settings. I've gone as far as reinstalled 388.13 drivers, as well as updating them to 388.71 drivers and also ran the game without having any custom profile added, as well as adding one. Sys specs are: amd fx-9590 Asus Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard 16gb ram running game off an SSD Windows 10 x64 Nvidia GTX 1060 Any suggestions or insight into this is appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Gabgab145

    Cant remove sail

    Hello ! When ever you put sails on your ship they cant be removed after the time is done. They can’t even be destroyed, witch is kinda annoying if you want to upgrade for more less.
  12. So I have been playing Ylands since about 2 days ago and I love the game very much! I have not had many problems or bugs at all until today. I was crafting something (I dont remember what) and the game wasnt registering that i had hit the craft button multiple times and then when i would try to equip things in my inventory it wouldnt work. 2 minutes later the items i was trying to craft showed up in my inventory and the items i tried to equip were all of a sudden equipped. I then thought it was fix but as i tried to mine, the ground wouldnt budge and no dirt or iron ore for example would appear. I would have to wait like 5 minutes for anything to happen. It makes the game impossible to play and I am really sad about it because i was really enjoying this game. Oddly enough, when I go to my kiln while this stuff is happening and i pull up the kilns crafting page, it will temporarily fix it for about 20-30 seconds and ill be able to mine for that long but then it will go right back to not registering my hits on the ground. Please help!