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  1. How does the EDU version differ from normal Ylands? Would be interested to know what is missing,streamlined or targeted. Having seen basic 'very visual 2D' ( programming in a primary school (ages 7-11yrs) setting in the uk, I realised the visual scripting side as very appealling for that level and secondary school level (8-16yr) for more advanced functions. Is there any infor or links you could post for us.
  2. Pyelot

    Dev Diary #238 Nonsense of Names

    Good idea putting the human model sitting on it for scale. It's a big creature ! My name suggestion: Giant Lyndas (It's an anagram of Ylands)
  3. I was running through the tutorial and want to report the letter that I found explaining how to 'play with others' has a small grammer error. If you want, I have offered a suggestion to reword it correctly.
  4. Pyelot

    Dev Diary #199 Feedback Fur-ever!

    MiniPyelots suggestions: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pets aren't pets if they just fly over your head (thats a drone with a never ending battery). Whistle your pet, it comes: lands on your hand, rubs against your leg, purrs etc . You interact with it with a dial of choices ie. feed it , stroke it, ask it to fetch something(a toy, or bone, or stick) , Stay put, Instruct a unique emote, dance tricks rollaround, fly in loops etc. It responds with a few different sounds / gesture. They sleep when they are tired, or groan and move slow if hungry. If bored they will randomly play or chase other animals playfully. They will try to protect you and get some damage doing so, from those dangerous honey-badgers and retreat when health is low. Feed it and the health recovers faster than if left alone. Wash it and it recovers health.
  5. @Nikki Severin I'm about to wipe character and exploration data. I just need you to define "Legacy Exploration Visibility" and the tick box. (as seen in the settings) I tried a google & forum search and can't find anything about it. New players would not know what this is about also. (There are no tooltips to explain it) I always thought it was hiding distant islands being visible from the island I am on. Is his still the case? if so will this be reduntant in 1.9 (larger space between islands as written in a dev blog)
  6. Have I downloaded a different build ? . "Awesome" achievements or as my version says "Amazing" Achievements"? This is My version
  7. You mentioned in the livestream #184, phone support which , I know has been around for a while. So I thought that because we (MiniPyleot and I) both had new android phones (different makes) both with android v9 pie, We thought that I would try it for the first time. Alas, it didn't even show up in the google playlist. I dug deeper with google and the web version of play store says it's incompatible with our phones. So I then dug into the Ylands forums and found this..... ---------------------------------------------------------------- On 2/14/2020 at 5:00 PM, Thiago Wesley said: " It is not compatible with inferior phones. Please help me Optimize this game for 1 GB ram or 2 GB ram phones it will be good, where I live (Brazil) few have cell phones above 3 GB ram. It will be a success when this game is accessible to everyone" ------------------------------------------------------------------ So it seems it was not related to android version but phone specs for technical reasons. Where did "Thiago Wesley" get the information about memory RAM limitation size. I can't find a minimum spec size and it was not mentioned on the live stream, that this is a factor. Our phones are both 2gb Ram + 32gb internal for Apps, so clearly a bit miffed, having got our hopes up and no chance of upgrading to more expensive model phones. His post was 1 year ago, and even now phone specs for the masses are still cheaper for 1 or 2gb RAM phones, with storage memory easily paged upto 32gb or more. 1) What is the official minimum spec list or where can I find it? 2) Is there something you could do to make these lower specs mobile phones users participate or help our PC online exploration efforts? For example getting or mining for resources, planting crops, sailing to new islands etc so when we get back to the PC it could be synced and we've achieved something whilst, sitting on a bus with our mobile phones,for example. We don't need full crafting, terrain modding or things that take the extra RAM, just a subset of basic functions, most likely that involving moving or discovery.
  8. Pyelot

    Naru's Corner #3 - Progress bars and counters

    The thingy is called a 'dial'.
  9. I can rename the new pets in game, but when I leave the Ylands program it always resets the name to the default name called 'Pets Screen'. All of my older pets that I had named are still ok, with their original names.
  10. Pyelot

    Dev Diary #122 - New Rideable Animals

    You just made MiniPyelot very happy! This is a fun update. I like it too. Still have to get another PC for her ylands account. I sense a family derby race is on the books.?
  11. Just came back into the game and the error doesn't appear. Comfirmed fixed! I'm guessing client and server versions have to match. ?
  12. It happens after loading the game from steam and when i arrive at the main menu. Pressing ok by passes the message.. Any ideas on how to fix this and stop it happening every time at game launch? ---- added: 1) I just ran steam validate files. Same error 2) I won't reinstall ylands until you reply. It all started after I had just clicked update when steam prompted me for a new version v1.2
  13. Finding Coyns in Exploration mode. It might stir up some exploration excitement if we found random coyns in game. 10,50,100 Small amounts won't dent the profit side but add a nice little surprise. Maybe every now and again a big bonanza 1000 etc. It would keep us digging and exploring with more zest.
  14. Pyelot

    Dev Diary #120 - Roadmap 2020

    Roadmap looks good. Taming other animals, water improvements sounds great!