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  1. Pyelot

    Dev Diary #86

    We, both ( adult and child), are quite happy with this. It's only a few more polys and as we interact with players, it makes for a nice balance of believability that the characters we interact with are supposed to be humanoid. I welcome it in the same way as the heads update. Thumbs up from us. I'm not worried that BI will increase the environment whole game poly, I just don't see that happening. With the exception of a truely fluid sea, waves, splashes,water flowing into holes to find sea level or gravity based rivers, waterfalls etc. that would be a most welcome addition.
  2. I noticed that many tamed (and newly created wild horses) (6 horses in total ) just standing within a few metres in the entrance of a natural cave. The could not walk out, they were actively moving (not frozen). One of the horses was from someone who said he lost his horse as is does't come when he calls it. So it was stuck and wouldn't be teleported to him either. This was on a multiplayer server
  3. Happy New year
  4. *** URGENT FIX NEEDED *** Hi Bohemia admins, I had to post here so you can tell the correct people. I tried to log feed back/bug reports today on the new Forum for Lucie - the new Incubator game. But it wont allow anyone post anything because of a forum error. Here is the error : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reCaptca is not working on this forum site ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. The rain and thunder sounds are the same as when I was inside a building with the doors and windows shut. This could be muffled down to be quieter so we can here the cosy warm fire crackling.
  6. I filled in an in game feedback form also, On first entering the game, after moving to the steam version, from the non-steam version. The controls AUTO-DETECT had selected 'I believe' my joystick x,y inputs and throttle (Which I did not previously use). So I could not use my mouse to select any many item. I could hear multiple audio queues that the like the curse was passing over a menu item. but couldn't select anything. I managed to use the joystick to select the 'mouse & keyboard' only settings. This allowed me to use the menus and start the actual game world, however my character kept rotating. I realized that the joystick throttle input was still being registered and so I noticed that setting my throttle in the center of it's position stopped the spinning. (Full throttle spun the character the opposite direction) We need the joystick device to be disconnected from 'the 'mouse & keyboard' device option.
  7. Center your joystick throttle. I've noticed the joystick input are included in the mouse and keyboard setup.
  8. Thanks for the Tips Michal. I'll choose to leave the floating dirt, I think.
  9. Horses stopped responding to the F9 'Wave' and coming to us on our own 'starting' island. We then travelled to 3 other islands on a small boat all the horses responded and came over to us when we called them (once converted to friendly) but still, when we returned to our island, are horses don't respond to our 'wave' signal 'F9' key! I've added dxdiag and the massive 45mb output_log.txt file. If theres anything else you need me to send or check, I can. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  10. The firefox "make exception" tick box doesn't work, it has to be a temporary exception to by-pass it but that means it always comes back with the error. I only do that because I trust you guys!
  11. Thanks for the workaround. As I'm letting my young daughter have ultimate control of this explore map, I won't add it, even though it's tempting. She already worked out that if we couldn't make a boat to the other islands she could ride her horse all the way there! So no doubt she would build a land bridge to the other islands. I'll save that idea for later. Can I add the terraformer, do the cleaning and then remove the terraformer tool! What would be the console command for that?
  12. Yes, it happens from the respawning pop up window definately, thats how we first noticed it. I reset it out of the game map back to single ponytail etc, but it changes the character profile everytime we die and click respawn.
  13. Firefox v50.10 reports security certificate of ylands.com is insecure. The https certificate reports "Could not verifiy this certificate becuase the issuer is unknown" The whole Ylands.com website is totally blocked from firefox becuase of this certificate problem. Thats a lot of potential customers being block out. I have tested with Microsoft Edge and works with no error
  14. Suggestion or bug? In explore mode, When we construct dirt piles or dig dirt and then pick axe it away to remove it , it sometimes leaves small bits of earth floating in the air and we unable to use the pick axe to get them. they are too tiny and remain there even after quiting the Ylands and returning to the game. Is the a way for these dirt flagments to be removed when the game loads or give us a tool that makes it easier in game to remove them easier ourselves, some tool with less accuracy is needed that acually removes it when point the ingame 'centre dot' at it. The pick axx just doens't get them.
  15. In EXPLORE Mode We chose the girl character with 1 pony tail hair style, brown hair and a thin face and every time she dies, She respawns as a different character with two pony tails and blue hair and a different face shape! This should be the same character respawning.