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  1. Chris Young Noize G.

    How to generate big map size in editor

    oh ok thanx for the info
  2. Chris Young Noize G.

    How to generate big map size in editor

    EDIT : I found how to generate one island only but not different islands how can i generate more than one island in the editor ? Where did this thing go ? I remember i could choose how many islands and size i wanted them to be how do i generate it now with this new editor ? I haven't played the game for about a year or so and i just want to find how i can generate big islands with a lot of variety like i used to.
  3. Chris Young Noize G.

    Characters feel like giants...

    Ok i don't remember if i've posted something like this but when i play this game ( not to mention the view distance ) my character feels like a giant, like the mountains are too small for the character and there are no super tall rocks or hills mountains etc i mean some are high but not breathtaking high you could put cave entrances and make them easier to identify because most of the time we have to rely on the commands Cheers !!!
  4. Chris Young Noize G.

    Velocifer's Workshop

    there could be a mod though for large trees and then terra form in them
  5. Chris Young Noize G.

    Velocifer's Workshop

    crazy stuff would love if the developers added bigger trees and bigger immersive worlds tbh i would suggest not doing huge projects yet as there may be future updates like the mods who will likely make more complex scenarios easy to make
  6. Chris Young Noize G.

    Velocifer's Workshop

    yea cause lazy ppl exist XDDDDDDDDDD
  7. Chris Young Noize G.

    Velocifer's Workshop

    yeah i've built a wall myself to keep me from falling off but then another bug emerges wiggly camera XDDDDDDDD
  8. Chris Young Noize G.

    Velocifer's Workshop

    Dreadnought ... because of the known bug that throws you away from your ship when you leave the wheel and try to walk on the ship you fly away almost instantly but that could be fixed with some walls behind the character otherwise your ship is perfect and to be honest this is not your fault it's a game bug when fixed there will be no need for said wall
  9. hahahahahahahahah nice bugs , btw your ship in it's current state although very nice built the baugthat throws you out of the ship is dangerous on yours because it's fast and doesnt have a wall behind the steering wheel
  10. Chris Young Noize G.

    Sneak Peek #44

    please make the preview icons in the crafting and inventory rotate fully as some blocks are harder to distinguish !!!!!
  11. Chris Young Noize G.

    Dev Diary #26

  12. Chris Young Noize G.

    Dev Diary #26

    about fighting from horse back open inv right click on sword and it equips idk how else to equip something to fight while mounted haven't tested it with lance only with egyptian sword
  13. Chris Young Noize G.


    Hello dev team, i noticed something strange here and there in the game which kinda takes the immersion really out of the game, like caves are being super hard to find, sometimes relying on /freecamera just to find the entrance and when we find it it is in strange places or being camouflaged by colored ground, ( please add salvagable material rocks too it's kinda lame to dig the ground only to find resources, you could do this with some big rocks containing what you need ) even the biggest trees look small, ylands is actually the only sandbox survival game that makes me feel like i'm a giant walking around also the animals are too few, check out creativerse or cube world or similar games that have places that make you feel like you are a tiny ant, caves with huge entrances and dense forests where sunlight is scarce think about making your worlds more breathtaking, because as of now besides crafting after making a ship and taming a horse in explore mode it takes less than 1 hour to find and see all the islands thus making the game boring and repetitive even though it has so many items to be crafted and built, still most of my time is spent in the editor also make more animals tameable we need to have farms and more food products you can make from different stuff roasted veggies and roasted fruit is just an easy solution i would love to see different foods with different effects like the potions have, but also have normal food that does nothing just saves you from starvation or give you energy ( like stardew valley the more you work the more tired you become ) i think this game still has a long road ahead please take notes from other positive voted games on steam, see what people like. Do your best team!!!!!! Also please fix the horse getting stuck on fruits and other stuff on the ground, that also counts for the character as well !!!