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Found 2 results

  1. Chris Young Noize G.


    Hello dev team, i noticed something strange here and there in the game which kinda takes the immersion really out of the game, like caves are being super hard to find, sometimes relying on /freecamera just to find the entrance and when we find it it is in strange places or being camouflaged by colored ground, ( please add salvagable material rocks too it's kinda lame to dig the ground only to find resources, you could do this with some big rocks containing what you need ) even the biggest trees look small, ylands is actually the only sandbox survival game that makes me feel like i'm a giant walking around also the animals are too few, check out creativerse or cube world or similar games that have places that make you feel like you are a tiny ant, caves with huge entrances and dense forests where sunlight is scarce think about making your worlds more breathtaking, because as of now besides crafting after making a ship and taming a horse in explore mode it takes less than 1 hour to find and see all the islands thus making the game boring and repetitive even though it has so many items to be crafted and built, still most of my time is spent in the editor also make more animals tameable we need to have farms and more food products you can make from different stuff roasted veggies and roasted fruit is just an easy solution i would love to see different foods with different effects like the potions have, but also have normal food that does nothing just saves you from starvation or give you energy ( like stardew valley the more you work the more tired you become ) i think this game still has a long road ahead please take notes from other positive voted games on steam, see what people like. Do your best team!!!!!! Also please fix the horse getting stuck on fruits and other stuff on the ground, that also counts for the character as well !!!
  2. Antimidation

    Many suggestions here

    I am enjoying the game so far and I've done my share of early access play over the years so I know what to expect, or not to expect in this case. There is certainly a lot to be done and I do not expect everything to be in game or working properly. These are some things I think might make the game better and easier on players. Some of these might already be in the works but it doesn't hurt to reiterate. Global placement standard when building - All free place objects, that is, any item or object (props?) that is not a direct building material, needs to come into the world on the grid, in a straight line. Most of the weapons and tools come into the world perfectly vertical...which is good. Now you need to make everything else the same way. When you free place with the hot key, V, you can then rotate it and shift it around anyway you want, you can set it against a wall, lean it on a fence post, etc....but all objects should come in on a 45 degree line. One build mode for everything - Ultimately I don't think free place and placing things on the grid (blocks) should be two separate things. There should be one build mode, maybe V can place you in a mode with editing tools and all the rotation tools you are used to in free place but you can move around hardened objects as well. Condensing all those tools into one place would be helpful. Base stats, visual stats, numerical values - Are we perhaps going to get an idea of what kind of values weapons and clothing have as far as the mechanics of the game goes? As it stands now, the 5 hearts for health is a rough estimate....i'm not even sure wearing different armor does anything to help me survive against a bear attack or from falling down a cavern vs. not wearing anything at all, there is definitely heat and cold in game so one would assume the values of clothing deal with those types of mechanics. I think having base stats would clarify and help people visualize what they are made of, in a manner of speaking. If an iron axe does more damage to a tree than a stone axe, what are the values? Having us be able to find ways of increasing our health might be something cool as well....Link went on quests and beat powerful foes to get more hearts...(hint, hint). Will there ever be any rpg elements to this game in the future? Server options- If i am able to make my own game, there should be more server options available. Some examples might be; Setting up how many hours of daylight vs. night time, aggression of enemies, will beds be able to be used, etc. Give us all the doodles and doodads for maps- Probably something most people talk about, the map should have more interactive power, we should be able to place markers and way points. Our friends should show up on these maps as well. Maybe even have an option for drawing on the map. Officially making a group- Perhaps there could be a way of making a party in game and seeing that visually change on screen, a picture of your friend next to their health...etc. Perhaps there could be thresholds that friends could have over people that are not part of your group, being able to enter locked doors, opening storage units, riding your horse, etc. Horses- I have a sneaking suspicion that horses are just the start of something bigger as far as pets, mounts, and live stock go. The only problem is, their A.I. is horrible right now...they wander off and spook easily without much effort. There needs to be some commands to go along with the taming of these animals, first off...you should be able to tie the horse to something and have it stay still if you want. Add some nifty saddles, and water troughs we can make to the game and give us a way of rigging the animal to a tree or a fence. As I say this i realize you may be working on this right now but I am excited to see what you game designers come up with. Interact with crows nest on ship masts- It would be great if we could climb the masts and get up in those crows nests, you cannot climb the jacob's ladders which come with the masts, you should be able to interact with those. Maybe you could just give us a slew of new things to build our own masts and our own crows nests, either way would be great. Naming my ship- I have already created my own sign and stuck it on the ship physically, but it would also be cool to name it officially by typing it in once you have made the ship so it show the name when you hover over it. Retrieving arrows that have been fired/Throwing spear- Both of these features should be in game, also being able to retrieve the spear would be great as well. The option to throw the spear would be like going into battle mode with the bow or you could use it as melee weapon with left click. All the tools and most of the melee weapons should work under water....maybe give us a spear gun? Harpoon? Buried treasure- Finding maps that lead to treasure chests, a note in a bottle that hints at a hidden stash? Aside from finding the random points of interest on the islands, these would be welcome adds. Don't be shy about diversifying the ocean! Thanks!