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  1. When selecting a custom build with the camera, there desperately needs to be an indicator showing you where your selection is beginning, maybe a highlighted 1x1 square indicating a starting point? When you get into large selections, this is almost a must. Have you ever tried selecting a ship? You need to select some random spot under water and guess that you have gotten the ship within the boundary. Also, after you finish the height selection, there should be another editing option to click and drag selected sides of this selection to make final adjustments.
  2. Do I need to be in explorer mode within the shield generator to be able to save builds? Or can I go into sandbox and save them there as well? If so would I need to put down a shield gen in the sandbox game? If I save to a ship i've built is that saving the ship to that character for my profile to place in any new game I start (having the appropriate materials) or does that just save it for me to summon during that particular game session? Thanks!
  3. Antimidation

    Wooden Blocks not fitting

    I will try this too, and yes, I do have trouble placing blocks where there is no possibility of collision. It will come up red and tell me there is no room.
  4. Antimidation

    Wooden Blocks not fitting

    Thanks for the info. I actually have tried free placement once and the block fell through the entire ship onto the bottom of the ocean. I will give it a try again though. Might be the only way. Thanks.
  5. Antimidation

    Wooden Blocks not fitting

    Unfortunately, no. This is me building onto the large ship hull that has been in game from the beginning I think. I've reached a wall as far as building directly onto the deck of the ship. I'm not sure if they have a problem with blocks and flooring/wall pieces not understanding themselves in the building interface or what. I've been able to build huge custom builds onto these hulls in the past but now that theres an easy way to save your ship builds I can't finish this, of course.
  6. Antimidation

    Wooden Blocks not fitting

    This is my nightmare right now. No, this is not the final piece in a stack, but it is on a new exploration experimental game. I would really like to finish my ship build so I can save it for new games, but I can't finish with all these block bugs. Are there any work arounds for this sort of thing? Thank you.
  7. Antimidation

    Can't eat food in multiplayer explore

    I can confirm this, same thing with me.
  8. Antimidation

    Editor Mode - Blueprints

    Can you clarify some things for me please? I know you are knowledgeable about the game so I might as well ask directly.I am having a really hard time with the blueprint camera and the only response i've ever gotten is someone who sighed at me and assumed I didn't have the construction mode on my ship when taking the blueprint. In construction mode, so the glowing lines are around the ship, within my barrier, and it still tells me I can't make a blueprint with blocks and vehicles in the same blueprint. Speaking with people about this, it seems to be possible to capture the hull AND the blocks all together. Right? So why is this not happening? I'm super frustrated...from what you have said there are certain blocks that can't be in a blueprint capture with the camera? How do I know which ones these are? I haven't used anything fancy, floor blocks, wood beams, glass windows, wood windows, pier blocks, etc. I even went through this painful process of just capturing the blocks and not the hull and it captured that...but it won't align to a hull of the same size in another game. Thank you, bojo.
  9. It's great that we are able to take blueprints of our ship designs now but there might be a problem with alignment of said designs onto the hull of the ship. Keep in mind I used the camera on the ship after I had sailed it around a bunch and then returned to my barrier area to get the blueprint saved. What I assumed to happen is the the ship returns to the grid when you set it to edit mode, but that's not true, otherwise you could line up your design perfectly onto the hull of the ship in another game. I suggest looking into this and perhaps making it so the ship accurately returns to the grid, snapping it in place. When I try and place my blue print on the hull of the ship it does not align correctly. To bypass all of this why not just include the hull with the blue print design in the first place?
  10. Fell over? You mean there was too much to handle after you and your friends built on it? I've never seen a server crash before, to be honest. I think there is an even greater reason to build now, not just for creativity, but also for literal survival and protection. Instead of just creatures at night I would love to see raiding individuals or small groups or raiders attack every now and then. Building a guard tower would have a purpose and be fun! *shrugs* I didn't really like the changes at first either but it was just because I hadn't adjusted to the new elements yet. I play on a share game and it's still loads of fun with friends. I still have suggestions though....these maps and islands need to be larger and more far apart so sailing/adventuring comes into play completely.
  11. Now that we can capture ship designs with the camera, i find it somewhat cumbersome to do so. Since ships can now be converted back and forth from travel mode to edit mode, I assume edit mode places it back on the grid? If it's on the grid it should be easy to trace a box around what you made it, but it's not. I had to place marker pillars on 4 corners in a general area around my ship (ships are pretty big builds) just so I could manage it...I also had to dive under water to visually see the square I was tracing with the camera and while using the camera you cannot use ladders, so, I had to make gradual steps with pier blocks so i could get out of the water and finish with the vertical selection. The last thing, the hull of the ship can't be saved with the design, it wouldn't let me...so after all that work of managing to get it all in the selection area I had to go back and just select the things I built on top of the hull. Is this suppose to be the case? At any rate I managed to save the ship design into my blueprints, minus the initial hull you plop into the water to build upon. Are there any plans to make the camera more user friendly for larger selections?
  12. Antimidation

    Explore Map Size

    I agree. At the beginning I was taken in by all the great atmospheric refinements and view distance. After I've played 1.0 a bit now, i've noticed how small everything feels, the islands are too close together, for one thing. Not only that but the tiers that have been added do a bit too much revealing on the map "Travel to this island first" with a huge icon telling you where to go. I can't stress this enough for the exploration part of the game...it felt amazing to just find these things for yourself and face down danger for yourself. With the tier armor and progression in game now it feels a little bit too linear. It wouldn't hurt if the starting island was a little bigger too. There needs to be more random things in the game. What if there is a chance to find iron on your beginning island but only if you can stand to dig through stone and several layers of earth? I'd love to see random encounters with actual pirate ships with enemies you either have to outrun, destroy, or barter? You have this amazing world and I know the design is in place for us to make it our own but I kind of feel as if Exploration is indeed an after thought. The one thing I do like about exploration now, aside from all the new lighting affects, clouds, and view distance....is the fact that there is real danger at night and it's tough gaining ground in caverns with your initial weapons.
  13. Antimidation

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    I am confused at what the OP is stating, as if there has been some kind of tremendous wall setup to have you pay to enjoy the game, which is not the case, unless you want 8 people in game I guess. I'm asking in a rhetorical sense. I also looked over at the steam reviews and most people seem to be confused as well.....basically, the game is free to play for mini games that have been created by the community but still costs the same as it used to for the exploration aspect AND you can still do that for free in a password protected game with friends, you also do not have to pay for it again if you bought the game originally that contained everything together before 1.0....so i'm confused as to what people are complaining about.
  14. Antimidation

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    I'm a bit confused, can't you just simply make a private game and give it a password and play with your friends for free without buying a server? In fact that's all I've done since this game came out...and it's great fun! I suppose I don't care about owning my own server.
  15. Antimidation

    Dev Diary #107

    Thank you for all your great work! Looking forward to what YOU all create next! Here's to an exciting year ahead of you. Stay classy, Bohemia.