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Found 6 results

  1. Decided to update the front of my base Before After
  2. Jdtriton

    Building planters

    Here's a little tip: The planter boxes are really small for the most part so instead I've created these from clay bricks and dirt. Really easy to make all you need is some clay bricks, dirt, a rake to flat it out some and a shovel to clean up the excess dirt. Just add seeds and Bam! Add a little Pizzazz to your landscapes
  3. When I try to use the blue print it says that someone else is using it so I cannot build anything. Please fix the bug
  4. Chris Young Noize G.

    Characters feel like giants...

    Ok i don't remember if i've posted something like this but when i play this game ( not to mention the view distance ) my character feels like a giant, like the mountains are too small for the character and there are no super tall rocks or hills mountains etc i mean some are high but not breathtaking high you could put cave entrances and make them easier to identify because most of the time we have to rely on the commands Cheers !!!
  5. Sargecasm1

    Suggestions when building

    Hello! First of all, Thank You for this lovely game. Me and my friends are enjoying it a lot and still have so much to do. At heart I'm a builder and was gladly surprised on how much you can do in this game. Though I would still like to give you guys some suggestions that would make things easier in the long run when building; * First, this is about the things you put out with free build mode (can't remember what it's called.) You can get it back by right clicking - which is good to some extent. When i did my first cottage i put things around my anvil like a broken sword found earlier, some leather etc. Did some pillars next to it with small stone blocks. However, when I want to go into the craftstation I have several times accidently picked up something i put there. You might say "Be more careful where you put that mouse pointer" And to that I say of course, but the more you decorate stuff the harder it will be to try to avoid it. My suggestion for this is that when you exit build mode, you will not be able to pick it up again. If you want to remove things then just go back to "Build mode" again. This would make everything so much easier!! * When designing a house or a boat/ship it can get hard to see depending on how many wooden beams you're using to see if it actually fits or not behind it or around a corner. My suggestion for this is that you can freeze the block/item in place so you can walk around it and see if you're satisfied with the placement or not. Would solve so many things! * And lastly, when you build a house or ship and want to add that extra detail, it can be quite hard since that wooden beam only has one size. Same with that stone block. My suggestion would be that you can resize certain things, for instance a default stone block, a wooden beam etc. Imagine making it Thicker, longer or more thin. Reducing its size to almost nothing. The possibilites will be endless! Thank you for all the hard work you do with this game. You've done a wonderful job and I can't wait for more Content. //Sargecasm
  6. Hi I was playing yesterday and I made a ship of 4 large masts. During the construction of the ship, whenever I build something and if I take what I put the ship jumps sideways. By putting a chest on the ship on a polar island, I ended up putting my ship on many pieces of land because the ship jumped that way, and it was a great punishment to get him out of there. Fortunately all the effort was not in vain, I recovered the ship.